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There is something about women in general media, giving unbiased opinions and views on the news. Journalism is all about delivering genuine facts to the public and being mediator when needed. Paula Reid is just doing the stated duty as a reporter.

Moreover, she is currently the CBS News White House correspondent and has been doing it since early-2019. She even stood up to President Donald Trump at the coronavirus briefing on April 13.

We know her caliber as a reporter, but what about her normal life. Is she a good wife? And what about her children? Let’s find out, shall we?

Paula Reid age
Paula Reid, 37, CBS News White House correspondent

Let’s start the article with some facts first.

Paula Reid: Quick Facts

Full Name: Paula Reid
Age:  37 years
Birth Date: August 19, 1982
Horoscope: Leo
Birth Place: USA
Education: University of Pennsylvania
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: White
Height: 5 feet 5 inches(166 cm)
Marital Status: Married
Spouse: Jason Kolsevich
Profession: Journalist, Reporter
Net Worth: $600,000

Paula Reid Owns Donald Trump at Recent Briefing

Since the pandemic, coronavirus spread uninvited, and many countries have found them helpless. Not to mention, we have lost many people during the process of coping with the sudden change in our schedule and life.

While the whole world is panicking, it has also shown who among the proclaimed powerful countries are stepping up and handling it like a pro. Talking about that, it is evident that people think of America to step up and guide. However, that is a far cry from the truth.

Instead of following health guidelines, President Trump has been spouting nothing but false accusation and connotations. But not many were having it. And rose Paula Reid, the female correspondent from CBS who did not hesitate POTUS from confronting.

Likewise, Reid questioned Trump as the reason for the lack of medical care followed by the delayed response to the virus. She kept on asking what the Trump administration was doing during February and how his relentless ranting would help the country.

Not to mention, Trump backfired Paula, as expected, and said, quote, “You’re so disgraceful. It’s so disgraceful the way you say that.” 

However, Reid was far from done. Then she kept hammering the President with facts, which obviously he could not handle.

She proceeded,

“February. The entire month of February. Your video has a complete gap. What did your administration do in the month of February with what your travel ban bought you?”

And without dropping a beat, Trump then swept the question as “fake.” But we all know that was not the case.

Paula Reid Career: CBS

After her recent heckling with Trump, many began questioning who Paula Reid was. Well, for the starters, she is CBS New’s Chief White House correspondent, and her duties include covering the White House, the Justice Department, and legal affairs.

Going more into detail, Reid has been with CBS since the beginning of 2010. At that time, she was hired as an intern in the New York-based office and then started working at CBS News Investigative Unit.

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Moreover, that same year, Paula became the production secretary for CBS Evening News and worked as a digital journalist from 2011 to 2014. 

Paula Reid CBS
Paula Reid is working for CBS since 2010

After that, for four more years, Reid worked actively in the Washington, D.C. area and joined the legal team there. She even covered the 2016 Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign, including the Hillary Clinton email controversy.

Likewise, in April 2018, Paula then became a Washington correspondent for CBS News and had been following the Trump administration closely. And finally, in April 2019, exactly a year later, Reid was named the CBS News White House correspondent.

Age and Height: How Old Is Paula Reid?

Now, coming to her more personal information, Paula Reid was born on August 19, 1982, which means she is 37 years old. Not to mention, her sun sign is Leo, and people under this sign are known to be confident, resilient, and fierce.

Besides that, other information is bare to a minimum, while some are not even in public records. The passionate reporter stands at the height of 5 feet 5 inches(166 cm) while her weight and other measurements are unknown.

Not to mention, Reid has got a killer physique, and many are fans of it. Likewise, she has got short blonde hair and grey eyes.

Early Life and Education

Among the information which Reid has kept away from media, her birthplace also happens to be one. As far as we know, Paula Reid was born somewhere in the United States of America.

Paula Reid height
Paula Reid

But the same is not the case when talking about her education. She is a well-educated individual who completed her dual bachelor’s degree in psychology and English. Not to mention, Reid graduated in 2005 from the College of William & Mary. 

On top of that, she also completed her law education from Villanova University School of Law with a Juris Doctor in 2008. Likewise, the reporter passed her bar exams from New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

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As if all that learning was not enough, Reid earned her Master’s degree in Bioethics(MBE) from the Department of Medical Ethics & Health Policy at the University of Pennsylvania.

Paula Reid’s Early Career

Though Paula has been working with CBS for a long time, she did not start right away from there. During her college days, Reid volunteered at the Juvenile Justice Project of Louisiana in 2006.

Then followed her legal intern at Chester County District Attorney’s office from 2007 to 2008. After completing her law school, Paula then worked in a Judicial clerkship at the Delaware State Court for a year.

Similarly, her next work took her to Fox29, located in Philadelphia, where she worked as a reporter.

Who Is Paula Reid Husband?- Personal Life

When talking about Paula’s dating life, she is not dating anyone at the moment. In fact, the American reporter is married to her husband, Jason Kolsevich, who is a management consultant at Water Street Partners.

Paula Reid husband
Paula Reid with her husband, Jason

Likewise, the couple may have publicized their relationship, but anything beyond that is confidential. They exchanged vows in front of their loved ones and families in April 2018. 

Also, their wedding took place at Mansion on Turner Hill in Ipswich, Massachusetts, that is near Paula’s hometown. The couple dated for two whole years before tying the knot.

Net Worth and Salary

As of 2020, Paula Reid has an estimated net worth of $600,000, thanks to her career as a reporter. Before working as a correspondent, Paula has also worked as a digital journalist and a production secretariat at CBS.

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Likewise, it was mentioned that the CBS News correspondent makes around $102,548 per on average. But Paula has yet to disclose the numbers, and we hardly believe she will do it anytime soon.

Social Media Presence

Twitter–  265.3k Followers

Instagram–  14.6k Followers

Facebook-  5.76k Followers

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  1. Pretty clever how you left out the fact, while heckling the President, she was dead wrong with her assertions. She does her childish ougbreaks to impress obstructionist, otherwise known as Democrats. Lastly, why didnt you mention that her husband is a lobbyist for China? Makes me think which country does she have in her best interest…

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