Ryan Garcia Video

With the recent video of Ryan Garcia about his death making headlines, people globally are awaiting further statements about the story behind it.

Born on August 8, 1998, Ryan Garcia was an American professional boxer who began his journey in the ring at seven.

Dreaming of representing the United States in the 2016 Olympics, he turned professional at 17. With an impressive amateur record of 215–151, Garcia quickly made his mark in the professional arena.

Signed with Golden Boy Promotions, he won his debut match by knockout.

Rising swiftly, he captured the WBC Silver lightweight title with a first-round knockout of Romero Duno and later secured the WBC interim lightweight title after defeating Luke Campbell.

Regarded as one of the top boxers in his weight class, Garcia held various rankings by prestigious boxing publications.

Tragically, Garcia passed away on March 3, 2024, leaving behind a legacy of skill, dedication, and contribution to the sport he loved.

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Ryan Garcia Video And Death Message 2024

In 2024, a disturbing video and message related to Ryan Garcia surfaced on social media, causing widespread concern.

The video, posted on GGarcia’s account, showed a person wandering inside a house, but the person wasn’t recognized.

The message accompanying the video was very alarming.

Accompanying the video was a chilling message: “”ARCH 3 SUNDAY 2024, we slit RG THROAT AND THRU HIM IN A BASKET, NOBODY WILL FIND HIM””followed by a series of randomly pressed letters and the phrase “”ATAN SITTING AT THE TOP NOW.

This alarming content sparked significant concerns among GGarcia’sfamily, friends, and fans.

His ex-wife, Andrea Celina, expressed her worry about his well-being and asked for prayers for him.

Despite the unsettling posts, GGarcia’sfather assured fans Ryan was okay and suggested he was trolling inappropriately.

Ryan Garcia Video
The video posted by Ryan on Instagram went viral. (Source: Instagram)

The incident left many questioning the mental well-being of the young boxing star.

People were deeply troubled by what they saw and read. Many wondered if Garcia was going through a tough time or something more serious was happening.

Social media can spread information quickly, but it can also create a lot of anxiety and confusion, especially when something as distressing as this happens.

It’s essential to take such messages seriously and seek help if someone we know seems to be in trouble.

LLet’shope Ryan Garcia is safe and gets the support he needs.

What Is The Story behind the death message?

The recent appearance of a distressing video and death message related to Ryan Garcia has sent shockwaves through social media.

As of now, there hasn’t been any official comment about the death message from GGarcia’srepresentatives or the promoters.

Many have speculated that GGarcia’ssocial media accounts might have been hacked, considering the alarming nature of the video and message.

However, recent events leading up to this incident have also raised questions about well-being and mental state.

Earlier in the week preceding the appearance, Garcia posted a photo that suggested he was smoking marijuana.

Ryan Garcia Video
The motive behind the death message is unknown. (Source: Instagram)

The following day, he made an unconventional entrance to a nightclub in Hollywood by riding a white horse.

During a press conference for his upcoming fight against Haney, GGarcia’sdemeanor seemed off, with some noting a quality to his voice.

Haney even addressed this during the conference, implying concerns about substance abuse.

Speculation abounds regarding the motives behind the video, with some even suggesting a link to promoting the upcoming fight.

However, everything remains unknown until the boxer himself or someone close to him provides clarification.

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