Pat Duke

We admire lots of actors coming on the screen and performing different action sequences or scenes of romance. But, there are different voice actors behind the screen who are very talented, and we never get a chance to see their faces. Pat Duke is one of those celebrities.

We have seen many brave alligator hunters and enjoy seeing them on the show ‘Swamp People.’ In the end, we find the show hugely entertaining but never even know the name of the person behind the narration.

Pat Duke has narrated many of the Swamp people episodes. He has showcased his talent in different movies as well as video games.

pat duke bio
Pat Duke

In this article, we will be exploring different aspects of his life. So, stay tuned with us.

Quick Facts

First Name Pat
Last Name Duke
Known as Pat Duke
Date of Birth May 15, 1964
Birthplace Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Nationality American
Profession Voice Actor
Marital Status Married
Sexual orientation Straight
Spouse N/A
TV show Swamp People, Parkville
Sun Sign Taurus
Age 55 years old
Hair color Gray
Eye color Black
Net Worth $700k
Social Media Facebook and Twitter

Pat Duke Short Bio

Pat Duke was born on May 15, 1964, in Nashville, Tennessee, United States of America. He is famous for narrating the show ‘Swamp People’. He also voiced in the game “Halo: Reach.”

Although he is not seen in the show, he is as vital as any other cast member of the show because, without him, the show would lack its charm.

It is hard to imagine that Pat Duke, who has a very youthful and charismatic voice, is 55 years old. He sure puts many youths to shame.

He was born into a music-oriented family. Due to that reason, he started provided voice-over recordings and performing on stage with famous singers like Michael Bolton and Celine Dion even at the young age of fourteen.

Pat Duke Career

Pat Duke later moved to Chicago to pursue his goals. When you are talented, an opportunity starts knocking its door on you. Likewise, Sharon Wittich, a talent agent, noticed his talent and therefore got his first contract signing. After that, he began providing voice recording in different movies and TV shows. In 2007, he provided voice recordings for the presentation “Prankville” in six of the episodes.

He not only narrates TV series, but he also has described different video games. In 2008, he was a narrator for ‘The Inquisitor’ as well as for President Obama’s presidential campaign. Besides these, he has provided voice recordings for other games like ‘League of Legends,’ ‘Halo: Reach,’ ‘World of Warcraft’, etc.

Due to his talent, he was hired by the reality television show “Swamp People,” where he has narrated many episodes to date. His expertise in telling has also made the show much more entertaining. His talent has led him to voice a Frost Giant Sentry in the famous Marvel Superhero Movie “Thor.”  He has performed on more than ten thousand commercials. Later after moving to Los Angeles, his work shifted from businesses to animation, promo, and interactive gaming.

Annecy International Film Festival has awarded him with Annie Award due to his skills. He possesses a unique voice that catches the attention of the listeners. Those awards have caused him to get a chance in narrating “Yukon Men,” Ultimate Survival Alaska, Buying the Bayou, etc. In 2015, he won the Voice Arts Award and Best Narration Demo.

Pat Duke Net worth

Doing voice recordings in different TV shows, movies, and video games, he has garnered a handsome amount of money. No one needs to do business to earn money. If you have a specific skill and you are good at what you do, anything will pay. Pat Duke’s estimated net worth is $700 thousand.

If a chicken worked for Colonel Sanders and made him a millionaire by founding KFC, then similarly, the gift of voice has made Pat Duke a lot of money. According to different sources, although his exact salary is unknown, his net worth is estimated to be around $700 thousand.

Social Media Presence

The great voice actor does not seem to use social media much. That is why he cannot be seen on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

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