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In this twenty-first century, when people are working hard day and night to make a proper living, it might come as a surprise to some when people are earning millions by just sitting at home. It is possible. With the power of the internet, one can become a millionaire if he has quality and will.

The same is the case of the YouTube star, Ricegum. He discarded his studies and followed his passion for making videos on YouTube, due to which he has become a YouTube celebrity as of now. By just uploading videos of him playing games or making funny videos, he has become a millionaire.

So, in this article, we are going to take a look at his life story. We will be covering his biography, age, career, net worth, and personal life. So, keep on reading the article until the end.

Ricegun real name is Bryan Quang Le

Ricegum: Wiki-Bio

Born on November 19, 1996, to a Vietnamese couple in Nevada, Las Vegas Ricegum was named Bryan Quang Le. He has a brother and a sister. He went to the University of Nevada for his education.

However, he dropped from there to focus on his YouTube channel. He liked being a YouTuber. Due to this reason, he also dropped down a scholarship from Harvard Univesity to focus entirely on his career as a YouTuber.

The young YouTube star, Ricegum’s real name is Bryan Quang Le and he is 23 years old as of 2019.

Currently, he lives in Las Vegas with his friends Faze Clan, Alissa Violet, etc., to name a few. Initially, he posted videos of his gaming. He became popular after uploading diss songs. He got huge attention after posting his video series “These Kids Must Be Stopped.”

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In those videos, he gave a message to children who misuse the popular app Musical.ly (now TikTok). Currently, he creates Vlogs and disses tracks for his channel.

Ricegum Diss Tracks

Ricegum entered the world of YouTube on September 24, 2012, by naming his channel Ricegum. He uploaded his videos of him playing games. He gained a large number of subscribers when he did the Twitch streaming. After that, he made a YouTube series, “These Kids Must Be Stopped.”

Furthermore, he started creating parodies and diss tracks of famous songs. One of his famous parodies includes the parody of the famous song “It’s Everyday Bro.” It was called “It’s every night Sis” and it featured Alissa Violet and other popular YouTubers. It became famous for its quirky lyrics.

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His tracks have made him gain 25th rank in the Billboard chart. His song “It’s Every Night Sis”, was featured at the 80th position in the Billboard music. Furthermore, he runs another channel named “RicegumExtra” which has 1.5 million subscribers. He became popular by adding a little bit of wit and wisdom to random videos.

Ricegum: Personal Life

He has managed to keep himself further from link-ups. However, he is also a YouTube celebrity and has managed to get himself involved in some controversies. He was stuck in a controversy with Bhad Bhabie and also some other famous YouTubers.

Currently, Ricegum is estimated to be single.

Ian Carter, a famous YouTuber had once mocked him through his channel ‘Content Cop.’ That video became viral and gained 30 million views. Due to that video, he also lost many subscribers but eventually got an increase. His most stupid decision was to mock a rape victim in one of his videos. Due to that act, many people were outraged at him, which lost him many subscribers.

Ricegum: Net Worth

Dropping from university to follow a career in YouTube turned out to be a good choice for Ricegum. He makes money doing what he loves. The potential of earning through YouTube is limitless. If you have more subscribers, you will make more money. As of 2019, he has a net worth of $8 million.

As of 2019, Ricegum’s net worth is $8 million.

Ricegum Merch

One just needs to make quality and entertaining videos. He has earned an impressive amount of money through his diss tracks and funny videos. Besides earning through YouTube, he also earns through his merchandise. He sells his T-shirts online ranging from a price of $25 to $50. You can find his merchandise here. Like this, he has an impressive amount of net worth. With his money, he recently bought a Mercedes-Benz S550.

No wonder he lives in a beautiful house. He recently moved from his hometown of Las Vegas to a huge mansion in Los Angeles worth $12.5 million. It is huge at around 13000 sq. ft. consisting of ten bedrooms and around thirteen baths.

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However, he doesn’t live alone there. His other roommates include FaZe Banks, Sommer Ray, Alissa Violet, and previously Justin Bieber.

 Social Media Presence

The young Youtuber is active on all social media sites. He likes posting pictures and tweeting different things. If you want to follow him, you can click the links given below.

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