Mary Poole: Career, Md, Husband, Kids & Net Worth

There is an old saying that behind a successful man, there is always a woman. From what we know, this saying has some truth to it. True to the case, Mary Poole is also known as the Pillar of her musician Robert Smith‘s life.

Known for his versatile music, surreal voice, and unique stage appearance, Robert and Mary are known within the fandom for their bond. In fact, the couple has been through thick and thin for over 30 years now. Just who is Mary? Let’s find out.

Mary Poole age
Mary Poole

But first, some facts to start the article.

Mary Poole: Quick Facts

Full Name: Mary Theresa Poole
Age: 61 years
Birth Date: October 3, 1958
Horoscope: Libra
Birth Place: England
Nationality: United Kingdom
Height: 5 feet 6 inches(169 cm)
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Marital Status: Married
Spouse: Robert Smith
Children: N/A
Net Worth: N/A

Mary Poole: Age, Height, and Body Measurements

The famous wife and supporter of British goth rock musician Robert Smith, Mary Poole, is 61 years old. Poole was born on October 3, 1958, which makes her a year older than her husband, Smith. Also, her star sign is Libra.

Moreover, this beautiful wife stands at the height of 5 feet 6 inches(169 cm) while her weight is unrevealed. Along with it, Poole’s body measurements are also unknown.

Regardless of that, Mary has long black hair and brown eyes that go well with her fair skin complexion.

Early Life and Education

Talking more closely at her childhood, Mary Poole was born somewhere in the United Kingdom. Named as Mary Theresa Poole, there is no information on her parents and siblings.

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Hence, the details on them are unknown as of now. Likewise, Poole is a British citizen whose ethnicity is also under the radar.

As for her education, the supportive wife of Robert Smith went to St. Wilfrid Comprehensive School. And after that, there is no record of her further academics.

¬†Who Is Mary Poole?- The Pillar of Musician Robert Smith’s Life

As mentioned above, Mary Poole is the wife of musician Robert Smith. He is a famous English singer, songwriter, lead singer, guitarist of the rock band, The Cure. The rocker co-founded the group in 1976.

Likewise, Robert is best known for his musical skills, dexterity of musical instruments, and goth-inspired stage looks.

Moving back to their relationship, the musician and Mary met when they were studying at the St. Wilfrid Comprehensive School. Robert was just 14 at that time. Also, the two were in the same drama class and were good friends before dating.

Mary Poole Robert Smith
Mary Poole on her wedding day

Time and again, Robert has mentioned how much Poole has supported and motivated him in his musical quest. Though they went to opt for different schools, the two kept encouraging each other.

During all those years, the two kept dating, and finally, in 1988, they exchanged vows in a beautiful wedding ceremony. As a wedding gift, Robert wrote a song called ‘Love Song.

As of now, the beautiful couple has been happily married for over three decades now.

Why Don’t Mary and Robert Have Kids?

Even though they have been married for 31 years, the duo has no children. They decided not to have children and remain so forever. When asked about it, Robert said that he did not feel capable of rearing a child in this world.

“I do not feel responsible enough to bring a child into the world.”

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And apparently, the couple made the decision quite early in their marriage. However, the decision has not created any problems for them or their relationship.

Professional Career: What Was Mary Poole’s Profession?

Since Mary Poole only came to the media attention from her connection to Robert, there is not much to talk about her life. But we do have titbits of information scrapped from the depths of media.

Initially, Mary worked as a model but later discarded the idea of pursuing a nursing career. She wanted to help the disabled and special children while she could. However, the work was demanding, both physically and mentally.

During these days, Smith was struggling with his musical career, and the couple has less time to spend together. Still, Poole never gave up on her relationship and used to accompany Robert on his tours and concerts as moral support.

Net Worth and Income

Mary Poole is a former model and nurse who might have earned a significant amount during her prime years. However, her exact net worth is still nowhere to be found.

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At the same time, her husband, Robert Smith, the lead vocalist and guitarist of the band ‘The Cure,’ has an impressive net worth of $30 million. He earned most of his income from his successful musical career, tours, and concerts.

Social Media Presence

As expected, Mary Poole is not active in any form of social media accounts.

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