Morgan Beasley

Morgan Beasley is one of the few people who find peace and satisfaction in surrendering oneself to the mercy of nature than to involve in human society and interaction.

His story, journey, and hunger for conserving and loving life is one thing that everybody should know about. This fascinating story of survival is showcased on History’s reality show Mountain Men.”

His life story, including his personal life, relationships, net worth, and other things, are mentioned in the article below. Read till the end to find out who, besides nature, has become successful in capturing the heart of Morgan Beasley.

Morgan Beasley age is unknown at the moment
Morgan Beasley

Here are some facts about Morgan.

Morgan Beasley: Quick Facts

Full Name Eustace Robinson Conway
Professional Name Morgan Beasley
Age 26 Years Old
Birth Date September 15, 1961
Mother Karen Conway
Father Eustace Robinson Conway III
Siblings Walton Conway, Martha Conway, and Judson Conway
Religion Christan
Ethnicity White
Birth Place Columbia, South Carolina, US
Nationality American
Education University of Idaho
Profession Naturalist, Educator, Reality TV Star
Dating Margaret Stern 
Height 5 feet 10 inches
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Build Average
Known For Mountain Men TV Series
Net Worth $1 million
Salary $200k
Marital Status Unmarried
Last Update 2024

Bio, Age, Family, and Education

Widely known as Morgan Beasley from the show ‘Mountain Men,’ the star was born on September 15, 1961.

He is the son of his father, Eustace Robinson Conway III, and mother, Karen Conway. Likewise, Beasley’s real name is Eustace Conway.

Beasley has three siblings, Walton Conway, Martha Conway, and Judson Conway. Born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina, Morgan is an educated person.

Similarly, Beasley is a naturalist and educator who graduated from the University of Idaho. He is American by nationality and belongs to white ethnic background.

Moreover, he is also the subject of the book ‘The Last American Man‘ by Elizabeth Gilbert.

Who Is Morgan Beasley?- Early Life and Career

Morgan felt closer to nature than ever before and liked hunting, rock climbing, horse riding, and reading. He wanted jobs that were focused more on nature, plants, or animals.

As industries and factories are destroying the environment, he speaks against them and despises industries. Furthermore, he claims that they are ruining the one thing given to us by our mother nature.

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He traveled here and there for nearly ten years and finally decided to settle in Alaska. He felt a closer connection with nature in Alaska.

For shelter, he has a small portable home where he lives when the weather condition is terrible. He survives through the use of whatever mother nature provides him with.

Morgan Beasley: Mountain Men- Lifestyle, Horses, and Houses

Morgan appeared in the fourth season of Mountain Men. The audience was soon interested in knowing his lifestyle, how he finds food, and how he survives. In no time, Beasley became popular among the spectators.

His methods of living even shocked some of the audiences. Who wouldn’t? He lives very far from the human settlement that the nearest town to his place is more than 250 miles.

Despite the strict geographical condition and lack of facilities, Morgan has been living comfortably.

In fact, the knowledge that he got while studying at the University of Idaho and his degree in Environmental Science helped Beasley react with different natural elements and ensure his survival alone in the wild.

Whatever he uses from mother nature, Morgan respects it and also gives something back in return. While others provide mother nature pollution, garbages, and destruction, he tries to do whatever he can to ensure its protection.

Morgan lived far away from human settlement. The nearest town through his home was 250 miles away.

Aside from that, Morgan built his own house, even a barn for the horses, and knows how to make proper use of solar panels. His horses helped him while building his home by carrying the heavy loads. His love for horses is unconditional.

Moreover,  Beasley has said many times that he loved animals more than people as animals’ love is purer than that of humans. Well, is not that true?

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According to Morgan, humans are full of greed, whereas animals know to give and expect nothing in return. Throughout his journeys, with no surprise, his horse was his best companion.

As of now, Morgan has four horses, which he loves dearly. They are Frilla fra Harlanda, Feila aka ‘Viking Warrior Princess,’ Lutja fra Triple D, and Neisti. Aside from his horses, Morgan also shelters two beautiful dogs, Maggie and Rufous.

Personal Life: Is Morgan Beasly married to Margaret Stern?

Morgan also works for “Apricity Alaska Wilderness Adventure.” It is an organization that offers exciting trips and adventures. He and Margaret Stern, a botanist from Texas, once worked together. During that time, there were rumors that he and Margaret might be romantically involved with each other.

Morgan Beasley rumored wife
Morgan Beasley and Margaret Stern

Fans of the Mountain Men show commented that they would make a perfect couple. They expressed their willingness to see both of them together in a relationship.

To this, they added that they could see the love for Morgan in Margaret’s eyes. However, even if fans could see that, Morgan didn’t show interest in these sorts of things.

Fans linked Morgan and Margaret in a relationship. But, it is only a rumor. Morgan finds peace in nature more than human interaction.

He didn’t like talking to people. He found it difficult to interact with people. For him, climbing mountains and rocks were more comfortable than falling in love or having a normal conversation with someone. If Margaret loved him also, he would never see it or wouldn’t care.

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Although they both have similar interests and perhaps would make a great couple and fans also wanted to see that happen, they are not together and have gone their ways. Only the future will tell us what will happen in their lives.

However, many assume that the couple is married as of now. At the same time, some sources claim otherwise, stating how the duo does not even have a ring on their fingers.

But let think for a second, both are not much of an introvert and rarely expose their personal life in public. As of now, the duo has been together for ages so that some love might have blossomed between them.

Sadly, we won’t know for sure until one of them opens up about it. Let’s wait and see, folks.

Morgan Beasley: Net Worth

Morgan joined the show “Mountain Men” in its fourth season. He has a salary of $200k from the show. Besides it, he also earns from trapping and selling his handy works. But, the show has contributed a lot or played a significant role in influencing his current net worth.

Morgan Beasley has a net worth of $1 million thanks to the show “Mountain Men”.

He falls on the top paid cast members on the Mountain Men list. Moreover, he also earns from Apricity Alaska, which he runs with Margaret Stern.

He has a net worth of $1 million. Due to such an impressive amount, he has acquired a 37-acre piece of land in Alaska.

Social Media Presence

Unlike another mountain cast member and naturalist Eustace Conway, Morgan doesn’t involve in social networking sites. He doesn’t have an Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook account.


Is Morgan Beasley Married to Margaret Stern?

There have been rumors that Morgan and Margaret are dating. However, they are not married.

How Fake is Moutain Men?

Evey condition in mountain men is real. Cameraman claim that he nearly lost his hand while trying to film lynx.

Where is Morgan Beasley Now?

He is co-owner of the Apricity Alaska Wilderness Adventure. He runs this organization with botanists and fellow cast members.


  1. hes not a mountain man hes a phoney pos has nothing to do with being a mountin man,him and all those dog running assholes have ruin this show
    Put Eustace conway back on marty and bill those are mountain men, the rest are just actors and bullshitters

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