Saba Ibrahim pregnant

Saba Ibrahim’s relationship with Khalid Niaz, aka Sunny, has been a subject of speculation in the public domain. Explore more about their relationship. Is Saba Ibrahim pregnant with Khalid’s kid?

Saba Ibrahim is a YouTuber and social media influencer born on December 22, 1993, in Maudaha, Uttar Pradesh, India.

According to the sources, the lady joined Alchemy Films Private Limited and worked as an Associate Creative Head after completing her education.

Saba Ibrahim got married to Khalid Niaz in November 2021. The lady explained that they had been in a relationship for nearly seven months before marriage.

And people worldwide are speculating & questioning, “Is Saba Ibrahim pregnant?” including details about her relationship with Khalid.

So here, learn more about the trending headlines on “Is Saba Ibrahim pregnant with Khalid’s child?” & information about their relationship.

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Is Saba Ibrahim Pregnant? Khalid & Saba’s Kids rumors

According to a vlog shared by Saba Ibrahim, the sister-in-law of TV Actress Dipika Kakar, she has not confirmed whether she is pregnant.

In the vlog, Saba mentioned that her health had been poor for some time, and she had missed her periods, which made her tense.

According to the sources, Ibrahim went to Mumbai for a check-up, and her complete check-up was done, but no official information is yet published.

However, she did not share the reports of her check-up in the vlog and said she would share them in her next vlog.

The lady recently mentioned that her diet might have caused her periods to be missed and her health to deteriorate.

Saba Ibrahim pregnant
Saba Ibrahim’s Pregnancy Rumors. (Source: NAYAG)

Regarding Khalid and Saba’s kids, there have been rumors that they have been blessed with a child. However, there has yet to be an official confirmation from the couple on this matter.

The couple married on November 6, 2022, and Saba lives with her husband in Maudaha, but she often visits Mumbai with her family.

No further information is available on the rumors about Khalid and Saba’s kids & stay tuned to trending headlines on “Is Saba Ibrahim pregnant with Khalid’s child?”

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Meet Saba Ibrahim’s Husband, Khalid Niaz, AKA Sunny

Khalid “Sunny” Niaz is an Indian entrepreneur who gained attention after marrying Indian YouTube and Instagram blogger Saba Ibrahim in November 2022.

He has a private nature and does not share many details about his personal life, including his date of birth.

However, Niaz is estimated to be around 30-32 years old. Sources believe Saba’s husband is a believer in Islam and has congratulated other believers on Ramadan on his Instagram account.

Khalid has a small YouTube channel with 2,200 subscribers, where he posts content about his daily life and his relationship with his wife.

He also has nearly 100k followers on Instagram, with many following him after finding out about his relationship with Saba.

Determining Khalid’s net worth is challenging, but it is estimated to be around $200,000.

Saba Ibrahim pregnant
Saba Ibrahim’s Husband. (Source: News8Plus)

According to his LinkedIn account, he previously worked as an HR specialist, but it is still being determined if he is still working in that field.

Khalid and Saba had been dating for about six months before getting married in a lavish ceremony that the Ibrahim family attended.

Saba’s brother, Shoaib Ibrahim, has mentioned Khalid in several videos and sees him as a brother.

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