Patrice Failor

There are lots of examples where the name knows the wife of the husband, and the same is the case of the woman name Patrice Failor. Patrice is one of the leading activists the world knows, but she is more famous for being the wife of James Comey.

Although being the famous wife of the highly famous lawyer, the story to study about the lady is fascinating. Hang on tight till the end to know more about the lady itself.

Patrice Failor husband
Patrice Failor

Before directly entering into the topic, let’s know some quick facts about the activist!

Patrice Failor: Quick Facts

Full Name Patrice Failor
Date of Birth 1960 /11 /10
Nickname Patrice
Marital Status Married
Birthplace USA
Ethnicity White
Profession Activist
Nationality American
Spouse James Comey
Eye colour Brown
Hair colour Blonde
Children 5

Who is Patrice Failor Husband?

James Brien Comey Jr. was born on December 14, 1960. The man is an American lawyer who was highly praised for being the 7th director of the FBI from 2013 to May 2017. Comey was registered the republican for most of his adult life in 2016, and then he described himself as unaffiliated.

Both Patrice and James studied at the William and Mary college Williamsburg. The duo met as a freshman, and immediately after their meeting, they turned out to be a couple. The bond was so good that it went through college into the marriage and still going strong.

Patrice Failor Married Relationship With Husband

The couple met at the same college and were having a great time together. The lovebirds dated for 5 years and in 1987 walked down the aisle to be together forever. The marriage relation is going strong until the current time as well.

Patrice spouse
Patrice with her husband, James

The couple is blessed with beautiful children all through. They gave birth to six children whose names were Colin, Abbey, Claire, Brien, Kate, and Maureen. The tragic event that took in the family was relating to their son when their son Colin passed away.

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Colin was born a healthy boy weighing 7 pounds and 6 ounces. After the birth through the health started to worsen, and the kid died in the arms of the mother. Later in an interview, the reason for the death was termed to be Group B strep infection.

Wiki Bio

Patrice Failor was born on November 10, 1960, in the USA. The exact information about her parents and siblings is not highly known because she has done well to keep the information to herself.

Patrice Failor Early childhood
Patrice Failor

As per her educational background, she spent her childhood in northern Virginia and Iowa. After the successful completion of her high school, the activist enrolled in William and Mary College in Williamsburg, Virginia. The enrollment in Mary college made her attain a postgraduate degree in counselling.


The habit of keeping the information to ownself has made it the researcher hard to find the information about the activist exactly. The precise information about Patrice is that she worked as an advocate in juvenile court.

One of the stepping stones in the career of the advocate is that when she volunteered in the Bridge port superior court. The experience through volunteering helped her to know more about juvenile justice issues. Thankfully, the activist made a career in it at the end.

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One of the prominent parts of her career came through in 2016 when she appeared in front of the legislative judiciary committee to testify in favour of the bill regarding the issue of allowing unpaid volunteers to counsel children through the juvenile justice system.

Net worth

The advocate is someone who surely keeps forward all the available information to the details. Readers may assume the same might be the condition in real life, but sadly it’s not. The net worth she beholds is mostly through the advocate works and some through the activist role as well.

Patrice is a very low key person who loves to live in her own world of secrecy. Most of the information is secret, but one that is out to open is the net worth of $200,000. The annual salary, however, when she worked as the judge in bridge port, the superior court was estimated to be around $121,000.

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On the contrary, the net worth of her husband is a mammoth $11 million. The couples live together in happy family life with 5 of their children in Westport, Connecticut.

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