Phil Robertson

“I’ve never owned a cell phone and don’t plan on ever having one. If anyone needs to talk to me, they know where I live”  –Phil RobertsonThe famous Reality TV star and Duck Commander Company owner, Phil Robertson, lived an impoverished life as a child. Despite that, he worked hard, followed his passion, and became a millionaire today.

He is also the author of ‘Happy, Happy, Happy.’ He has done many sins in the past and taken the road to retribution too. Now, he is a true follower of Christianity. Despiser of modern technology, he has never owned a cell phone and has not opened a computer even once in his life.

If you want to find out more about his life, career, struggles, and net worth, stick with us.

Phil Robertson Football
Phil Robertson

Phil Robertson: Quick Facts

Full Name Phil Robertson
Date of Birth April 24, 1946
Age 73 years old
Birthplace Vivian, Louisiana, U.S.
Nationality American
Brother Si Robertson
Profession The reality TV star, Hunter


Spouse Marsha Kay Carroway (m. 1966)
Children Four
Height 6’2″
Weight N/A
Sun Sign Taurus
TV shows Duck Dynasty
Political Party Republican
Net Worth $15 million
Social Media Facebook and Twitter

Phil Robertson Early Life

Phil Robertson was born on April 24, 1946, in Vivian, Louisiana, USA. He was born to a poor family. His father’s name was James Robertson, and his mother’s name was Meritt (née Hale). He was the fifth child among the seven. His family had to face a lot of problems due to financial difficulties. In their house, there was no electricity, water, and even toilet facilities.

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As a result of the financial problem, they never went into town to buy food for themselves. Instead, they grew fruits and vegetables in their own garden and ate them. They also raised chickens, pigs, and other animals, which was the basis for their survival. Hunting was an integral part of the Robertson family. So, Phil also engaged himself in hunting animals like fish, deer, and squirrels to eat meat.

When you are with loved ones and a family to support you, no bad circumstances can make you unhappy. Money doesn’t buy happiness. Although the family lived in deplorable conditions, they were pleased. They lived in such a way as if they were in the 19th century.

Phil Robertson Football

He was an outstanding athlete while he was in high school. He earned an All-state ranking in baseball, football, and track. Due to such good performances, he was given the opportunity to attend Louisiana Tech in Ruston on a football scholarship. There, he played for the Bulldogs as the first-string quarterback ahead of Pro Footballer Terry Bradshaw.

He had all the potential to be a professional football player. Paul Harvey had approached him to professionally play for ‘Washington Redskins’. But, he rejected it as football was interfering with his passion for hunting. He loved hunting more than he loved football.

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He was only playing football so that it would not interfere with his scholarship. Later, Robertson had said, “Terry went for the bucks, and I chased after the ducks.” He graduated from there with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Physical Education. After that, he started working as a teacher in schools. He worked as a teacher for many years.

In the daytime, he would do teaching, and in the night, he would read to obtain a Masters of Arts degree in Education. But, you cannot put a free bird in a cage. He quit teaching as well to finally pursue his passion for hunting. He later became a commercial fisherman.

Duck Commander Company

He was very interested in hunting ducks. But, he was not satisfied with the condition of duck calls at that time. So, after doing many experiments, he invented his first Duck Commander call in 1972 and founded the company the next year. As of now, the Duck Commander Company is a multimillion-dollar company. His son, Willie Robertson run it.

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The Robertson family’s daily lives within Duck Commander was portrayed on the A&E reality television series Duck Dynasty. The series consisting of 11 seasons and 130 episodes ran from 2012 to 2017 AD, with each episode having a runtime of around 25 minutes.

Personal Life

He married Marsha “Kay” Carroway in 1966 AD. She was his high school love. The two lovers dated for two years before they got married. They have four sons. They are Alan, Jase, Willie, and Jules Jeptha Robertson. The Robertson family is known for having long beards and Protestant Christian views.

Phil is quite conservative and does not like modern technologies and developments. Likewise, he is also against abortion. Early in the 1970s, he went through a very depressing phase, where he became an alcoholic, involved in drugs, and had a rock-and-roll type of lifestyle.

As a result, it caused a lot of problems in his marriage life. He used to throw his children and wife out of the home. Due to his actions, he had to flee from authorities and even took shelter in the woods. But, after meeting a devout Christian, he had a religious awakening that helped him get through hard times and eventually get back together with his wife.

Phil Robertson Net worth

When he was a child, he lived in a house where there was not even a toilet. Now, with his hard work, he has found his own multi-million dollar company adding millions to his net worth. From this, we can learn that if we follow our passion, money is just small steps away.

Even if he was very poor in childhood, now he earns in millions. As of 2019, his estimated net worth is $15 million.

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