Miki Takai Death Cause

Though the MBS veteran TV & radio announcer passed away on January 25, the company hasn’t yet revealed Miki Takai death cause and the mystery behind the sudden demise.

Miki Takai was a radio and television announcer for Mainichi Broadcasting System Inc. (MBS). Unfortunately, the lady passed away at 55 on January 24, 2023.

According to the sources, Miki Takai entered the MBS broadcasting company headquartered in Osaka, Japan, in January 1990.

The news of the lady’s death was announced on February 2, twelve days after her death.

The Osaka-based television and radio announcer was one of the finest people in the industry.

However, Miki Takai’s death cause and other information haven’t been made public by the broadcaster, and reports suggest the whole family was present during the final ceremony.

The death of the veteran Japanese announcer shocked the whole world, and Miki’s former colleagues and associates expressed deep grief over the news.

Further information on Miki Takai’s death cause and other crucial details are still in the discovery phase.

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Japanese MBS Announcer Miki Takai death cause & Family Background

The well-known Japanese presenter and announcer Miki Takai passed away at 55.

Miki Takai’s death cause has not been made public, and her funeral was concluded in a low-key manner.

According to the sources, the final ritual was held by close relatives and family members in a low-key manner.

Moreover, the funeral was so secretive that no other news source knew why Takai didn’t perform the latest shows.

It seems like the MBS company was wholly responsible for the management of the final ritual of the announcer, and as per reports, MBS station has no plans to disclose Miki Takai’s death cause.

Followers believe the probable cause for not disclosing Miki Takai’s death cause is to avoid the exploitation of the veteran’s death and negative publicity.

Miki Takai Death Cause
MDS Late Announcer Miki Takai. (Source: Mainichi)

Further, when we dive into the details of Miki Takai’s death cause and other information about her life, it becomes crucial to learn about Miki’s family and personal life.

According to the sources, the famous MBS Japanese announcer was born in 1967 to parents of mixed ethnic backgrounds.

Reports suggest Miki’s mother had Spanish origin, and her father probably had Japanese background.

And following the reports, we discovered she learned to speak English fluently while attending school in Spain with her parents as a young child.

As per past reports, the lady took the announcer exam after graduating from university and quickly got a job at the TV station.

Later in the 1990s, Miki Takai started anchoring hundreds of pieces for MBS, including Daily News TV Evening Post, Morning Post, and Rainbow. In Japan, she was a well-known beauty announcer.

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Net Worth Of MBS Veteran TV Announcer Miki Takai

Miki Takai, a native of Hyogo Prefecture, joined the MBS broadcasting company in January 1990.

And sources believe the primary source of Miki’s income was her work as an announcer in the company.

The astonishing lady worked in the Japanese company MBS for over 33 years and eventually became the longest-working member of the company with 100-plus years of history.

However, sources haven’t yet discovered the net worth of the late TV announcer, Miki Takai, but they believe the lady had a whooping amount on her name during the time of death the last month.

Miki Takai Death Cause
Miki Takai In 2015. (Source: sanspo.com)

The late announcer worked as a newscaster for “MBS Now” and “Voice,” and she also frequently appeared on the well-liked daily show “Chichin Puipui.”

She has recently made appearances on the popular show “Koshitsu Album,” which features members of the Imperial Family, and the Saturday night program “Junin Toiro (Unique Homes).”

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