Onesh Subasinghe Wife

Onesh Subasinghe Wife has been in speculation due to her mysterious disappearance after the tragic death of the billionaire businessman.

Shortly after the management of the apartment in Jakarta, Indonesia, found his deceased body, Onesh’s wife was seen leaving the apartment in the CCTV footage. 

Meanwhile, Indonesian law enforcement authorities are investigating the death of the Sri Lankan billionaire.

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Onesh Subasinghe Wife: Who Was Opex Holdings Business Man Married To?

Opex Holdings Businessman Onesh Subasinghe was married to his Brazillian wife, Rosa Silva. 

It is reported that the businessman and his spouse left for Indonesia last January 20. They were accompanied by their four-year-old daughter and a Brazillian maid.

The family was on a trip to Jakarta. It is reported that 45-year-old Onesh Subasinghe was in contact with his family and his officials in Colombo until January 31.

But after that, the family lost contact with him and his wife.

After being unable to reach out to Onesh, they contacted the apartment management and requested that they check up on Subasinghe.

Onesh Subasinghe Wife
Onesh Subasinghe Wife is in the spotlight after her disappearance following her husband’s death (Source: mawratanews)

The management followed the request and entered the apartment but could not find Onesh and his wife.

After several attempts, the management found one of the room doors locked.

They proceeded to break open the door, and there they found the dead body of Subasinghe.

Additionally, CCTV footage from the serviced apartment the management found Onesh Subasinghe’s wife and maid leaving the house with a “Don’t Disturb” sign on the door on Tuesday, January 31. 

After the incident, his spouse, along with their daughter and maid, left Indonesia on a Doha-bound flight on Tuesday -reported by family members.

However, their current location is still not identified, and police are investigating the matter.

The incident is suspected to be a murder, and The Foreign Ministry and Ambassador Colombage are also investigating it.

Who Was Opex Holdings Businessman Onesh Subasinghe?

Onesh Subasinghe was a billionaire businessman and Managing Director of OPEX Holdings Pvt Ltd.

According to the OPEX holdings website, Subasinghe graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Science from Cornell University, USA.

He was a business enthusiast person who loved to experiment with new ideas and bring them meaningful results.

Onesh was never afraid to take up the risk and business challenges.

As a result, his knowledge of investments, experiences, and academics gave rise to one of the leading companies, OPEX holdings.

Onesh Subasinghe Wife
Onesh Subasinghe launched Colombo’s brand-new boutique residential apartments (Source: FT)

OPEX is the pioneer company in Sri Lanka to bring the concept of Integrated Nutrition Management.

It is the first company that specializes in the manufacture of specialty liquid fertilizers for local and international markets.

As of 2023, the company is employing 30 employees.

The management team of OPEX Holdings Pvt Ltd is Anosha Subasinghe, Salvatore Colombo, including Onesh Subasinghe.

Anosha Subasinghe serves as a Director – Finance and Operations. Similarly, Salvatore Colombo is Director and Operations Manager.

Tragic circumstance for Sri Lanka: Death of top Businessman

Sri Lanka suffered one of the worst days in history. The country lost the top three businessmen within a few days, including Onesh Subasinghe.

Businessman Roshan Wanninyakae was found dead in the pool of a residence owned by him in Thalangama on 2 February. He was the owner of Shades Fashion. 

A 27-year-old male and a 23-year-old female have been arrested in the allegation of the murder of Roshan Wanninyakae from Kadawatha in connection to his death.

Onesh Subasinghe Wife
Top Three Businessman of Srilanka: Kamil Hussain, Onesh Subasinghe and Roshan Wanninyakae (Source: asianmirror)

It was reported that they took the millionaire’s credit cards and spent almost Rs. 1 million to purchase air tickets.

However, they couldn’t leave the country due to ticket issues.

After the death of Roshan, Sri Lankan billionaire Onesh Subasinghe was found dead in a serviced apartment in Jakarta, Indonesia. The investigations are still underway.

Similarly, another Sri Lankan businessman, Kamil Hussain, passed away in Kenya. He was Managing Director of Synergy Ventures Pvt Ltd Colombo.

He reportedly died because of severe dengue and viral pneumonia.

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