Dr Sally Smith Florida Fired

No concrete evidence indicates that Dr. Sally Smith has been fired from her position in Florida.

Dr. Sally Smith, a child abuse pediatrician at the center of the Netflix documentary “Take Care of Maya,” has sparked controversy and raised questions about her actions and accountability.

Despite allegations, she remains listed as an independent contractor on the medical staff of Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital. Her involvement in the Kowalski family’s case is just one example of a more significant problem in Pinellas County.

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Pediatrician: Is Dr Sally Smith Florida Fired?

The medical subgenre has taken viewers on a rollercoaster of emotions in true crime documentaries.

From questioning our trust in doctors in shows like Dr. Death to unraveling the shocking story of child abuse in Netflix’s Take Care of Maya, these documentaries have shed light on alarming cases.

Dr. Sally Smith, a child abuse pediatrician, played a significant role in the Kowalski family’s harrowing experience, ripping Maya away from her parents. The question arises: Is Dr. Sally Smith Florida fired?

Dr Sally Smith Florida Fired
Dr. Sally Smith, a child abuse pediatrician, significantly contributed to the traumatic ordeal of the Kowalski family by forcefully separating Maya from her parents. (Source: Black Enterprise)

Maya Kowalski, already diagnosed with complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), required a high dose of ketamine for treatment.

However, Dr. Sally Smith, suspecting Munchausen syndrome by proxy (MSP), believed that Maya’s mother, Beata Kowalski, was subjecting her to medical child abuse.

Dr. Smith fought alongside the state to keep Maya away from her parents, resulting in a devastating separation. This begs the question of where Dr. Sally Smith is now and whether she faced any consequences for her actions.

Where Is Dr. Sally Smith Now?

Dr. Sally Smith is retired but hasn’t faced any repercussions for her missteps. Surprisingly, despite several allegations against her, she is still listed on the medical staff of Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida.

However, it is essential to note that she is considered an “independent contractor who is not a team member or agent of JHACH.” Although retired, she may occasionally be called to work on specific cases.

Dr. Sally Smith held a significant position as the medical director of the child protection team in Pinellas County, where she was considered an expert in child abuse cases.

Dr Sally Smith Florida Fired
Families affected by her strict interpretation of the case said she didn’t introduce herself when she entered the room. (Source: NBC News)

However, Take Care of Maya sheds light on the troubling reality that in Pinellas County, children are nearly two and a half times more likely to be removed from their families than Florida’s average.

This raises concerns about Dr. Smith’s practices and represents only a fraction of the problem. The Kowalski family’s experience with Dr. Smith is not unique.

Families impacted by her aggressive case interpretation reported that she failed to introduce herself upon entering the room. Before examining medical documents, she would question the parents and children briefly.

Allegedly, she often found evidence of “hospital shopping,” which she considered a red flag indicating MSP. Misdiagnosing MSP can have severe consequences, as seen in the case of the Kowalski family.

Conditions like CRPS, which are poorly understood and require unconventional treatment, can be mistaken for MSP due to the difficulty of measuring pain.

Unfortunately, Dr. Smith believed that Maya’s condition was psychological, attributing the symptoms to parental exaggeration. After five months of separation from her daughter, Beata Kowalski tragically took her own life.

Despite this tragedy, Dr. Smith continued her work. Apart from the Kowalski case, there have been several other instances of Dr. Smith aggressively separating children from their parents.

In 2021, a highly publicized case involved American Idol finalist Syesha Mercado, whose children were removed from her care due to suspicions of malnutrition. 

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