Many people who watched the 2007 Documentary ‘Zoo’ are curious about the sexuality of Kenneth D. Pinyan, widely known as Mr Hands, a zoophile from the insanely inappropriate video which got viral in 2005.

So, Was Mr Hands Gay? This article will delve deep into the 2005 Enunclaw Horse Sex Case, which involved the death of a man from acute peritonitis due to perforation of the colon.

Kindly note that this article may include offensive language, pejorative expressions, and allusions to a creepy online video, and it may not be appropriate for minors to read.

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Was Mr Hands Gay? Scary Video Explained

Mr Hands Gay Controversy emerged on the Internet from the day a video called “2 Guys 1 Horse” got viral.

Having been employed at Boeing for eight years, Kenneth Pinyan, AKA Mr Hands, had formerly tied the knot with a woman with whom he had offspring.

Pinyan had a history of engaging in increasingly extreme sexual behaviors and having sexual relations with horses, which was believed to be linked to a loss of sensation from a previous motorcycle accident.

During the early 2000s, Pinyan stumbled upon a group of men on the Internet, dubbed “zoos,” who began convening at a farm in a King County unincorporated area for communal weekends.

The group would often film themselves engaging in receptive anal intercourse with horses. On occasion, they also filmed themselves having sex with one another afterward and then shared these videos online.

Mr Hands Gay
Addressing Mr Hands Gay Controversy | Two Guys 1 Horse Bizarre Zoophiliac Video (Source: Popular Net Worth)

Mudede, a 2007 Documentary “Zoos” writer, asserted in 2015 that the men’s fascination with well-endowed genitalia, which may not have been horse-related, was at the core of their sexual fixation.

He further expressed his conviction that Pinyan’s fondness for horses was not genuine, and he was not a bona fide zoophile, even though Pinyan had commissioned a cast of his preferred horse, Strut’s penis.

Moving back to Mr Hands Gay Controversy, it’s honestly impossible to categorize his sexuality as he was married to a woman. However, he also had a sick fixation with large penises involving homosexuality and Zoophiliac acts. 

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Addressing Mr. Hands Death

The tragedy that led to Pinyan’s death occurred on a 40-acre farm in an unincorporated region of King County, Washington, approximately 5 miles northwest of Enumclaw city.

According to Sgt. John Urquhart from the Sheriff’s Office it was a common occurrence for men to engage in sexual activities with a horse on the premises of James Michael Tait, a truck driver who resided in a trailer adjacent to the farm.

That night, Pinyan, Tait, and an unidentified third person entered the farm barn on Southeast 444th Street without authorization.

It was reported that either Pinyan or the unidentified individual filmed Tait engaging in anal intercourse with a stallion named “Big Dick.”

James Michael Tait
James Michael Tait was arrested shortly after the death of Mr Hands (Source: Daily Star)

Upon completing the act, Tait proceeded to record Pinyan engaging in anal intercourse with the same horse. As a result of this incident, Pinyan suffered internal injuries, including a perforated colon.

An unknown individual brought Pinyan to the Enumclaw Community Hospital on July 2, 2005. After being taken to an examination room, medical personnel discovered that Pinyan had passed away.

Following Pinyan’s death, Pam Roach, James Michael Tait was apphrehended shortly after the incident and a senator from Washington State, authored a proposal to prohibit bestiality.

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