Luisa Espinoza Niños Video

Luisa Espinoza Niños video on Twitter has been widely spread. The controversial video marked her as an accused of child pornography.

Luisa Espinoza Niños is a model, influencer and content creator for the ‘Only Fans’ platform.

She made headlines among content providers at 28 due to photos in which she was featured as a model. She also advertised her OnlyFans account, where she published obscene material.

On February 28, 2023, the officers arrested Luisa Espinoza. Since December 20, 2022, she has allegedly been investigated for child pornography.

Espinoza Niños published a video where he asks youngsters wearing the institution’s clothing to touch their chests in exchange for candy.

The video received 40,000 views before being removed in response to complaints. On the internet, though, it had already gained popularity.

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Luisa Espinoza Niños Video Viral On Twitter

Several people want to learn more about the viral video of Luisa Espinoza Niños. 

After publishing a video where she allegedly “offered” candy to kids in December 2022, she had already come under Fire for child pornography.

After criticism, this video was removed from the website, although Espinoza still has additional clips with kids on his YouTube page, where he says the kids are his nephews.

Authorities in Guayaquil kept tabs on the woman, who was well-known on social media, after a video she posted went viral.

On Tuesday, February 28, the Police searched Luisa Espinoza’s residence and found over 10,000 films that contained child pornography.

Luisa Espinoza Niños Video
Several people want to learn more about the viral video Of Luisa Espinoza (Source: Laprensadecoahuila)

A model and influencer, Luisa, was arrested along with two other people early on February 28 as part of a massive anti-child pornography operation.

Espinoza possessed a cell phone with numerous pictures of kids and teenagers when she was arrested.

Jorge Borja, the national deputy director of the Police’s investigation against gender violence, claims that the influencer Espinoza used her social media accounts to catch children.

 In a press conference, Lieutenant Colonel Borja stated, “With a friendship request, the kids’ trust was earned, and then they were invited to participate.”

The other two parties engaged in the case recorded and edited the material.

Ten cell phones, two laptops, and two computers are among the evidence gathered. The operations occurred in the Los Vergeles area and the Urdesa sector, north of Guayaquil. The third raided home is in a Daule private citadel, however.

The official continued, “Many of the movies were shared with people from other countries.” As a result, U.S. agents will keep working together to determine the source and final destination of the pornographic material.

 Luisa Espinoza Niños Wikipedia And Biografia

Luisa Espinoza Niños is a well-known model and content creator for the ‘Only Fans’ platform.

She has 266k subscribers on her YouTube channel and 158k followers on Instagram. Her username on YouTube is @LuisaEspinoza.

Luisa Espinoza Niños Video
Luisa Espinoza Niños has 266k subscribers on her YouTube channel and 158k followers on Instagram (Source: LaRepublica)

A model and influencer, Luisa is the subject of the headlines in the Ecuadorian media. Espinoza was a member of a technocumbia ensemble and took part in a reality show on Ecuadorian television before becoming an influencer.

Yet her fame skyrocketed once she joined the “Only Fans” network, where she collaborated with other “influencers” like Felipe Crespo to create pornographic videos.

On television, the other parties were less well recognized, but they were on social media. This is the situation with “Yiiocompitaaa,” a user with thousands of Instagram and TikTok followers.

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