Being beautiful is one thing, and helping others to be one is something special for sure. Sasha Morga is one of the well known Youtube stars, which is more known for her videos.

This talented lady is more of an internet sensation who is famous for her videos for sure. There is, however, more to her that is less talked about. Be with us as we let readers know in detail.

Sasha Morga net worth
Sasha Morga

Lets first start this saga with some quick facts that help

Sasha Morga: Quick Facts

Full Name Sasha Morga
Date of Birth 2002/08 /12
Nickname Sasha
Marital Status Single
Birthplace USA
Ethnicity White
Age 18
Profession Youtuber
Nationality American
Height 5’5″
Eye color Blue
Hair color Brown
Build Slim
Net Worth $140k
Online Presence Instagram, Youtube, Twitter

Who Is Sasha Morga?

Sasha Morga is an American Youtuber and vlogger who is famous for her Youtube videos. This good looking girl is currently single.

Age and Parents

On 12th August 2002, Sasha Morga was born in the USA. The name of her parents is not known to the general media. This suggests the fact that Sasha is pretty secretive on personal life. Interestingly Morga was born alongside her adopted brother Roman.

Sasha is 18 years old as of now. She holds the American nationality along with the white ethnicity. As she is the birth of August, her zodiac falls under Virgo, which suggests the fact that she is hardworking and creative.

Body Measurements: Height and Weight

Sasha is into her late teens, so the charm and charisma are highly seen in the face of the Youtuber. Her height reads at 5’5“, with the weight being 53 kgs.

It’s unusual for someone so young can maintain such charm and charisma. Morga can make great things happen in such a short span of time. The vital body statistics, however, are hidden from the media.

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The most distinctive feature of the Youtuber is none other than the irresistible eyes and a pleasant smile. To make her look complete blue eyes and brown hair play an important role.

Early Life and Education

Sasha was born in the states and spent her childhood there with the family and siblings. The lack of information on the parents makes it hard to know how exactly her childhood was.

But one thing is sure, the diva grew alongside a brother and also wanted to be the front face of the camera and even entertain people who view her content.

In the case of educational background though Sasha has played the silent hand. There is hardly any information about the name of the institute. Sources, however, claim that she is still into her high school days. If someday she frees her mind and shares the information, readers will be made aware.


Sasha always had the skills in her to make something special out of her life. At the age of 9, she started playing the violin, which is a prime example of it.

Morga, however, started her Youtube journey on 6th September 2012. It took her a year to post the first video as she was a shy character. Interestingly the video garners thousand of views on some days, and great things started to happen.

Sash’s content is basically about makeup, life hacks, lifestyle vlog, DIY, and many more. Other than that, the content of this Youtube is a collaboration with her brother and also a friend called Megan.

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From the tons of subscribers and fame though, she gets to promote brands on her Youtube channel. Clean and Clear, Olly Nutrition, Holler and Glow, Food Beast, Hubert’s Lemonade are some of her advertised brands.

Sasha Morga height
Sasha Morga stands at 5’5″

With the increasing popularity from one channel, her interest shifted to another, and the diva made a secondary page called Sasha Morga Vlogs, where mostly the vlog videos can be seen.

Some of her popular videos are Awesome Room Tour with Loft, Gummy Vs. Real Food Challenge, 2017 House Tour, and many more. Besides doing pranks and also the decoration is her thing.

She is just into her teens, and by the look of things, it seems like she will learn with time and make excellent content. Readers will be made aware of it for sure.

Sasha Morga Boyfriend

Morga is more known for the balance in life. She is more known for creating a fine line between her personal and professional life. There is hardly any information on her love interest.

It might be due to her age, too, but the diva is known to keep the distance from all distractions. Sasha is single at this point at is in no mood to risk her career.

Other than her brother, there is hardly any male company available in Sasha’s videos, which makes us hard to guess for sure. One thing, however, can be said with assurance that Morga is not married.

Neither is she engaged up until now. If anything new on her love interest pops out, readers will be made aware.

Sasha Morga Net Worth: Income and Salary

It’s always fascinating to know how much actually does a Youtuber makes for a living. The numbers are not huge for Sasha, but we can say with ease that it is not lesser.

As of 2020, the talented American Youtuber sits on the worth of $140k. All of this is the outcome of her groundbreaking contribution to the field of Youtube from a very young age.

Other than being on Youtube, Sasha is fond of traveling. In one of the videos, this diva stated that Bora Bora is her dream destination. Not only that, having pasta with Fanta is something of the field of interest.

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Her youtube career is just starting to grow, so she is willing to keep some of her information away from anyone’s eyes. It is the annual income and assets owned.

The readers who have followed her up close might know that Instagram’s brand endorsements have also helped her to make the right amount of money without a doubt. Whatever might be the case, this bright girl is undoubtedly living a lavish life.

Internet Fame

Its internet has shaped the life and the way of success for Sasha Morga. One can hardly deny and overlook the number of fans this diva has gathered over her time. You can also be a part of it through

Instagram121k followers

Twitter18k followers

Youtube1.46 million subscribers


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