Mikaela Pascal

Mikaela Pascal is a vibrant personality who knows how to light up the conversation and is smiles all the time. Yes, she is a model and web series actress who appears regularly in videos of FBE Reacts.

Likewise, Pascal has grown up from the last time we saw her on Kid Reacts in 2012. Not to mention, this beauty is dating Jack O’Shea, which created havoc in the FBE fandom. So, why happened that people began freaking out about her relationship?

Mikaela Pascal age
Mikaela Pascal, 20, American Social Media Star

Today, we will be talking more on that topic and informing about her other information like education, height, career, and earnings. Make sure to read till the end.

Mikaela Pascal: Quick Facts

Full Name: Mikaela Leilani Pascal Schmidt
Age: 20 years
Birth Date: August 12, 1999
Horoscope: Leo
Birth Place: California, The United States of America
Nationality: American
Height: 5 feet 8 inches (173 cm)
Weight: 60 kgs(132 lbs)
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Black
Build: Slim
Profession: Web Personality, YouTuber, Model
Active years: 2012-present
Net Worth: $1 million

How Old Is Mikaela Pascal?- Age, Height, and Measurements

As we have mentioned above, we have seen Mikaela since she appeared as one of the kids in the ‘Kids React’ channel. Hence, it is hard for many to believe that Pascal is 20 years as of now.

Similarly, Mikaela was born on August 12, 1999, making her sun sign a Leo. The people of this sign are also known to be a confident and independent individual who loves attention.

Mikaela Pascal height
Mikaela Pascal

Aside from her sharp cheekbones and dimpled smiles, Pascal has many beautiful features. For starters, her green eyes and perky lips are a plus. Not to mention, the young web star is also tall and stands at the height of 5 feet 8 inches(173 cm). 

On top of that, she has a slender figure measuring 60 kgs(132 lbs). Being a social media star and esthetician, Mikaela knows how to glam up for the occasion. Simply said, she is always ready for camera shots.

Early Life and Education

The famous FBE Reactor, Mikaela Pascal, was named Mikaela Leilani Pascal from her birth. Mikaela was born and raised in California, the United States of America, with her brother, John, and sister, Elly. Both of them are her younger siblings.

Talking about her family, we know that her father’s name is Colton, while her mother’s name is undisclosed even now. Not to mention, she is more close to her mother than anyone else in the family.

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As a matter of fact, her mother introduced Mikaela to modeling as she took her to different auditions. And simultaneously, it brought her to social media platforms.

Mikaela Pascal model
Gorgeous Mikaela Pascal

As for her education, Mikaela had her fair share of pain regarding it. Once in high school, Pascal was told that she wasn’t that smart, which has stuck with her ever since. In one of her recent Q/A, Pascal expressed that her biggest insecurity is her brain.

However, that does not mean she is a dropout. Mikaela completed her high school education and then enrolled in beauty school, where she excelled. Later in 2012, she graduated from high school and became a certified esthetician, one of her main passions.

Similarly, Mikaela is an American who belongs to mixed ethnicity, i.e., Mexican, Hawaiian, Italian, and Portuguese.

Professional Career: YouTube and Reacts

It is true that most of Mikaela’s fans got to know her through YouTube and especially from the FBE YouTube channel. She formally joined the FBE family as the cast of ‘Kids React.’ Sadly, being a social media star was not her initial plan.

Before turning to act, Mikaela wanted to be a runway model. But once the tallest girl in fifth grade, Mikaela’s growth plates slammed the break, and she was just two inches shy from making it into the runway.

Hence, then and there, Pascal bid farewell to her catwalk dreams and resorted to doing commercial modeling like print ads and brand endorsements online.

Mikaela Pascal FBE Reacts
Mikaela Pascal with React Family

With that, Mikaela also began appearing more in YouTube videos for FBE. After she turned 14, Pascal transitioned to the “Teens React” show and has continued appearing in numerous of their videos.

Moreover, she can be seen in episodes like Teens React to Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1, SUPER SMASH BROS, and Teens React to danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil. Then throughout 2015, she appeared in about 20 episodes of the reacting videos.

Other than that, Mikaela has also participated in different segments of the channel, such as ‘YouTubers React to Try to Watch This Without Laughing or Grinning’ back in 2013, featuring major artists like PweDiePie, Brittani Louise Taylor, and many more.

The series was such a hit that the FBE crew then launched another YouTube channel entitled ‘Try Not To.‘ Since 2017, Pascal has worked as a content creator on the FBE channel.

Mikaela Pascal YouTube Channel

After appearing and working as a model/actress on other channels, Mikaela finally launched her channel on August 6, 2015, but only started uploading after February 2017. 

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Not to mention, her content mostly consisted of make-up and Q/A videos. But as of now, she also uploads prank and reacting videos. Some of her popular uploads include Playing Letter B With The Reactors, Testing Guys On Period Knowledge (ft. react cast), and I Got Their Names Tattooed On Me that have got over 200k views.


Not to mention, she frequently collaborates with other react casts, mainly with Tom Boston, Eric Bekerman, and Labib Yasir.

As of now, her YouTube has more than 253k subscribers and over 8 million views in total.

Mikaela Pascal and Jack O’Shea: Dating and Personal Life

Now, coming on to the juiciest part of her life, and the internet has been buzzing about it ever since the announcements. Yes, it is Mikaela and her relationship with Jack O’Shea. The two have been dating since early 2019.

However, it was not their relationship that shocked the fanbase; it was their age gap. Just to make it clear, Mikaela is 20, and Jack is 27 years old, making seven years of difference between them.

But frankly speaking, the gap is not that much to be triggered about. Fans have been going insane about their age gap and even tweeting some hurtful comments.

Mikaela Pascal and Jack O'Shea
Mikaela Pascal and Jack O’Shea

Nonetheless, Mikaela has been defending her relationship and says she is pleased to meet a man like Jack. It sure surprised many as Pascal has not been vocal about her relationship ever.

In fact, this is the first relationship that the media star has come out in public.

Some Additional Facts About Mikaela Pascal

  • Favorite Movies: Napoleon Dynamite, The Lego Movie, La La Land, Jaws
  • TV Show: How I Met Your Mother
  • Holiday: Halloween
  • Favorite Superhero: Wonder Woman
  • Favorite Cosmetic: Sephora (She spends around $1,000 yearly on cosmetics alone)
  • Celebrity Crush: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Harry Styles, Anna Kendrick
  • Role Model: Ellen DeGeneres
  • Hates: Potatoes

Net Worth and Income

As of 2020, Mikaela Pascal has an estimated net worth of $1 million. Not to mention, she accumulated such an impressive amount thanks to her career as an actress and model.

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However, just like any other celebrities, Mikaela, too, has not exposed much when it comes to her income and assets owned.

Social Media Presence

Instagram–  293k Followers

YouTube–  253k Subscribers

Twitter–  43.9k Followers

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