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There is a new update on Season 3 of FBI: International! Heida Reed, who plays Agent Jamie Kellett, is leaving. People wonder about Heida Reed husband. Is she getting married?

Heida Reed is a famous actress. She’s been in TV shows and movies. 

She was born in Iceland on May 22, 1988. Heida Reed is 35 years old as of 2024.

She’s known for playing Elizabeth Chynoweth in the TV series “Poldark.” Heida grew up in Reykjavik, Iceland, with her family. 

Her dad teaches music, and her mom works as a dental hygienist. Heida went to Ölduselsskóli for school. 

Later, she moved to London to study acting at Drama Centre London. Before acting, Heida worked as a model in India. 

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Who Is Heida Reed Husband Sam Ritzenberg?

Heida Reed husband is Sam Ritzenberg. He’s from America and was born in Marin County, California on March 27, 1986.

Sam does two main things: he’s a producer and an actor. He’s been in movies like “Femme” and “Jim & Helen Forever.”

Sam has worked on different projects in the film industry. He’s held important roles like managing film and TV at Agile Films Ltd.

Heida Reed husband also worked as a senior producer at Kiwi, Inc. and as a producer at My Godbrother Productions.

Sam has experience working in different areas of film production.

Heida and Sam met in Los Angeles in 2016. They liked each other and started dating. After some time, they got engaged.

Heida Reed Husband
Heida Reed’s husband, Sam Ritzenberg, an actor-producer, supports her. Engaged since 2017, they’re a happy couple. (Source: Instagram)

Heida shared this exciting news on her Instagram account in July 2017. Even though they’re engaged, they haven’t gotten married yet.

But they both talk about each other as if they’re already married. They even call each other “husband” and “wife” on social media.

People sometimes thought they were married because of this, but there’s no official record of them getting married.

Sam is also very supportive of Heida. He often posts about her on his social media accounts. They seem happy together.

They share their lives with their followers online, posting pictures and stories about their adventures.

Even though they haven’t tied the knot, Heida and Sam show much love and care for each other.

They’re a sweet couple, enjoying their journey together in life and the film industry.

Heida Reed and Sam Ritzenberg Married Life Explored

Heida Reed and Sam Ritzenberg are a happy couple, but they’re not married yet.

They got engaged in July 2017. Heida announced their engagement on her Instagram account. Since then, they’ve called each other “husband” and “wife” on social media.

But they haven’t had a wedding ceremony. There’s no official record of them getting married.

Even though they’re not married, Heida and Sam enjoy life together. They often share pictures and posts about each other online.

They go on adventures and spend time with each other’s families and friends. They look pleased in the photos they share.

Heida Reed Husband
Heida Reed and Sam Ritzenberg have been happily engaged since 2017, enjoying life together and supporting each other’s careers. (Source: Instagram)

Heida Reed husband Sam met in Los Angeles in 2016. They liked each other and started dating.

After a while, they decided to take their relationship to the next level and got engaged.

They’ve been together for a few years and have a strong bond. Both Heida and Sam are busy with their careers.

Although they haven’t walked down the aisle yet, Heida and Sam’s relationship seems strong. They’re happy being engaged and living life together.

Maybe they’ll have a wedding one day, but for now, they’re enjoying being engaged and spending time with each other.

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