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The recently released Netflix thriller Sky High: The Series, which continues the pre-existing film, is now available for viewing.

Many cast from the 2020 Sky High Movie, including Asia Ortega Leiva, Luis Tosar, Dollar, and Richard Holmes, will be reprising their roles as Sole, Rogelio, Gitano, and Poli, respectively, in this Series too.

This article is mainly based on one of its central cast: Richard Holmes. Everything will be discussed here, from his role as Poli to his other acting ventures and relationships!

Who Is Richard Holmes From Sky High?

Richard Holmes is a 27-year-old Actor and Musician from Spain who portrayed the role of Poli in the 2020 Spanish Crime Thriller Film ‘Sky High.’

Upon completing a quinquennial period, Richard concluded his educational endeavors (acting studies) in 2018 at the prestigious Corazza studio.

Holmes subsequently portrayed the character of Ricardo III in the theatrical production titled Hermanix under the expert tutelage of the esteemed director Juan Carlos Corazza.

Spanish Actor Richard Holmes has acted in various plays, including Hermanix, Picnic, Time and the Conweys, Race, Violent, and Out of Here, all under the guidance of exceptional directors.

The versatile Actor has been featured in numerous television and film productions, including Up to the Sky, directed by Daniel Calparsoro, Serve and Protect by Shot by Shot, and the film Pig, directed by Carlota Pereda.

Richard Holmes
Sky High Cast Richard Holmes (Source: Instagram)

Richard Holmes has honed his craft through various workshops and seminars, including clowning with Alain Vigneau, singing training at the Corazza Studio for the Actor, and expressive movement courses taught by Pedro Gonzales in three modules.

In addition to his acting abilities, Holmes is proficient in Tango and Afro dance, as well as playing the guitar and tennis.

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Richard Holmes Girlfriend And Family

No information about Richard Holmes’ Girlfriend or family members, including their names or profession, is available online.

He is very active on Instagram. However, the platform serves as his portfolio page rather than a social media where he shares his photos with family members and friends. 

In addition to his main page, he has a Business Instagram Page called “REALIDAD PRODUCCIONES.” The page contains several posts of his scenes in TV Series and Movies. He also coaches people acting through his page.

Richard Holmes
Spanish Actor Richard Holmes is also a singer (Source: Instagram)

Talking about his family background, although there is limited information available about them, it is evident that they are of Hispanic Ethnicity,

Similarly, his relationship status is not disclosed information. He might have a partner but probably keeps a low profile to avoid media involvement and privacy concerns.

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Sky High: The Series is here with richard holmes as poli

Sky High: The Series is distinct from Disney’s 2005 superhero film, as it is a follow-up to the 2020 Spanish thriller also titled Sky High.

The official synopsis for Sky High: The Series centers on Sole, a young widow whose life takes a dramatic turn after her husband, a notorious gang Leader, passes away.

Determined to forge her path and unravel the mysteries surrounding the tragedies, Sole navigates dangerous terrain as she seeks to win the trust of a gang of thieves and outsmart the Police and rival criminal factions.

Richard Holmes’ Character in Sky High, Poli, is a short-fused gang Leader dating Estrella, the woman Angel falls in love with. Angel joins Poli’s gang to win Estrella’s love and make easy money, but at the same time, he plans to turn on Poli.

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