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“Sarah Bessey, weight loss journey” started trending after she released a long story of her struggle, illness, and recovery on her blog.

Sarah Bessey is a famous Christian writer, podcaster, and blogger from Canada. 

She is the co-host and co-founder of the forward-thinking “Evolving Faith” podcast and the author of four popular books.

Bessey has edited and contributed to “A Rhythm of Prayer,” a New York Times best-selling book. 

Furthermore, she chairs the board of “Heartline Ministries,” an organization that provides:

  • Education.
  • Maternal and infant health care.
  • Vocational training to Haitian families.

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Sarah Bessey Weight Loss Journey: What Happened To Her?

Sarah Bessey has struggled with weight, alcohol, and chronic illness for a long time. 

She was in a car accident a few years ago, and the healing process has been complex due to a fibromyalgia diagnosis, fractured foot, and chronic pain.

But, she has benefited from a new physical therapy program that has sped up her recovery. 

The author covered her accident and the journey to healing in her 2019 novel, “Miracles and Other Reasonable Things: A Story of Unlearning and Relearning God.”

Her other bout was with excessive wine consumption, and in 2017, she quit drinking alcohol which she describes as a quality decision.

Sarah said she was not an alcoholic but used to drink wine daily, which she felt was a dependence and a burden pulling her. 

Hence, one day, she decided to quit and never looked back. She feels great and is closer to herself than ever. 

Sarah Bessey Speaking
Sarah Bessey Speaking (Source: Sarah Bessey)

Her last and final fight was with being overweight, which she always tried to neglect.

In the past, Sarah has consistently ignored questions concerning her weight and other matters related to similar subjects.

Bessey ignored such inquiries because body-shaming comments have been constant throughout her whole public life. 

Over the years, people have used her body as an example, a warning, or a talking point, usually to support one side or the other of an argument.

The author has endured a lot of criticism and remarks throughout her life because of her weight.

Most of the time, it has been derogatory, sexist, harsh, and dismissive remarks from those who believe being overweight should disqualify someone, especially a woman.

Nonetheless, Sarah is no longer bothered by that. She has fought her demons and conquered them. 

She lost weight after following a specific diet plan, fasting, and regular exercise. 

You can read the full story in Sarah Bessey’s Field Notes, but it is a pay-to-read platform, so keep that in mind. 

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Sarah Bessey’s Family

Sarah Bessey was born in 1979 in Regina and spent her formative years in Saskatchewan and Alberta, Western Canada. 

She hasn’t revealed her parents’ names as they have wished to remain anonymous, but they are also devoted Christians. 

Talking about her education, she has a degree from Oklahoma’s Oral Roberts University in Tulsa.

In 2001, she wedded Brian Bessey, and the two of them then moved to Vancouver, where he later attended Regent College before becoming a minister.

Since then, she has called British Columbia home. 

Sarah With Her Family
Sarah With Her Family (Source: Substrack)

The couple has four kids but sadly lost another four in miscarriage or stillbirth. 

After having a miscarriage, Bessey started to question her Christian religion, which made her realize that faith is something that is constantly evolving.

Sarah claimed in 2013 that she loved being a sort of an outsider to American evangelicalism.

She defined herself as being both too liberal and too conservative in 2014.

Although Bessey used to attend a Vineyard church, she revealed on Facebook in 2019 that her family had departed because of her advocacy for LGBT people’s inclusion in the church.

Furthermore, she revealed that she started to visit a nearby church in 2021.

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What Is Sarah Bessey’s Net Worth? 

Talented author Sarah Bessey has a staggering net worth of $1 million.

She has collected such wealth thanks to her blogs, novels, and podcast. 

Bessey started blogging in 2005 to stay in touch with her loved ones. This prompted her to give several speeches and write books during the ensuing years.

Her blogs have received widespread attention and commentary from individuals worldwide. 

As a result, she has created a paywall in her blog, which allows the reader to consume the full article by paying a certain amount. 

Reading reviews of her subscribers, the blogs are worth the payment. 

Sarah’s other source of income is her book sales and royalties. 

Her first novel was called “Jesus Feminist: An Invitation to Revisit the Bible’s View of Women,” released in 2013. 

After that, she published “Out of Sorts: Making Peace with an Evolving Faith” (2015) and “Miracles and Other Reasonable Things” (2019). 

Her New York Times best-selling book from 2021, “A Rhythm of Prayer,” is a collection of prayers written by other female authors. 

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