Roma Gasiorowska Husband

Fans are eager to know more about Roma Gasiorowska Husband. They want to learn more about his personal life.

Roma Gsiorowska-urawska is a Polish Actress and fashion designer. She played the role of Sylwia in the movie Suicide Room. She works as an Actor at TR Warszawa.

Due to her involvement in performing, Roma founded her theater when she was a senior in high school.

She received a certificate from the Ludwik Solski School for the Dramatic Arts. As a student, she first started working at Teatr Rozmaitoci. She made her film début in “Pogoda na Jutro” by Jerzy Stuhr.

Roma Gasiorowska Husband: Who Is Michal Zurawski?

Roma Gasiorowska’s husband’s name is Michal Zurawski.

Michal Zurawski, a Polish Actor, has experience in theater, film, television, radio, and dubbing. Brother of the artist Piotr Urawski.

Roma Gasiorowska Husband
Michal Zurawski and Roma Gasiorowska attend the Robert Kupisz fashion show. (Source: Getty Images)

Michaurawski and Roma Gsiorowska first met at the Rozmaitoci Playhouse in Warsaw in 2003.

When she was a student at the PWST in Krakow, she traveled to Warsaw to rehearse for the performance “Disco Pigs.”

Micha was currently performing in another show. He was secretly at work.

The circumstance changed only five years later when they ran into each other on the “Londoners” set.

Urawski decided to change his life for Roma despite having a son called Leon, who was one and a half years old and in a relationship.

The couple exchanged vows on April 10, 2010, the day of the Smolensk tragedy. They learned about the disaster from the wedding attendees late in the day.

However, despite loving each other unconditionally, there have been rumors of these two breaking up. 

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Roma Gasiorowska kids

Roma Gasiorowska has two kids; Klemens Zurawski and Jadwiga Zurawska. 

Jadzia was born two years after her brother Klemens. Urawski emphasized in interviews that his wife rescued him from falling and alcoholism.

In one of the 2016 episodes of the “Asia Express” show, which he won for the first time, he admitted, “She pulled me out of it.”

Roma Gasiorowska net worth

The Actress Roma has never made her wealth known in the media, but between 2010 and 2023, it has considerably increased.

She is renowned for delivering stellar performances on television.

Roma Gasiorowska Husband
Roma Gasiorowska is a famous Polish actress. (Source: plejada)

Her financial circumstances, benefits, income, and net wealth are all well-known. Analysts estimate that she has a U.S. net worth of between $3 and $5 million; she is presently prosperous.

Roma made her acting début in Suncorp and Subway TV commercials in Poland. Numerous acting, directing, and writing parts have played by her.

She is well known for having various acting skills, and reviewers have praised her work. 

She performed in the film industry from 2003 to 2023, appearing in more than 62 movies. She became well-known thanks to her roles in cinema.

Because of her efforts in the films Suicide Room, My Name Is Ki, and Letters to Santa.

“Pogoda na jutro” is among her most noteworthy acting accomplishments. With the help of her new performing job, she is honing her skills.

She has over 20 years of experience working in the film industry and is now well-known.

Her most recent appearance was in the 2023 romance suspense Drama “Now You’re Sleeping with Me.” Anna Janyska wrote the movie’s screenplay, and Robert Wichrowski oversaw its production—Anna Szczypczynska (based on a novel by).

To conclude, Roma is a talented acting figure who lives comfortably.

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