Miguel Agoo Jr

Miguel Agoo Jr was shot dead at Makaha Beach Park in Waianae- Father Miguel Boswell Agoo And his Mother Mourn The Tragic Loss Of the Teen Death. 

Miguel Agoo Jr. was a 17 years old boy known for his love of fishing, bike riding, and fixing things around his House. He was a caring individual who permanently extended a helping hand to his family.

He had a knack for repairing bikes and anything else that needed fixing, ensuring the well-being of those around him.

In the early hours of Sunday morning, tragedy struck as Miguel Agoo Jr. was shot and killed. The Honolulu Police Department (HPD) promptly responded at around 1 am, but Miguel was tragically pronounced dead upon their arrival.

The suspect, identified by the Honolulu Police, is a 16-year-old local boy. According to reports from KITV4, the suspect fled the scene alongside another individual in a white vehicle.

Shortly after that, the Honolulu Fire Department was called to extinguish a car Fire near the end of Waianae Valley Road.

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Miguel Agoo Jr – Father Miguel Boswell Agoo And Mother Mourn Makaha Teen Death

The devastating loss of Miguel Agoo Jr. has left his Father, Miguel Boswell Agoo, and mother in profound mourning as they grapple with the unimaginable grief of losing their beloved son.

Miguel, the youngest among his eight siblings, had his life cut short by a tragic incident of gun violence. Sources indicate that when officers arrived at Makaha Beach Park, Miguel was found to be carrying a gun himself.

Miguel’s Father, Miguel Boswell Agoo, expressed his anguish over losing his son, acknowledging that Miguel was not without flaws but emphasizing that nobody deserves to be subjected to such violence.

Miguel Agoo Jr
The devastating loss of Miguel Agoo Jr. has left his Father, Miguel Boswell Agoo, and mother grief about losing their beloved son (Source: Hawaiinewsnow)

He spoke of the devastating moment he discovered his son’s demise, reflecting the pain no family should ever endure: “No parent needs to find out that their son is dead from a gunshot wound to the head.”

The grieving Father also expressed his bewilderment, as Boswell Agoo had no prior knowledge of his son carrying a firearm.

He raised concerns about the accessibility of guns to young individuals, questioning how such weapons find their way into the hands of teenagers or young adults across the island.

“How can these guys in any part of this island distribute guns? How can these guys slip it into a young teenager, even a young adult’s hand? And at the end of the day, somebody’s lying on the floor?” he added.

Miguel Agoo Jr Sister Faith Simeona-Agoo Organizes GoFundMe

Faith Simeona-Agoo shared heartfelt sentiments about Miguel’s passions and qualities on the GoFundMe page.

She revealed that Miguel had a deep love for fishing, riding bikes, and fixing them, along with a knack for repairing anything that needed fixing around the House.

He always wanted to lend a helping hand, frequently checking in to see if any assistance was needed.

Miguel Agoo Jr
Faith Simeona-Agoo shared heartfelt sentiments about Miguel’s passions and qualities on the GoFundMe page (Source: Hawaiinewsnow)

His infectious laughter brightened the lives of those around him, and he consistently ensured the well-being of everyone in his presence.

Miguel’s sister, Faith, at age 20, was responsible for caring for and raising him as her own. Their family lacked consistent parental presence, making Faith’s role even more significant.

However, due to financial constraints, neither she nor her family possesses the necessary resources to provide Miguel with the funeral and celebration of the life he deserves.

Faith emphasizes that Miguel did not deserve the tragic fate that befell him, describing him as a good-natured individual with a beautiful heart.

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