Mônica da Silva

An American singer-songwriter and musician, Mônica da Silva performs as a solo artist and is a member of the indie duo Complicated Animals. 

Ms. Silva was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to a Brazilian mother and an American Father who had first become acquainted.

In contrast, Monica’s Father was a Peace Corps volunteer in Belém, Brazil. Due to her Brazilian mother, Da Silva has citizenship in Brazil and the United States.

Da Silva was raised moving back and forth between Brazil and the U.S. She is fluent in Portuguese and English. She picked up the piano, flute, and singing early on.

Da Silva’s work fits under the category of international fusion since it fuses Brazilian music, notably Bossa Nova, with elements of lounge, electronica, independent pop, MPB, and worldbeat.

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Who Is Mônica da Silva? Meet Zeca Pagodinho Wife

Brazilian American singer-songwriter, better known by her stage name Mônica da Silva, performs as a solo artist.

Since it incorporates elements of Lounge, Electronica, Indie Pop, MPB, and Worldbeat with Brazilian music, notably Bossa Nova, Da Silva’s music might be categorized as International Fusion.

Da Silva has released two albums, Miles From Nowhere and Brasilissima. The Golden Globe-winning film Lady Bird (2017) and the Paramount Network series American Woman both use her compositions (2018).

Da Silva relocated to Chicago in 2004 and met musician and composer Brett Ratner there.

Rick Barnes, a producer nominated for a Grammy, met with the group and agreed to record their music at Rax Trax.

In 2007, Da Silva’s debut studio album, Miles From Nowhere, was released. A promotional video for 3M included the album’s second song as a featured tune.

Meet Zeca Pagodinho

Brazilian-American singer Mônica da Silva and Zeca Pagodinho tied the knot in 1986, living happily to the date.

Brazilian singer-songwriter Jessé Gomes da Silva Filho, known as Zeca Pagodinho, specializes in pagode and samba music.

Zeca Pagodinho Wife
Image Of Zeca Pagodinho (Source: EM)

His album Ser Humano received a nomination for Best Samba/Pagode Album at the 16th Latin Grammy Awards in 2015.

He resides in the Barra da Tijuca area with his wife, Mônica Silva, and children, Eduardo, Elisa, Louis, and Maria Eduarda.

“Deixa a Vida Me Levar,” one of his songs, was a featured track in FIFA Football 2004.

Does Zeca Pagodinho And Mônica da Silva Have Kids?

Mônica Silva, who has been married to Zeca Pagodinho for over 35 years, has three sons and a daughter.

Monica’s son, Eduardo da Silva, is a Croatian professional footballer of Brazilian origin who plays forward. 

Eduardo started as a striker but has been mostly used as a winger or second striker recently. He began his career with Bangu Atlético Clube, his hometown club in Brazil.

The Brazilian footballer scored ten goals in 15 games while on loan at Inter Zapresic.

His prolific scoring at Dinamo Zagreb, where he scored 73 times in 109 league appearances, piqued Arsenal’s interest, and he was signed for £7.5 million in 2007.

Brief About Mônica da Silva Albums

Da Silva and her siblings Bruce and Erica Driscoll formed the band Nectar when they were young.

The twins frequently performed in their hometown of Grand Rapids before starting their statewide college and venue tours.

On December 3, 2010, Da Silva released his album Brasilissima. Alger and Bruce Driscoll (Freedom Fry, Blondfire), da Silva’s brother, collaborated on its creation.

In 2012, Putumayo Global Music released Brazilian Beat, a compilation that featured the album’s first single, “A Ento.” 

On March 31, 2017, Da Silva’s song “Soldado de Amour” was available. The song was co-written by da Silva and her brother Bruce Driscoll (Freedom Fry, Blondfire).

The song was mixed by Chad Alger and used in the 2018 Paramount Network series American Woman and the 2017 BBC One series The Replacement.

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