RAYE Sisters

Did you know all RAYE Sisters are trying to make a name for themselves as singers or songwriters? Did you know her Father manages all of her sisters’ professional work? 

RAYE Sisters, especially Abby, and Lauren, have become the talk of the town in the English music industry, leaving fans intrigued and eager to learn more about them. 

Her musical career skyrocketed when she collaborated with renowned artists such as Jonas Blue on “By Your Side,” Jax Jones on “You Don’t Know Me,” Regard on “Secrets,” and Joel Corry and David Guetta on “Bed.”

These outstanding collaborations have garnered her prestigious BPI platinum certifications, solidifying her position as a top-tier artist in the industry.

Meet RAYE Sisters Abby And Lauren: British Singer Parents And Family

Raye is truly blessed to have three extraordinary sisters who play pivotal roles in her life and musical journey.

Abby Lynn Keen, widely known as aB Keen, possesses immense talent as a singer-songwriter.

Make sure to follow Abby Lynn Keen on Instagram at @the.absolutely for a glimpse into her captivating world.

Abby’s creative energy and Raye’s musical genius harmoniously converged on the enchanting track “Love Me Again.”

RAYE Sisters
RAYE Sisters Abby, Katelyn And Lauren with their father Paul (Source: Instagram)

Another gifted sister, Lauren Keen, has conquered a significant milestone as a talented writer.

Watch Lauren’s captivating Instagram feed, @laurenkeen__, for an artistic experience.

The proud Father, Paul Keen, couldn’t help but share his exhilaration on Instagram (@paulkeen_) when Lauren achieved her first Top 40 hit as a writer.

It was an absolute triumph, marking the first time RAYE sisters simultaneously dominated the UK Top 40 charts. 

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More About RAYE’s Family: Mom And Youngest Sister

RAYE’s Father, Paul Keen, the guiding force in Raye’s career as a dedicated manager, brings a wealth of experience and unbridled love for his daughters.

Witness Paul’s unwavering commitment to Raye’s success through the lens of his Instagram account.

The family has always been the cornerstone of Raye’s music journey, an inseparable part of her artistic DNA.

Raye consciously incorporated her family’s unique talents and unwavering support into her flourishing career.

Paul Keen grants intimate glimpses into their shared triumphs and captivating journey on his Instagram feed.

Within Raye’s heart resides a profound appreciation for her mother, a preference that knows no bounds.

RAYE Parents
RAYE comes from a bi-racial family | Mom and Dad (Source: Instagram)

Raye dreams of liberating her mother from her NHS profession, envisioning a future where they conquer the music industry together.

Raye’s youngest sister, Katelyn Keen, adds her touch of brilliance to the musical journey.

The youngest Keen Sister is also active on Instagram under the username @katelynkeen__

Katelyn’s presence epitomizes the unbreakable bond and unwavering support that characterizes their extraordinary family.

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Raye: From Singing In Church To Singing in Mega Concerts

Raye, born in Tooting, London, hails from a diverse background, with a Ghanaian-Swiss mother and an English Father from Yorkshire.

Her upbringing was filled with the enchanting sounds of gospel music as she sang alongside her mother in the church choir while her Father led the musical direction.

Venturing into her academic years, Raye studied at Woodcote High School in Croydon and later pursued her passion at the renowned BRIT School.

However, the constraints of formal education left her craving for more artistic freedom, prompting her departure after two years.

Fueled by her determination, Raye devoted her teenage years to honing her songwriting skills, spending countless hours in studio sessions, driven by her unwavering commitment to professionalism.

Samsung Music Galaxy Thursday | RAYE Singing Live (Source: YouTube)

In a bold move, Raye bid farewell to the constraints of her record label, Polydor Records, in July 2021, embarking on an independent artistic journey.

Making her grand entrance into the music scene, Raye unleashed her debut studio album, “My 21st Century Blues,” in February 2023, captivating critics with its brilliance and depth.

Radiating with success, Raye’s mesmerizing single, “Escapism,” featuring the sensational 070 Shake, soared to the top of the UK Singles Chart, leaving an indelible mark as her first entry on the coveted Billboard Hot 100.

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