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The phenomenon of being overshadowed by a bigger celebrity is quite easy.

In contrast, this is not the case with Marjorie Bridges, who has made a name for herself despite being the wife of Steve Harvey.

The audience might be well aware of the name of Steve Harvey, the man with standup comedy all around the world.

The man’s story is basically all over the world, but knowing something more about his wife can equally be interesting. Let’s dig deep into the story of a fashion diva, then.

Marjorie Bridges
Marjorie Bridges

But before actually entering it, let’s peek into some facts about the lady.

Marjorie Bridge Harvey: Quick facts

Full Name Marjorie Bridges-Harvey
Date of Birth 1974 /10 /10 
Age 48 years old
Nickname Majorie
Citizenship American
Ethnicity Afro-American
Profession Socialite, Internet Personality and Fashion Icon
Nationality American
Zodiac Sign Libra
Marital Status Married
Husband Name Steve Harvey
Children Jason Harvey, Lori Harvey, and Morgan Harvey
Business The Lady Loves Couture
Salary Under review
Mother Doris bridges
Height 5’7″
Online Presence Twitter, Instagram, Facebook
Net Worth Under review
Last Update  September, 2023

Net Worth

It is hard to make a name for oneself when the husband is such an eminent person. Surprisingly the case for Marjorie is exactly positive.

The lady is a fashion diva sharing important and daily use tips through the internet.

The main motive of the woman is to teach people to look without much breaking of the bank.

The fashion blog the lady owns shows her own handbags MH printed in it.

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Apart from being so close to media and celebrity life, the exact net worth is in the dark.  The husband’s net worth is calculated to be over $200 million.


The talented woman was born in the USA on October 10, 1974. As of September2023, Marjorie is 48 years old.

The lady was born to African-American parents and was raised by Doris Bridge. There is not much information about the father and any of the siblings.

Marjorie Bridges
Marjorie Bridges with steve

The fashion blogger went to the University of Memphis to attend a bachelor’s degree, whereas the schooling is unknown.

The woman’s accurate information is that she wasn’t particularly good at studies and a bit of a failure.

Astonishingly, her interest in fashion resulted in her being good at it, and currently, she is a fashion instructor in her personal blog. The fashion blog she works on is

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The blog is prominent in fashion, providing tips about fashion, how to look good as well as how to use the fashion for maximizing benefits properly.


One of the many reasons for Marjorie being famous is her husband and Steve Harvey.

Steve Harvey is a well-known comedian who has done shows all around the world with great positive responses and accolades.

The work of Steve is well seen in shows like family feud, and celebrity family Feuds as well.

Marjorie Bridges with steve at holiday
Marjorie Bridges with Steve at holiday

The couple got married on June 25, 2007. The twist and turns didn’t end there; Harvey went on his way to make the career and didn’t care about Marjorie.

The couple got united again, and their love fueled in 2005 when Steve got divorced from his ex-wife Lee Shackelford.

Now Steve openly admits that Majororie helped him know the importance of love in his life.


In the late 1990s, Marjorie married her first ex-husband, Jim Townsend.

Darnell Woods was her second husband. Moreover, Marjorie’s children Morgan, Jason, and Lori Harvey were subsequently adopted by Steve.

Even though, her second marriage history were not that good, Steve Harvey fell in love with the charming and attractive personality of Margarie. 

Drug Kingpin

Marjorie’s dark history is mostly defined by her marriage to convicted drug lord Jim Townsend. Marjorie was married to Townsend, a drug lord, back in the 1990s.

The couple allegedly conducted a narcotics operation together during their marriage.

The FBI and the DEA were soon alerted to the duo’s unlawful operations. Authorities eventually approached Townsend with proof of Marjorie’s participation in his narcotics network.

Townsend just emerged from obscurity with a candid memoir about their tumultuous marriage and run-ins with the law.

In 1992, Marjorie Harvey’s ex-husband was found guilty of attempting to purchase 40 kg of cocaine and was sentenced to life in prison.


Actually, the couples don’t have the kids on there, but they still parent seven kids. Marjorie was previously married and had 3 children Jason, Morgan, and Lori, and Steve has four children from an earlier marriage.

Harvey has three children; Broderick Harvey Jr, Karli, and Brandi Harvey from Marcia Harvey.

Likewise, he has a son from a second marriage named Wynton Harvey. 

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Identical to the parents, their children are also going well in love departments. Morgan is married to Dj Bruckup and have a child name and have a daughter named Ellie Hawthrone.

The second daughter Lori got married to dutch football player Memphis Depay in 2017, and the son being ditched to an American model name Amanda in 2013.

They together have a son named Noah and a daughter named Rose.


Was Marjorie’s second husband also a drug dealer?

According to reports, Marjorie’s second husband Darnell Woods was also a narcotics dealer. 

Was Marjorie Bridge prosecuted in the drug case with her first husband?

It was true that the officials found Majorie’s name in the drug case. However, Marjorie was never prosecuted for her alleged role in the narcotics network.

How did Steve Harvey and Majorie Bridge meet?

The start of the love between Steve Harvey and Majorie Bridge is an interesting one resulting in the meeting in a comedy club.

The comedian was giving his performance when he saw the lady and said “I don’t know who are you but I will marry you.”

Social Media Presence

The fashion blogger who gives tips about looking stylish without breaking the bank is Marjorie Bridges-Harvey. The lady is well popular among fans on social media as well.

Instagram – 2.6 million followers

Twitter – 10.5k followers

Facebook – (The lady Loves Couture) 77,863 followers

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