Money Heist Season 4

Professor: It’s all part of the plan. Well, the plan and the heist is getting bigger and bigger. By the looks of things in the trailer of Netflix Money Heist Season 4. The heist is returning to make the fans go over the top with brilliant action works.

If you are avid fans of the Money Heist series, then you must know that the announcement of season 4 was made way early than most of the series would do. Precisely season 3 brought the news of another season too.

Netflix Money Heist Season 4
Netflix Money Heist Season 4

Money Heist was one of the highest watched series on Netflix. It is a Spanish series that overhauled most of the other series on this circuit with ease.



Release Date

The ever-loyal fan of Money Heist might be interested to know when exactly will the series take center stage. To the greatest surprise, it will premier in less than a month on 3rd April 2020. Something to watch out for fans. So mark the calendars.


When the announcement was made about season 4, many fans predicted it to be a season where lots of casts will be dead or not participating.

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At the end of the Money Heist season, 3 Nairobi is shot and bleeding, and Helsinki’s mate lost his life already. So it will be interesting to see who would remain till the end. Some of the information about the Netflix Money Heist Season 4 cast is labeled down.

Ursula Corbero

As we all know that Ursula Corbero is the real name of Tokyo, but the character is so close to fans that we call her Tokyo.

Looking at things, we feel that she will be one of the center stages of the season too. Her wittiness, along with arrogance, is highly liked by the audience.

Alvaro Morte

Alvaro Morte, AKA, the professor, is someone who has taken the acting world by storm. His precise timing with the plans laid for everything and everyone is commendable.

It seemed like he lost his better half at the end of the season, but surely the Netflix Money Heist season 4 trailer had other ideas. In this season, too, things seem to get messy, and the professor has a role in cherishing.

Pedro Alonso

Berlin, oh, Berlin. If the heist stories with another name will be made, then surely it will feature all the stories, heist, and saga of Berlin. This man has taken the world by surprise with his precise skills.

Towards the end, his glimpses suggest that there is more to this heist than only stealing the money from a bank in Spain.

Alba Flores and Esther Acebo

At the end of the Money Heist season, 3 Nairobi was shot by the police bullet, and she is bleeding like crazy. Every member of the heist seems to be worried and looking at the trailer, and we feel that she will pass out in the midseason.

Esther Acebo, or as we say the love interest of Denver, also seems to be a big part of the show. Her presence will keep the show live with charm and charisma.

Alex Pina and Jesus Colmenar

One of the strongest pillars of this series surely is the creator and director. Alex Pina has promised to make the forthcoming season full of surprises and heart-throbbing moments.

The precise direction of Jesus Colmenar to bring in the minute details cant be ignored for sure. So what viewers can expect is heart-wrenching action and politics.

What we know

After watching the trailer of Netflix Money Heist Season 4, there are many things that can be made assumptions about.

As there is a killer machine, AKA the bank security individual who is freed by himself and cut out all the cameras. As the professor says, they are all by themself surely things get interesting.

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The history of the professor suggests the fact that it is also all part of the plan. Nairobi, as we feel, might die in Netflix Money Heist Season 4. All of this mess is created due to some reason for Rio’s freeing, so Rio also might be in some suspicions.

One of the most significant suspicions, surprise, or excitement can be termed that the police officer investigating this case might not be pregnant at all. The available information on Netflix Money Heist season is that it will hit the audience on 3rd April 2020.

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