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Rocky Kanaka wikipedia provides details regarding his early life and career. He rose to fame as an Emmy-nominated TV Host, entrepreneur, and passionate advocate for pet rescue.

Rocky Kanaka is an Emmy-nominated TV Host and passionate advocate for pet rescue.

He has become a prominent figure in the animal welfare world, captivating the hearts of millions with his compelling stories of forgotten dogs and his tireless efforts to promote adoption, fostering, and volunteering at local rescues.

Rocky’s journey in the entertainment industry took a significant turn in April 2016 when he created, produced, and hosted the acclaimed television show “Save Our Shelter.”

In addition to his television success, Rocky is a trailblazing content creator on various social media platforms.

Since April 2017, he has actively engaged with his audience on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Amazon.

Demonstrating his entrepreneurial spirit, Rocky founded The Dog Bakery in January 2007.

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Rocky Kanaka Wikipedia Biography

Rocky Kanaka, a prominent television personality and entrepreneur, gained recognition for his remarkable contributions to the entertainment industry.

His career soared when he created and hosted the series “Save Our Shelter,” earning him a coveted Daytime Emmy nomination in 2017.

Airing on The CW for two seasons and available on Netflix, the show traveled across North America, renovating shelters and raising awareness about the vital importance of pet adoption.

Rocky Kanaka Wikipedia
Rocky Kanaka is a prominent television personality and entrepreneur (Source: SanDiegoHumane)

Rocky’s outstanding work earned him an Emmy Nomination for Best Host.

Additionally, Rocky is renowned as the founder of The Dog Bakery, a popular pet food business, per his LinkedIn.

This world-famous establishment offers natural, freshly baked treats, birthday cakes, and a variety of pet goods.

With a commitment to providing high-quality products, The Dog Bakery has become a destination for pet owners seeking specialty items for their furry friends.

Rocky’s dedication to animal welfare extends beyond his professional endeavors.

He frequently shares heart-touching experiences through videos like “Buying 100 Puppuccinos For Homeless Dogs” and “I Let the Person in Front of Me at Drive-Thru Order My Dog’s Meal.”

Similarly, his educational journey led him to Missouri State University, where he graduated with a business degree, laying the foundation for his future endeavors.

Further, in 2015, Rocky made a memorable guest appearance on the soap opera General Hospital, showcasing his versatility in the entertainment world.

Rocky Kanaka Age: How Old Is He?

Rocky Kanaka is 44 years old.

Born in Kailua, Hawaii, Rocky’s formative years were spent in the vibrant surroundings of Hawaii before making a significant move to Kansas City, Missouri.

Following his graduation from Blue Springs High School, Rocky pursued higher education at Missouri State University, where he earned a Business degree.

Rocky Kanaka Wikipedia
Rocky Kanaka career soared when he created and hosted the series “Save Our Shelter.” (Source: Rockykanaka)

Subsequently, his journey took him to Los Angeles, where he explored various roles, ranging from stand-up comedy and retail associate to even venturing into copy machine sales.

Embarking on his career at a young age, Rocky Kanaka has evolved into an Emmy-nominated TV Host, content creator, and passionate advocate for pet rescue.

His endeavors involve extensive travel across the country, where he dedicates himself to aiding animals and narrating the stories of forgotten dogs to his devoted community of animal enthusiasts.

Rocky is prominently featured on his shows “Save Our Shelter” on Netflix and “Dog’s Day Out” on YouTube and Facebook.

Noteworthy collaborations with esteemed brands such as PetSmart, Bissell, Chevrolet, Audible, Hellofresh, and others highlight Rocky’s widespread impact in the industry.

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