When a drug user meets the drug dealer, imagine how romantic the story can be. Identically the case of Mirtha Jung and George Jung, who met each other during a drug deal, terms out to be fascinating. Ultimately they went to be on addictive nature with each other’s company, while Mirtha Jung gathered a massive net worth.

The drug user whose net worth is something of notice is an important part to talk about. Apart from Mirtha Jung’s net worth, her whole career and the drug lord husband is something of a roller coaster ride. Jung’s career, the obscure facts, and her daughter is something interesting. So, hanging onto the seat tights can be fruitful bliss.

Mirtha Jung
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Before directly diving into Mirtha Jung’s net worth and professional life, it would be useful to know some quick peek facts about the lady.

Mirtha Jung: Quick Facts

Born Name Mirtha Calderon
Birth Place Cuba
Height N/A
Zodiac Sign N/A
Nationality American
Profession N/A
Relationship status Married(Separated)
Dating No
Net Worth $1Million above
Age 67
Eye color Brown
Hair color Light brown
Parents N/A

Mirtha Jung’s Net Worth | How Much Is American Drug Trafficker’s Wife, Mirtha Jung Net Worth?

Both Mirtha and George made a lot of money from the drug sales and cartel they did at the time. The couple together was in riches, having made over $100 million from sales.

Mirtha Jung’s net worth is above $1 million, but the actual value is not spoken. The Ex-drug addict is in no mood of disclosing her salary and net worth.  Despite Mirtha’s net worth, the daughter’s net worth is an estimate of $150,000

What’s more surprising is that no information about the assets owned is known to the general media. Whatever might be the case, this talked about celebrity is undoubtedly living a lavish lifestyle.

Mirtha Jung’ Married Relationship With Husband

As most of the readers may be aware of the name George Jung. Well, George was the lucky man who tied the knot with Mirtha on 22 March 1977. Although there was a 10-year gap between the two, the age never got between the marriage.

As long as they were together, they welcomed a baby girl whose name’s Kristina Sunshine Jung on August 1, 1978. Their marriage didn’t go that well mainly due to drug-related involvement.

Both of them divorced after 7 years in 1984. When things are not meant to go well, it doesn’t eventually.

Mirtha Jung Interview

Life After Divorce

Likewise, life after the divorce of George and Mirtha went precisely the opposite way. George married  Ronda Clay Spinello Jung and settled in San Diego. The great smuggler tends to look happy at where he stands.

On the contrary, Mirtha didn’t get married, and when asked about not getting married, the actress replied;

“George was the only one whom I was truly in love with and there has been no one since. So, there is no case of marrying again”.

Mirtha Jung Husband: American Drug Trafficker George Jung

Hence, when we talk about Mirtha, it goes hand in hand to talk about  George, a drug landlord. The drug lord was born George Jacob Jung on the 6th August 1942 in Boston, Massachusetts, to Frederick and Ermine Jung. The man was the leader of the football team but struggled in academics.

The guy is believed to have made over $100 million during his tenure as a drug dealer but later got sentenced to 60 years in jail during the ’90s. The sentence was, however, reduced to 20 years and got released in 2014.

Mirtha and George Jung
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When you are happy playing hide and sick with the law, then law mostly wins. Henceforth, the man got arrested again after two years but only for one month to be released on 3rd July 2017.

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In the end, he tied his knot with Ronda and became the stepfather of Clara.

Jung Death

One of the most talked-about topics is undoubtedly about the death of the cocaine kingpin George Jung. There were huge rumors that regular in and out of prison activities led to death for unknown reasons.

But in the end, all of these were rumors. The lord of a drug deal is still good and well. His merry health is proof of the fact. Sources claim the man has left the business to lead a normal. It will be interesting to see if he can remain clean until the very end.

Mirtha Jung’s Daughter Kristina Sunshine Jung

When your family gets broken at 6 years old, then life can be hard. Under those circumstances, Mirtha raised Kristina all on her own. Sunshine had to live all his childhood without a dad. Although her family got well into drugs, sunshine was well out of it. But her childhood was pretty decent, with most of the needs being fulfilled with ease.

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The proper growth and nurturing have helped the lady to be a well-known face. She is an accomplished writer, poet, and businesswoman.

Kristina Sunshine
Source: Affair Post

When something good is meant to happen, it will, forthwith is the case of Kristina, the lady is launching a cloth line with the collaboration of her father named Boston George Apparel. With time, more of the merchandise and business broadening from Sunshine; we will keep readers updated about it.


The detailed information about Mirtha is that she is the ex-wife of a drug dealer. Provided that the drug dealer’s ex-wife rise to fame began after the movie “BLOW” hit the market.

The movie covered all the illegal activities along with the family’s involvement. The role of George and Mirtha was depicted by Jhonny Deep and Penelope Cruz, respectively.

The movie hit the theaters in April 2001. Not to mention, the film made a good business of $83.3 million.

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The sources suggest that Mirtha was caught being involved in the drug-related activity and was imprisoned for three years and got out in 1981. Subsequently, the lady was meant to live a healthy life. Other than this, the proper information about a career on Mirtha is hardly known to anyone. We feel this diva might be doing some business under the radar.


Mirtha Calderon, AKA Mirtha Jung, was born on 3rd December 1952 in Havana, Cuba. George’s ex-wife is not interested in talking about family and siblings, so no concrete information is available.

Her education in schooling, as well as college-level, is more in the dark as well. Being a drug lord’s ex-wife and keeping all the secrets is understandable.

Age and Body Measurements

According to some sources, Mirtha was born in 1952, which makes her 68 years old. The charm and looks also prevail to this date, looking at her age, so we can say how beautiful this diva was in her prime.

Mirtha has the perfect body shape. The charming lady has light brown hair color and brown eyes with  American nationality but has a Cuban ethnicity.

The actual weight of Mirtha is still in the dark, but by the looks of it, the lady must be of average weight.

Social Media Reach

Mirtha is into her late 60’s and enjoying her life over the moon. With her personal life being more important to the lady, there are hardly any social media accounts. As a result, it is quite difficult to know the personal life happenings in depth.

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