There are many cases when a model rises to fame in the host country rather than the mother nation.

The list of such ladies is long. One right name that pops out of many is Model Roz.

Roz is originally from Saudi Arabia who hails in the states, and earns a considerable amount of fans and fortune with time.

The least number of people at this point might know her, but the article will clear all the barriers to the unknown.

Model Roz net worth
Model Roz

Let’s just start the proportion with some quick facts that helps in finding out more about her. 

Model Roz: Quick Facts

Full Name Rawan Abdullah Abu Zeid
Date of Birth 1992/08 /14
Nickname Model Roz
Marital Status Single
Birthplace Saudi Arabia
Ethnicity Mixed
Age 31 Years Old
Profession Model
Nationality Arabian
Height 5’8″
Weight 59 kg
Gender Female
Religion Islam
Eye color Blue
Hair color Blonde
Build Slim
Net Worth $1 million
Online Presence Instagram, Twitter
Last Update May 2024

Who Is Model Roz?

Rawan Abdullah Abu Zeid is a Saudi Arabian Instagram personality who rose to fame in the states. Roz is currently single and focusing more on her career.

She is really generous and is always willing to assist others.

Age and Parents

Model Roz was born on 14th August 1992 in Saudia Arabia.

Roz is pretty silent about her parents’ names, and the sibling’s data is also under the radar. At times it is understood as she is more of a silent human.

The model is 31 Years Old as of now.

She holds Arabian nationality along with mixed ethnicity.

Being born in August makes her sun sign Leo which determines she is ambitious and straightforward.

Well, leaving the family behind for a career shows how ambitious Roz is.

Rawan Abuzaid filed a complaint case against Model Roz LLC and Mohammed Almorqi in Harris County District Court for her case on July 19, alleging breach of fiduciary duty and other claims.

Body Measurements: Height and Weight

One of the many reasons for Model to come to fame is her hot body figure and smoky eyes.

She stands at the height of 5’8″ and weighs 55 kgs. It is her dedication that her body weight is under control all around the year.

Model is blessed to have the banana body type highlighted by the steamy curves and robust personality.

With the regular workout and healthy diet, her body measurement reads at 32-24-35 inches.

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Model is an avid fitness lover whose shoe size reads at 8.

Moreover, this Arabian bombshell also has tattoos on her body.

To round up the fantastic looks, blue eyes and blonde hair plays a salient role.

Early Days and Education

Roz was born in Saudi Arabia and spent her childhood there with her loved ones.

With the lack of information on her parents, it is hard to tell how her childhood was.

One thing, however, is sure that Roz always wanted to be a model.

With the intention of making it big, she left Saudi and came to the states and, with time, made it big.

In the case of educational background though, Model was part of American International School in Riyadh.

The major of her study is a Degree in Interior Designing.


Roz started her career of fame when she was in Saudi Arabia on Instagram.

In the early days, she used to post images on her social media profiles that received a timid response.

For the fame stairs to rise, 2013 came as a life changer.

In the same year, she moved to the states for interior design and modelling took over.

The start was through the advertisements that provided limited fame.

Model Roz career
Model Roz during the photoshoot

Things were going slow and steady when Victoria’s Secret Pink happened to her.

Model slew the audience when she posed, showing the label of sportswear in a sun-drenched video.

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Not only that, Model was part of the ad campaign launched by Guess Accessories, and she is well known as Guess Girl.

This shoot took place in July 2019, adding up the fame bar.

In an interview, Model stated that she is open with the thought of going back to Saudi Arabia if her career demands it.

As of now, there is no keen interest from Roz in the field of acting.

Looking at her fan following and success, the day is not far when Roz appears in some movie or TV series. Readers will be made aware of it.

Who Is Roz Model Boyfriend?

Roz is an outspoken individual who loves to speak her heart out no matter what.

She is never shy of trying new things, but she is barehanded up until now in the case of love.

Model hardly talks about her charming prince in front of the camera, which suggests that the balance between the professional and personal life is still prevalent there.

Not only in the present, though, but Model also is never seen with any man in the past too.

There is no rumor about any relationship, and loves to keep it all under the table.

Model Roz boyfriend
Model Roz is single

When asked, Roz freely says that she is more into the career that will leave a mark rather than making a boyfriend and getting distracted.

Although there is no love interest in her life, one thing is sure, she is neither married nor engaged up until this point.

Model Roz Net Worth: Income and Salary

If you are part of Victoria’s Secret in any shape or form, one thing is sure, and you are a global success in the modelling industry.

One at this point can hardly deny this fact too.

Due to the modelling achievements, Model sits at a net worth of $800k, which is the outcome of her hard work.

In her free time, she loves to travel, and one thing is sure, this Arabian diva is an animal lover.

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Roz owns two Pomeranians and updates about them regularly on her social media platforms. All of her fans are in awe of the dogs.

What most of the readers might be unknown is the fact that she is not a foodie.

The secret to her beauty and grace is Oribe Wave and Shine Spray.

As there is so much about her available, annual income and the cars and mansions will also be updated soon.

Internet Fame

Roz might be shining on with big names now, but we can’t deny that the journey started from Instagram.

As a result, there is a huge fan following there for her.

Instagram– 13.7m followers

Twitter209.9k followers


What is her favorite type of food?

Pizza is one of her favorite foods.

What is her favorite type of game?

Her favorite games is volleyball and cricket.

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