Marcelo Corazza Wikipedia

Marcelo Corazza Wikipedia: Despite being well-known, Marcelo Corazza does not have a biography there. Find out more about his life and family.

Big Brother is one of the most popular shows right now, with Marcelo Corazza as its winner in its opening season. Today, he was taken into custody for kidnapping youngsters 20 years after the incident.

The first season of Big Brother was a remarkable success: the high rating was complemented by the passion that the personal stories of its contestants generated in viewers.

Reality shows ruled prime time on television channels in the 2000s, and the first season of Big Brother was no exception.

His arrest on suspicion of corrupting kids put him back in the limelight and newspaper headlines today.

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Marcelo Corazza Wikipedia: How old is he?

 Marcelo Corazza is in his early 50s; he is 51 years old. He was made famous in 2001 after winning the first season of Big Brother.

He was born in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Tigre. He continued working on the successful Telefe reality show while pursuing his two other occupations as a rugby coach and physical education instructor.

According to what he claimed in several interviews, he twice signed up to be a part of the Robinson Expedition at the start of the new millennium.

Marcelo Corazza Wikipedia
Image of Marcelo Corazza (Source: Infobae)

After leaving, he tried his luck in the most renowned home in the nation, but he was first passed up for one of the 12 “little brothers” roles.

At the age of 29, Corazza was working as a rugby coach and physical education instructor.

He then chose to join up when he found out that the Dutch reality program would be coming to the nation as a franchise, even though he had no desire to become famous.

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Meet Marcelo Corazza Pareja And Hijos

No information is available regarding Marcelo Corazza’s relationships. The internet does not provide any information on his children.

Several people adored him, and he was their crush.

We can conclude from the limited information that he is not dating anyone.

We don’t know much about His previous relationships or any engagements that may have occurred. He doesn’t have any kids, according to our database.

After becoming well known as the first Big Brother winner, Marcelo Corazza fell prey to a Jorge Rial-organized hidden camera in which his sexual preference was revealed.

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Why was Marcelo corazza arrested?

In a case implicating him for abuse, corruption of minors, and human trafficking, Marcelo Corazza was detained.

Speaking on Nuestra Tarde (TN), Rodrigo Alegre corroborated this and clarified that three additional people are participating in the probe.

Marcelo Corazza Wikipedia
Marcelo Corazza was arrested for human trafficking (Source: Exitoina.perfil)

He said, “The City Police’s Human Trafficking Commission arrested him. He also mentioned the six raids in Oberá, Tigre, and General Rodriguez.

The inquiry lasted six months, and according to what is currently known, Corazza was a member of a group committed to human trafficking.

The inquiry found that this occurred between 1999 and now, with at least 11 victims throughout the provinces of Buenos Aires and Misiones and the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

Sources in the case described the group’s behavior in detail: “They claimed that while they were between the ages of 11 and 14, a person they could only recognize by their first name corrupted them.

This person only ever engaged in this conduct with male kids. Then, to profit financially, he prostituted them.

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