Manu Rios : Career, Girlfriend & Net Worth

There are lots of people around the globe with the good looks and reach to the social media world, but only some of them use both of them for the benefit in the long run.

Manu Rios is one of those social media personality who loves to flaunt his skill and looks.

Manu Rios does it all be it an actor, singer or whatnot. Everybody knows a lot about his good look, but there is more to know and understand on the personal life grounds. Stay with us so that we can provide it with all in detail.

Manu Rios net worth
Manu Rios

Lets first stat with some quick facts that help the search

Manu Rios: Quick Facts

Full Name Manu Rios Fernandez
Date of Birth 1998/12 /17
Nickname Manu Rios
Marital Status Married
Birthplace Spain
Ethnicity White
Age 23 years old
Profession Celebrity
Nationality Spanish
Height 5’10”
Eye colour Green
Hair colour Brown
Build Slim
Net Worth $500k
Online Presence Instagram, Twitter, Youtube
Last update August, 2022

Who Is Manu Rios?

Manu Rios Fernandez is a Spanish actor, singer and social media star. He is currently single, and there are prevalent rumours that he might be gay.

Age and Parents

Manu was born on 17th December 1998 in Spain. Manoli and Julian are the names of his parents.

Not only that he also has a brother named Josey who is older to him. But he is pretty close to all of them.

Manu holds Spanish nationality along with white ethnicity. He is 21 years old as of now.

The zodiac sign, however, falls under Sagittarius, suggesting the fact that he is self-centered and hardworking at the same time.

Body Measurements & Appearance

Manu has just gone past his teens, but the charm and elegance are still prevailing in the individual.

The smoky eyes, along with the vast lips, can attract any woman towards him. Moreover, he stands at a decent height of 5’10” with the bodyweight being 76 kgs.

Rios hits the gym most of the time to keep the fit body and also owns the killer physique healthy diet is an essential routine for the individual. With the tall height, the waist reads at 30, and the inseam is 31.

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Manu is blessed with the lean body type that facilitates the shoe size of 10.5 for sure. To complete the good looks though brown hair with the green eyes is pretty essential.

Besides measurements, his iconic look is clean shaved with a bit of stubble on the moustache area and a bit of curly spiked hair.

Early Days and Education

Manu was born in Spain and happily spent his childhood there with the family and siblings. Although the name of his parents is known the official duties performed by them is out of the eyes of the media.

He is pretty close to his brother and shares a good bond. It was his family who gave him ample support to pursue a career in the entertainment field, and today he is right up there.

In the case of educational background, though, the social media star is creating a silence.

He hardly shares about his education, but looking at his age, we feel he is still in high school although Manu is just into his showbiz career the man knows how to create a fine line without a doubt.


Manu might have had an ordinary childhood; there was a keen interest in the field of music and acting. Readers might be unaware, but the actor received the audition call at the age of 9 for Cantando en Familia, and there was no looking back.

Things started to happen for him pretty quick and well. Growing up Manu was part of Tu si queue Vales which is a national show which highlighted the dancing skill of the individual.

The talented individual reached the semi-finals of the show that provided him with colossal fame.

Moreover, the association with the dance show provided him with another role in musical show Cantame Como Paso in 2010.

Besides music, he also does some interactive content with his fans where he answers the most asked questions. He has even done one where he shared the story of his first kiss.

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Now and then the talented hunk surprises his fans. After the TV work came to the excellent theatre role for him in none other than Les Miserables which aired in Madrid.

To add up the achievements Rios was part of the band called Parchis in 2012.

When the opportunity comes your way, it knocks your door. Similarly, the band association provided him with another TV work called Don Pepito. Although the works for the individual were many, the fame was mainly limited in Spain.

To get the international audience, he chose the common platform Youtube in the year 2012. Most of the videos on his channel are the cover for famous songs that drags in lots of views without a doubt.

After doing everything possible, how can the handsome hunk overlook modelling? His tall height and seductive looks needed to find the right place.

If you are unaware off it, Rios has graced the fashion magazines like MMSCENE, Girlfriend, Vanity Teen, Mood and many more.

This might be surprising that at the age of 21, he has achieved so much, but surely Hollywood is the ultimate goal for the Spanish national. With every new change, readers will be made aware.

He even has a jewelry set of himself for the fans to buy. Manu has partnered with twojeys to bring the fans jewelry as merch.

Who Is Manu Rios Girlfriend?

The tall height, blushy cheeks, deep-set eyes and also the cheerful smile. Who would not want to hold the hand of such an individual?

Surely there might be lots of single hearts that are beating for the man.

Manu Rios girlfriend
Manu Rios is single

But his heart beats for none. The good news is that Manu is single and not involved with anyone. At times because he is only rumors floated that is gay.

The guy revealed that he wears lipstick to make his lips appear pink. We think that it directs towards him being gay.

But the dashing individual cleared it all out. Looking at the age, we feel that he is more into creating legacy rather than holding hands.

But one thing is sure that he is neither married nor engaged up until this point in time.

In 2019, Conan Gray released a single titled “The King” which was dedicated to the person who waited four years to tell him that he likes him too. Many fans suspect that the person is actually Manu Rios.

The suspicion is based on internet activity, their appearances together and rumors of them liking each other.

Similar case went down with Carly Gibert, she was also suspected by fans to be Manu’s girlfriend based on the videos they had put on the internet but it has been a while now and the rumors have died.

Manu Rios Net Worth: Income and Salary

Modelling, acting, singing, dancing you name it Manu will achieve it for sure. The good looking and alluring persona at the age of 21 have seen it all and done it through with lot to achieve.

Manu is an uprising prospect who sits at the net worth of $500k at the moment. Looking at the career graph, the earning is pretty commendable.

Recently, he also made a deal with the apparel company Bershka, for whom he wears and poses on Instagram. In his free time though Rios is one of those who likes to get lost in the music.

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Indie along with the artist like Rihanna, Adele, Bieber takes the top spot for the individual. Not only that he is a dog guy. The uprising model is a pet lover and owns a dog for himself.

With some much to know and love about the individual, his annual income and assets owned are purely out of anyone’s eye. Whatever it might be sure he is living a lavish life.

Internet Fame

Internet is a friend and an enemy at times, and well for Manu, it is the former. It was social media which helped him to multiply his fan following from the one he had prior the use of it. Readers can also be part of his followers family.

Instagram9.8m followers

Twitter702k followers

YouTube1.73m subscribers

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