Post Malone

People are curious to know about the details of Post Malone Plastic Surgery. Post Malone recently shocked fans by showing his new diamond teeth. 

Austin Richard Post, an American rapper, singer, composer, and record producer, goes by the stage moniker Post Malone. Malone has received acclaim for fusing the genres and subgenres of hip-hop, pop, R&B, and trap.

Malone is known for his wide vocal range. A rap name generator and his birth name were used to construct his stage name.

Malone began his musical career in 2011 and gained notoriety in 2015 thanks to his debut song, “White Iverson,” which peaked at number 14 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. His debut album Stoney was released, which included the platinum-certified song “Congratulations.”

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Post Malone Plastic Surgery – Did He Get His Nose Done?

There are rumors of Post Malone’s Nose Surgery. There is no difference seen in his nose.

He revealed that the rebuilding procedure, which was finished last weekend, cost Post $1,600,000.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Connelly disclosed that he first met Post Malone at Madison Square Garden a few years back.

Post Malone enquired about having his diamond tooth done after seeing Connelly’s work on other artists and athletes.

Post Malone Teeth
Post Malone wanted to have his diamond teeth done. (Source- Twitter)

Dr. Connelly also admitted that he ventured into uncharted territory by agreeing to attempt a dental diamond embed for the rapper.

Connelly reportedly needed about a year and a half to work out how to make diamond teeth and another few months to figure out how to put them in.

It’s extremely challenging to drill holes through diamonds without damaging them, according to Dr. Connelly.

He used 40 carats of Belgian diamonds cut in Israel to create Post Malone’s teeth. Shaq and Dababy are just some famous people the doctor has previously treated.

What dental surgery Have Post Malone done?

The New York artist underwent porcelain veneer surgery, one of the most popular oral cosmetic procedures.

The singer-songwriter for Rockstar had two diamond molars with a total weight of 12 carats set in a frame.

He got two diamond teeth and underwent surgery to finish 26 ceramic restoration pieces.

According to Dr. Connelly, a diamond must be twice the size of teeth to be cut and shaped for this process, according to an interview with Rolling Stone.

In Post Malone’s case, a six-carat canine tooth requires a 12-carat raw cube. This generates a lot of waste because three to four more gems could be taken from it.

Post Malone Early life

Austin Richard Post was born in Syracuse, New York, on July 4, 1995. His stepmother Jodie and his dad, Richard Post, raised him.

Malone’s Father was a former DJ who played hip-hop, country, and rock music, so he exposed his son to various musical genres.

When the musician was nine years old, the family moved to Grapevine, Texas, where his Father had been named manager of the Dallas Cowboys cafeteria. Malone began taking guitar lessons in 2010.

Post Malone Plastic Surgery
American Rapper Post Malone with numerous tattoos on his body (Source- Instagram)

His instrument’s strings broke during his audition with the band Crown the Empire, and he was rejected. He credited his early interest in guitar learning to the video game Guitar Hero.

In Los Angeles, California, in June 2017, Malone gave a DJ set at Emo Nite and played tracks by the American alternative rock band My Chemical Romance.

Malone has always been a fan of alternative rock. Malone asserts that he started the music business by performing with a powerful metal band.

The artist asserts that soon after, he started listening to hip-hop and softer rock before experimenting with FL Studio.

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