At a glance, Mark Tuan gives off an intimidating aura and does not like to talk much. But once he gets familiar with someone, we could only wish for him to stop talking.

Straight from Los Angeles, the American-born Taiwanese Tuan is a member of the South Korean boy band, GOT7. With his hyphenated identity, this young boy moved to a new country to pursue his music career. And we are more than happy to fill in Mark’s details and his journey to you folks.

Mark Tuan age
Mark Tuan, 26, Main rapper and vocalist of GOT7

Let’s get into the life of Mark, but right after these interesting facts.

Mark Tuan: Quick Facts

Full Name Tuan Yi Eun (段宜恩)
English Name Mark Tuan
Nickname Little Rooster
Age 26 years
Birth Date September 4, 1993
Horoscope Virgo
Birth Place Los Angeles, California, The United States of America
Nationality American
Father’s Name Raymond Tuan
Mother’s Name Dorine Tuan
Height 5 feet 9 inches(175 cm)
Weight 65 kg(143 lbs)
Profession Musician
Band GOT7
Active years 2014-present
Social Media Instagram, Twitter

Age, Height, and Measurements: Does Mark Tuan Have a Tattoo?

The shy and reserved musician Mark Tuan was born in 1993, which makes him 26 years as of now. Tuan celebrates his birthday every year on the fourth of September under the sign of Virgo. The sign is known to be perfectionist, smart, and intelligent.

Likewise, true to his sign, Mark is indeed intelligent and somewhat reserved. He is someone who lets his actions speak louder than words. Not to mention, Tuan Is physically fit and healthy as well.

Regarded as the best in martial arts among the GOT7 members, Mark has got a stunning figure. Mark loves games, and during high school, he played volleyball and loved to swim. His washboard abs have got fans swooning for him. This charmer stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches(175 cm) and weighs around 65 kg(143 lbs). 

Mark Tuan tattoo
Mark Tuan’s cross tattoo

Apart from his well-built physique, Tuan is known for his fair skin complexion. He has got brown eyes and natural black hair, which is now colored in pastel red.

Moreover, many fans have been curious about his tattoo for a while now. And as a matter of fact, he does have a tattoo on his calf. It is visible in most of the photos where a criss-cross tattoo could be seen.

Where Is Mark Tuan From? Early Life and Education

Famously known as a South Korean singer and rapper, Mark is not a Korean himself. Born as Tuan Yi Eun (段宜恩), Mark is originally from Los Angeles, California, the United States of America, but spend most of his childhood in Brazil and Paraguay. He is an American with Asian, to be specific, Taiwanese ethnicity.

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Likewise, his Korean name is Dong Yi Eun(동의은), while his stage name is Mark. Since he was born in the rooster year, his family and friends call him ‘Little Rooster’ as well.

Mark Tuan height
Mark Tuan, posing his 5’9″ physique.
Source: Instagram

As for his family, Mark is the son of Raymond Tuan and Dorine Tuan. Aside from his parents, Tuan has two sisters, Tammy and Grace, and a younger brother named Joey.

Moving on, before he moved to Korea, Mark attended Arcadia High School in California. His favorite subject was Mathematics and physics.

Mark Tuan: Before GOT7

Talking about his career, Mark is a well-respected and one of the most promising young artists in the entertainment industry. Many might not know this, but Mark never intended to be a singer or musician in any way.

Sure, he was fond of singing but never fully committed to it. With his little interest and encouragement from high school teachers, Mark finally agreed to audition for a South Korean talent agency, JYP Entertainment.

Where is Mark Tuan from?
Mark Tuan for GQ Magazine

Deemed one of the ‘Big 3‘ talent agencies in South Korea, they were easily impressed by Mark’s rendition of Eminem‘s track ‘When I’m Gone.’ He was immediately included in the company’s roster and, with much promise, relocated to South Korea.

As time passed, Mark got better at singing, and he started getting serious about it. Besides taking music lessons, Mark also got a Korean lesson, which helped him converse with fellow trainees.

A year before their debut in September 2013, Tuan and the other three members, Jackson, Bam Bam, and Yugeom appeared in an episode of WIN: Who Is Next. In the show, they competed against the other YG Entertainment trainees.

GOT7- What Does GOT7 Mean?

Finally, after three long years of training and perfecting the Korean language, Mark was announced as a member of JYP’s new boy band, GOT7. Introduced as a hip-hop group, GOT7 includes the lucky number seven, meaning “seven lucky people coming together.”

The band debuted in South Korea on January 1, 2014, with their first EP, Got It? and debut single ‘Girls Girls Girls. Their album shot straight to number 1 on Billboard’s World Albums Chart and number 2 on the Gaon Album Charts, respectively.

Likewise, Mark joined the band as its main rapper, singer, and visual dancer responsible for martial arts. Since then, Tuan surely has lived up to his name and identity of the group.

Mark Tuan GOT7
GOT7 South Korean Boy Band
Source: Billboard

As of now, he has been part of several of the band’s EP and studio albums such as Got It?, Got Love, Identify, Just Right, Moriagtteyo, and Flight Log: Departure. Not only from his singing, but Mark has also made a name for himself as an actor.

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Moreover, he appeared in a web drama called Dream Knight, along with his other band members. There is no doubt that Mark surely grabs a lot of attention with his charming personality and looks during their fan meets and other events.

Not to mention, his work and talent have brought him many awards and accolades his way. In 2014, the group won the ‘SBS MTV Awards’ for the ‘Best of the Best New Artist.‘ The following year, they received two Golden Disk awards and several other awards.

Mark Yuan Net Worth and Merch: Who Is The Richest Member In GOT7?

As of 2020, the talented musician Mark Tuan has an estimated net worth of $2 million. Not to mention, he makes most of his income from his career as a member of GOT7 and singer.

Aside from that, the singer also makes enough from his other individual projects like advertisements, brand deals, cameos, and so on.

However, the 26 years old Tuan has not mentioned much about his income and earnings.

Does Mark Tuan Have a Girlfriend?

When it comes to personal life, South Korean celebrities, especially singers and idols, are very protective. Not to mention, Mark has also kept his information secret from his fans and media.

Mark Tuan career
Mark Tuan for DAZED Magazine

The reason seems plausible since K-ent does not take celebrity dating positively. As far as we know, none of the members of GOT7 are dating or are known for having a relationship. However, Mark did reveal his ideal type as the one who makes him want to stay with her.

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Other than that, Mark is very close with his family and often stays in contact with them. As he was raised in a strict environment, Mark is well-spoken. Though he is left-handed, his parents got him accustomed to using the right hand.

Some Interesting Facts About Mark Tuan

  • Hobbies: Skateboarding and Snow Boarding
  • Favorite Artists: Chris Brown, Drake, ASAP Rocky, Tyga
  • Languages: Mandarin, Portuguese, Japanese
  • Favorite Food: Hamburgers, Meat, Soups
  • Favorite color: Red
  • Fashion Brand: BRANSON
  • Many might not know this, but Mark is close with BTOB’s Peniel, BTS’s V, Monsta X’s Minhyuk, and f(x)’s Amber.

Social Media Presence

Instagram–  8.5 million Followers

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