Madelyn Cline New Boyfriend

Outer Banks fans want to know about Cline and Chase’s Breakup. Who is Madelyn Cline New Boyfriend, and did she get back together with Chase? Let’s seek answers. 

Did the leaked source provide evidence proving Chase cheated on her girlfriend, Madelyn? 

Outer Banks brought its first season starring two beautiful actors, Madelyn Cline and Chase Stokes. The Netflix show stirred up Drama around the two characters, and they ended up having an affair in real life.

Cline appeared in other series besides Outer Banks, including This Is the Night, Savannah Sunrise, and Boy Erased.

Her estranged boyfriend, Stroke, also appeared in many hit series, including The Beach House and Stranger Things. 

Some sources raised rumors that the Outer Banks star had an extra affair and cheated on his girlfriend and co-star. Cline.

However, the well-known Actor has denied the gossip about cheating on his partner. 

The explosive breakup of two co-stars turned the public’s eye and became a hot topic among youngsters.

Allegedly, Chase was spotted being intimate with a random girl, and people spread rumors that he might have had an affair during his relationship with Cline. But it is no rocket science that the co-stars had amazing chemistry on and off screen, which was loved by many. 

Is it true that Madelyn Cline started dating a new boyfriend? Needn’t worry; this article will update you on the matter as we unfold the truth.

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Meet Madelyn Cline New Boyfriend

Outer Banks star Madelyn Cline could be in a new relationship after her breakup with Chase Strokes in 2021. Chase and Clines were co-stars in the Netflix series Outer Banks. 

Madelyn Cline Former Boyfriend
Madelyn Cline with her Former Boyfriend Chase Strokes. (Source: Women Health)

Fans were hesitant after they didn’t see their favorite couple attending the 2021 Met Gala together. 

The gossip went too far, even stating that Stroke might have cheated on his co-star and ex-partner Cline. Allegedly, Strokes was spotted being intimate with an unknown girl.  

According to the rumors, Cline’s ex-boyfriend had an extra affair, and many believed the gossip to be true.

However, famous young actors have never confirmed the cheating rumors. The two never opposed the idea nor agreed to the gossip. 

Also, Cline has kept her lips shut regarding her dating life and new boyfriend. She might be dating other guys, probably Jackson Guthy, after splitting from her former love. But no such news regarding Cline’s dating life has been officially confirmed. 

Moreover, other rumors began floating about Val Bragg making out with Stokes.

Also, the Outer Banks co-stars revealed that their personal life was deeply affected by the constant disclosure of their rumored affairs.

The Netflix series stars requested media and their fans not further spread the subject. Respecting the stars’ interest, we would like to stay that way.

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Did Cline Get Back Together With Chase?

No Outer Banks stars Chase Stokes, and Maddie Cline are less likely to get back together.

Strokes and Cline met on the sets of the Netflix series Outer Banks in 2020. They began dating after a while. 

The fans loved the two’s on and off-screen chemistry. They officially announced their relationship in June 2020 to the public. Cline and Chase were seen posting each other’s snips on their social media platforms, mainly on their Instagram handle. 

Unfortunately, the two decided to part ways in April 2021, a few months away from their first anniversary. 

Madelyn Cline Boyfriend
Madelyn Cline and her former Boyfriend Strokes are less likely to get back together. (Source: YouTube)

It’s been nearly two years since the couple hasn’t posted about each other. They have most likely moved on and are concentrating on their professional career.

Agreeing that fans want to see their favorite stars fall in love and never break that bond, the harsh reality changes everything.

Though the fans want to see the two co-stars bonding again, the possibility is very less that Cline and Strokes are getting back together any time soon.

Cleverly, the Outer Banks stars made no mistake in replying about their previous relationship having no boundaries. Many of their fans thought Strokes and Cline’s enduring bond could become eternal and have aged as a fine wine. 

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