Max Gail is an American actor best known for working as Detective Stan “Wojo” Wojciehowicz on the sitcom Barney Miller. It is incredible how Max has been active in the entertainment industry for nearly five decades now.

Not to mention, Gail is also two times Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series. Scroll down to know more about Gail’s life, career, net worth, wife, marriage, and many more.

Max Gail age
Max Gail, 77, American Actor

Let’s get into it right now.

Max Gail: Quick Facts

Full Name: Maxwell Trowbridge Gail Jr.
Age: 77 years
Date of Birth: April 5, 1943
Horoscope: Aries
Place of Birth: Detroit, Michigan, The United States of America
Nationality: American
Education: Williams College
Height: 6 feet (182 cm)
Eye color: Black
Marital Status: Married
Spouse: Nan Harris
Children: 3
Profession: Actor
Active years: 1971-present
Net Worth: $6 million

How Much Is Max Gail Worth?

We all know that Max Gail has his fair share during his prime in the movie industry. One after the other, the actor proved his worth by giving hits after hits. Thanks to that, now 77, Gail has accumulated a net worth of $6 million.

Without a surprise, most of his income comes from his successful career as an actor and running his own production company. But we do believe the former part played a bigger part.

However, as always, Max has not revealed much when it comes to his income and assets owned. It seems the actor does not like keeping his numbers open for public amazement.

Age and Height: How Old Is Max Gail?

Our favorite Detective Shan is currently 77 years as of now. He was born on April 5, 1973, which means he entered a new age this year. And also, Gail’s sun sign is Aries. The sign is known to be competitive, fierce, and resilient.

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Moreover, this gentle yet charming actor swooned the way into his fans’ hearts with his good looks. With his black eyes and smile, Gail sure did leave girls gleaming over him. Not to mention, his dark hair added to the charm before the deciding hairline exposed his forehead.

Aside from that, Max has got an average body, thanks to his age. Standing at 6 feet(182 cm), Max is gentle as ever.

Early Life, Education, and Family

Maxwell Trowbridge Gail Jr., Max is the son of his parents, Maxwell Trowbridge Gail and Mary Elizabeth(formerly known as Scanlon). Likewise, his father was a businessman, while his mother took care of the house and the children.

And it seems Mrs. Gail had her hands full with Max and his twin sister, Mary Gail, who is also active as an actress and singer. Together the family of four lived their life in Grosse lle, Michigan.

Likewise, after completing high school, Gail enrolled in Williams College. After that, he worked as an instructor at the University Liggett School before pursuing his acting career.

Professional Career as an Actor: Movies

As you might have guessed, initially, Gail never planned to be an actor or media personality from the get-go. There are not many details regarding his pre-acting period except that he was an instructor at Liggett University. 

Fast forward to few years ahead; Max got his first acting debut in 1970 when he played the role of Chief Bromden in the San Francisco’s Little Fox Theatre. It was in the stage production of One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.

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Likewise, Gail was chosen again to portray the same character at the New York Stage in 1973. Despite the popularity, we all know that Max reached the pinnacle of his career after his role as Detective Stan ” Wojo” Wojciehowicz took the television scene by storm.

In the hit TV sitcom, Barney Miller, the said actor perfectly crafted the role for seven long years, serving from 1975 to 1982. Then his other role as Harold, the owner of DC Cab Taxi Company in D.C.Cab in 1983, also proved to be his remarkable role yet.

Max Gail actor
Max Gail as Detective Stan “Wojo” in a sitcom, Barney Miller

Aside from starring in movies and television, Gail also explored his skills in the theatre world. In 1984, the actor then debuted on a Broadway show and acted in the monodrama called The Babe. 

Not to mention, the whole show was aired on PBS as well. Other than that, some of his remarkable TV shows in the list include Whiz Kids(1983), Normal Life(1990), and Sons and Daughters(2006). 

Moreover, Gail has also made many guest appearances on TV shows like Walker Texas Ranger, Cannon, Dr. Quinn, Due South, Medicine Woman, The Drew Carey Show, Hawaii Five-0, Psych, Gry Unmarried, NCIS, Scorpion, Mad Men, and more. There’s just no end to the list.

However, apart from being a successful actor, Max Gail also runs his own production company called Full Circle. It has featured documentaries on subjects such as Agent Orange, Native Americans, and nuclear issues.

Personal Life of Max Gail: Wife and Married Life

After being a Television phenomenon, all eyes were on Gail and his life. Sure, his professional career and movies were for all to see. But people wanted more than that. It’s funny how the more we hide, the more the intensity to dig deep arises.

The same thing happened with Gail as well. Though he was not much hostile about it in the first place, frankly speaking. From what we know, Max Gail was married to Willie Beir, who used to accompany Gail on his every event.

Max Gail wife
Max Gail and Nan Harris

Married in 1982, the couple parented a lovely daughter who goes by the name India Gail. Their bundle of joy was born in 1984, two years after their marriage. However, their happiness did not last long as Gail lost her life to cancer in 1986.

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Of course, Gail was filled with sorrow and grief, but his wife’s death also inspired him to the narrator of the alternative medicine film documentary Hoxsey: When Healing Became a Crime in 1988. 

Giving love another change, Gail then married Nan Harris in 1989, and amazingly, they are still together. As of now, they have two children: a son named Max(1990) and daughter Grace(1993).

Social Media Presence

As of now, the American actor is not active in any social media handles.

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