Mei Tashiro

Mei Tashiro has been taken into custody on suspicion of killing her two-year-old son. What did she do? Learn more about the case.

Mei Tashiro has been charged with causing death by injury by Kanagawa Prefectural Police investigators. She was cited as saying, “I don’t understand,” when asked to respond to the accusation.

Several organizations, including Kanagawa Prefectural Government, held a news conference on February 21 and the child counseling center in the prefectural city of Hiratsuka.

 They claimed that Tashiro was previously suspected of neglecting her children because, among other things, she had not gone in for prenatal health examinations.

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Mei Tashiro, Mother Arrested for killing her 2 Years Old Son

A 27-year-old lady has been detained by Police in Fujisawa, Kanagawa Prefecture, on suspicion of killing her two-year-old son in 2022.

According to the Police, according to Kyodo News, Mei Tashiro, whose line of work is unknown, is charged with assaulting her son Sora on April 23 of last year at their Fujisawa residence.

Mei Tashiro
Mei Tashiro arrested for killing her son (Source: Japannews.yomiuri.)

Tashiro dialed 119 and informed the paramedics that her son had taken ill without warning.

The young patient passed away the next day at the hospital where he received care.

He had many bruises on his body; the hospital told the Police. According to the Police, Tashiro denied hitting her son.

Police also disclosed on Tuesday that Tashiro was suspected of child maltreatment since she refused to have any prenatal checks, and Sora was placed into protective custody at a children’s welfare facility soon after his birth in 2020.

Over the following two years, Tashiro was permitted to see him. Yet he was only given back to his mother three weeks before the allegedly deadly mistreatment occurred.

At about the same time, Tashiro also changed plans for a child welfare agency to check in on Sora at her House.

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Did Mei Tashiro kill her son?

The Police described the suspect as stating, “I do not agree,” in response to the charge.

According to reports, Tashiro called 119 to summon an ambulance for her son. The hospital informed the prefectural Police after Sora passed away, and they launched an inquiry.

According to detectives, she told the Police, “I phoned 119 because my son got sick.”

Based on the findings of several medical experts who thought the intracranial injuries resulted from deliberate violence, the Police concluded that it was a criminal case.

Given the circumstances at the House, the authorities are convinced Tashiro was the only one who could have abused the youngster.

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Kanagawa Prefecture and Child Guidance Center meet after the incident.

Tashiro was previously suspected of neglecting her children because, among other things, she had not gone in for prenatal health examinations.

Mei Tashiro
Meeting after the incident (Source: Japan.postsen)

After accepting medical facility notices as evidence of mistreatment in May 2019, the consultation center claimed the boy, Sora, was seized from Tashiro and placed in care shortly after his birth. Tashiro persisted in seeing her son.

The consulting center decided that giving the child back to his family was ideal because she expressed a desire to care for her child at home and because Sora showed signs of sadness while being brought back to the care facility.

Three weeks before Sora passed away, on March 31, 2022, he was restored to Tashiro’s care and reunited with his mother’s younger brother and his 1-year-old little brother.

Investigators think Sora suffered internal damage after the lady struck him in the head at their Fujisawa House on April 22, 2022.

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