Osvath Zsolt wikipedia

As an actor and social media personality, people want to learn more about Zsolt from Osváth Zsolt wikipedia.

Osváth Zsolt is a famous Hungarian actor and Youtuber. He is a content producer and a restaurant owner.

Zsolt has played in several television series. He is famous for his YouTube channel ZSHOWtime, which he started in 2018.

Furthermore, Zsolt has 235K followers on YouTube. He is also active on Instagram with 71.4K followers.

Zsolt has been entertaining people with his acting and YouTube content. And many peopel are curious about Osváth Zsolt wikipedia and age. Let’s talk about this below.

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Osváth Zsolt Wikipedia

Osváth Zsolt was born on 12 December 1991 in Budapest, Hungary. Currently, the actor is 31 years old.

Zsolt is known for starring in several TV series, such as Ejjel-nappal Budapest, Vacsorakiraly and Valo Vilag.

Osvath Zsolt wikipedia
Osvath Zsolt is the owner of a unicorn restaurant. (Source: Instagram)

Zsolt also runs his own YouTube channel and shares entertaining content and educatuional videos. He has also appeared in several podcasts.

Furthermore, Zsolt is the owner of Egyszarvu Unicorn Restaurant. There, he served customers with delicious burgers and desserts. 

The restaurant’s environment gives cute and fairy tale vibes. The food is decorated cutely and beautifully.

Besides that, Zsolt is also the owner of the clothing brand MOTTOD. It seems he has recently launched a clothing brand.

Zsolt is also the head of SHARItime Civil Szervezet, a nonprofit organization. Zsolt is an incredible artist and entrepreneur who is associated with several businesses.

Zsolt is also known for his charitable works. He distributes food to people without housing and supports many childrens. Zsolt has struggled to achieve success, and he is considered a kind and helpful person.

Osváth Zsolt Family

It seems Osváth Zsolt has not revealed much about his past life. And it seems he has a hard life childhood life. He was a state care worker at a young age.

As per the Bikku.hu, Zsolt’s mother, has already passed away; he has a grandmother who was present on his marriage day.

Though  Zsolt had a hard childhood, he now shares a good family life with his partner, Patrik.

Zsolt recently married Patrik after being in a relationship with him for eight years. They hold their wedding ceremony on 10 September.

Osvath Zsolt wikipedia
Zsolt recently tied the knot with Patrik. (Source: Instagram)

It was the day of Zsolt’s late mother’s birthday. Zsolt happily tied the knot with his partner Patrik and soon prepared for a honeymoon.

Zsolt’s grandmother and Patrik’s father took the pair to the registrar to finalize their marriage. Patrik’s mother is also not alive, but he has his supportive father with him on his special day.

Osváth Zsolt Siblings

Osváth Zsolt has not revealed much about his parents and siblings. So, we don’t have any information about his siblings.

Zsolt has a tough life and upbringing. He might not have any because he has not talked much about his siblings.

Zsolt is mainly known for his deeds and contributions to people and homeless children. And it seems he has maintained privacy regarding his personal life.

So, as Zsolt has not talked or mentioned about his siblings, he might not have any siblings.

Overall, Osváth Zsolt is an incredible person. He is a helping hand to many children suffering from poverty in the family. 

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