Ron Methvin

The 30-day alligator hunting period during which many skilled alligator hunters compete for killing as many as they can is showcased on the reality TV show ‘Swamp People.’ This reality show remained the no. 1 watched show on cable due to its popularity among the fans. So you readers might surely have heard about Ron Methvin.

Many hunters have risen to fame through this show. One of such hunters is Ron Methvin.’ His partnership with another hunter Bruce Mitchell while hunting and they working together is not something one should miss. Through his skills, he has made a name of his own in the show.

So, Today, we will be exploring more regarding different aspects of his life. So, be sure to read until the end of the article.

Ron Methvin bio
Ron Methvin

Quick Facts

First Name Ron
Last Name Methvin
Birthplace Pineville, Louisiana
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Marital Status Married (Unconfirmed)
Children Two
Hair color Light Brown
Eye color Light Brown
Body Type Muscular
Profession Television Personality, Alligator Hunter
TV show Swamp People
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Primary Income Source Reality Show ‘Swamp People’
Net worth $200k
Social Media Presence Facebook and Twitter

Ron Methvin in Military

Ron Methvin was born in Pineville, Louisiana. His date of birth is not known. When he was seventeen years old, he joined the military. So, from the year 1999 to 2005, he served in Louisiana National Guard with the E-5 military rank.

In 2003, he went on a tour in Kandahar, Afghanistan, and became a Lafourche sheriff’s deputy in 2004. After that, he served as a sergeant. In 2006, he got a chance to join the SWAT team considering his sharpshooting and combat skills. He continued to train as a sniper ever since he joined the group.

Ron Methvin’s career in the series ‘Swamp People’

Ron joined the reality television series ‘Swamp People’ in 2012 while it was in its third season. The show featured him and his colleague Bruce Mitchell hunting alligators as a team. His first appearance in the show helping Burce as a partner, got spectacular reactions from the public.

Ron and Bruce career
Ron and Bruce

Due to his sniping skill, he could shoot the alligators from very far also. They both make a good team. Ron has a deep respect for Bruce and describes him as patriotic. Talking about his dream, Ron mentioned that he always wished to own his hunting show. When he got the closest opportunity to his goal, he couldn’t neglect it.

Facts Regarding Ron Methvin

Ron Methvin is a natural hunter and a brave soldier. It is no doubt that he excels at alligator hunting. He has all the experience, adaptability, patience, and skills required outdoors in cases of battle or instances of shooting.

The duo ‘Bruce and Ron’ had a remarkable run while working as a Swamp People team. Ron’s most memorable feat is when he killed an eleven-foot-long alligator by himself and dragged it to the boat.

Those moments made the show very much memorable, which helped Ron get appreciation from the fans. The adventure which the audience gets to see boosted the ratings of the History Channel, benefitting the show makers.

His colleagues or other cast members appearing in the show include R.J Molinere, Liz Cavalier, etc., to name a few. Ron has appeared in 74 episodes of the show to date. Furthermore, he has made appearances in other shows like Rumble in the Swamp,  End of the line, Gambin Man, Home Stretch, Blood and Guts, and Cajun Cartel.

Ron Methvin Net Worth

His appearance in the show Swamp People is an essential factor in influencing his net worth. He might not be the most-paid star of the show, but he has made just as good as the most stars. Reportedly, his salary per episode in the show is $5000. He has earned more than $60,000 from the show. Taking into account his cars, houses, and salary, his estimated net worth is $200k.

Ron Methvin’s Personal Life

Everybody wants to know more about their favorite celebrities. Unfortunately, for the stars of the Swamp People, many are very much secretive. Ron’s case is also the same. He has two kids. That much is known. One is a son, and another one is a daughter.

But, for unknown reasons, any information regarding his spouse is not known. Let’s hope he will change his mind and share it with his fans on social media or in any other way.

Social Media Presence

Just like other Swamp stars, he also does not seem to have an account on Instagram. His Twitter was last used in the year 2012. But, for any official update from himself, you can follow him on Facebook with the below-provided link. He posts some updates on Facebook.

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