Tattoos were not viewed as the most pleasant things some decades back, and in the case of females, it was always a no-no.

But things have changed drastically, and tattoos are an example of great looks. Salice Rose is someone who agrees well.

Rose is a social media star, a youtube influencer, and many more. Her enigmatic images on the internet are making the fans in awe for sure.

There is more that is to be known and displayed on this diva. Just be with us.

Salice Rose net worth
Salice Rose

But first, let’s start all of the rides with some quick facts. 

Salice Rose: Quick Facts

Full Name Salice Rose
Date of Birth 1994/11 /20
Nickname Salice
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Marital Status Single
Birthplace California, USA
Ethnicity Mixed
Age 29 years old
Profession Instagram Influencer and YouTuber
Nationality American
Height 5’5″
Eye color Brown
Hair color Red
Build Slim
Net Worth $1.5 million
Online Presence Instagram, Youtube
Last Update  February2024

Who Is Salice Rose?

Salice Rose is an Instagram personality, influencer, and also a Youtuber who is better known for posting videos on Instagram that are unique and different.

Age and Family

Salice Rose was born on 20th November 1994 in California, USA. The name of the parents, along with the siblings, is not known. But, surely, she has two brothers and a sister, out of which Ashley is the name of her only sister.

Rose is 29 years old as of now. She holds the American nationality along with mixed ethnicity.

As the birth of November, her zodiac sign falls under Scorpio, suggesting that she is dedicated and has a strong will.

Currently, she also has a cute little dog named Mylo. The dog breed is probably the Terrier dog. However, fans argue that even Rose doesn’t know the breed of her dog. 

Body Measurements: Tattoos, Height, and Weight

Salice is one of those personalities who are vivid and always full of life. The social media star stands at the height of 5’5” with weight being 52 kgs. This good looking lady has maintained a perfect and healthy weight.

Rose tends to hit the gym most of the time and follow a healthy diet that helps her be slim and ever-going. Salice’s vital body reads at 34-24-34 inches.

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Rose is a tattoo enthusiast, and someone who sees her first can be fond of her tattoo.

Her right arm has the tattoo of the word California and two crosses on both the ear suggesting faith and god.

This shows she believes in god. Added to the rosary and three roses on the right arm, Jesus christ’s tattoo adds charm and beauty to her.

Not only that, but Rose is also planning to ink more tattoos on her body.

Most of her arm tattoos are all about god. She also has a full back tattoo. Salice has a cross tattoo on her back neck. 

As there is a lot of tattoo information, the shoe and dress size measurements are under the radar.

To complete the physical outlook though, Rose’s dyed red hair and brown eyes play the lead role.

She got her full back tattoo in about 9 hours. It was completed in one session.

Her back tattoo consists of Sun, Hands, Cloud on the bottom, and Stairs. 

Early Days and Education

Rose was born in California and spent her childhood there with the family and siblings. Her father was a businessman, while the mother being the cleaning lady.

As a kid, most of the needs were fulfilled with ease, but there were tough times. She is pretty close to her family and has imprinted tattoos in their dedication.


Moreover, there was freedom in choosing a  career of will as a child.

For the educational background though, Salice has played the silent trick. She is not interested in sharing the name of the institute.

But some sources claim that Salice is a high school graduate. We hope someday she will come out open, and readers will be made aware.


Salice has always been an outgoing and free-spoken individual. She knows how to speak Spanish pretty well too.

Salice Rose rose to prominence after a video of her playing the dual roles of a Hispanic mother and a Californian youngster went viral.

Her career in social media began way back in 2013 when she started her Instagram and started posting jaw-dropping images.

Most of the time, her Instagram would be full of comedy videos, and in a short time, she had a huge fan following.

Salice Rose career
Salice Rose attending an event

With this fame in the wings, Rose tried her hand on Youtube, and the glory doubled quickly. Unlike the Instagram posts, Rose’s Youtube post was way different.

This talented lady made videos that were trending and also uploaded the self singing video that most of her fans liked with ease. One after the other, Snapchat came into her life.

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My story thread on Snapchat made her different and unique. With time Rose has been performing in various commercials that helped her popularity to rise in the ranks too.

In the new periphery though, Salice was seen receiving the 2017 TECLA Awards for the Top Comedy creator.

Along with it, the appearance in the Latin Music Awards in the same year adds charm.

Her video on Iced Coffee also got millions of views both on Instagram and YouTube. 

Starting from the rugs, Salice is a role model for many who fear to begin. As time passes on, Rose will be seen in music videos or maybe movies. Readers will be made aware of it.

Who Is Salice Rose Girlfriend?

Rose is an outspoken woman, and similar is her personal life, which is quite an open book. This might make the readers awestruck, but Salice has agreed that she is a lesbian.

When the talented Youtuber was in military school, she found it out. Since then, Rose has hardly hidden her status with the fans.

In one of the posts on social media, Rose stated that her partner’s name is Carol.

Salice Rose girlfriend
Salice Rose is in a secret relationship.

However, one thing is sure this name is not real, but she is in a relationship.

With all the relationship queries around one thing is sure, Rose is neither married nor engaged.

Hardly has she come out all guns blazing about the perfect partner. When the time is right, Rose will surely share the name and some good news about which the readers will be aware.

Relationship with Brilynn

Salice did the unexpected in mid-2019 when she disclosed her relationship on social media. She started the video by admitting how worried she was about releasing a picture of her lover on the internet.

Rose’s ex, Chas, started a YouTube channel two weeks after the dating announcement to call out Salice for being in an abusive relationship.

Salice and Brilynn remained secretly in love until their relationship ended in 2020.

Rose revealed in a video titled THE TRUTH what actually transpired that there is no bad blood between her and her ex.

Plastic Surgery

Salice Rose came to YouTube after undergoing breast implants in July 2020 to discuss her cosmetic surgery aspirations, share her personal experiences, and answer questions from her admirers about the procedure.

When questioned about her surgery, the Instagram influencer disclosed that she had breast enhancement. This was why she chose to have this operation performed,

Salice Rose Net Worth: Income and Salary

Salice Rose surely had a tough childhood, but with time she has grown and has made a living out of herself.

With internet fame, she has earned the right amount of bucks too.

As of 2022, Rose sits at a net worth of $1.5 million.

All of this is the result of Youtube, ad shoots, endorsements, and many more. When she is free, the talented lady loves to travel.

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She is also a big-time foodie who takes care of her health with salad and fruit juice. Although the information on net worth is available, annual income and the house and cars will be out soon.


Which was the first tattoo that Salice ever got?

Her back neck cross tattoo was the first tattoo that Salice Rose ever had. 

What was the tattoo that she got on her spine?

Salina Rose got a tattoo with the name of her ex on her spine. According to her, while getting the tattoo on her back, she almost fell asleep and it was so good. 

On which part of her body as Salice Rose got a California tattoo?

Salice Rose has tattooed the name of her birthplace. She got a tattoo with the name California on her right arm. It is very beautiful 

Internet Fame

It is an undeniable fact that Instagram, Youtube have made Salice a pretty big name. There is a commendable group who follows her, and you can be a part of it too.

Instagram14.7m followers

Youtube2.1m subscribers

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