Molly Smith Tattoo

Since Molly’s arrival in the Love Island villa, there has been growing curiosity about her transformation, including tattoos, prompting comparisons between her current appearance and how she was initially.

Molly Smith is a 29-year-old Manchester model and reality TV star who gained fame on Love Island’s first winter edition in January 2020 as a Casa Amor bombshell.

Her initial stint led to a three-year relationship with Callum Jones, but they parted ways in 2023.

Returning to the Love Island All Stars villa in 2024, Molly faced drama confronting Georgia Steel for her flirtation with Tom Clare, Molly’s current partner.

The arrival of Casey O’Gorman added more tension as he aimed to steal Molly from Tom, his best mate.

Molly, with over 800,000 Instagram followers, shares her modeling ventures, fitness routines, and travels.

Despite the villa’s challenges, Molly Smith continues to captivate audiences with her presence and resilience in the Love Island spotlight.

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Molly Smith Tattoo: does she have any?

Molly Smith, indeed, has a tattoo. The renowned model and reality TV star has tattooed a rose on her rib.

Amidst her radiant personality and captivating presence, this tattoo is a subtle yet distinct element of self-expression.

The inked rose on Molly’s rib is the only visible tattoo. Therefore, the number of tattoos is unknown.

Tattoos often carry personal significance, and the TV star’s choice of a rose suggests a blend of beauty and symbolism.

Molly Smith Tattoo
Molly Smith’s rose tattoo. (Source: Instagram)

Roses commonly symbolize love and passion, adding an intriguing layer to Molly’s image.

Tattoos, as forms of body art, provide individuals with a means of self-expression and storytelling.

In Molly’s case, placing the rose on her ribcage may hold personal significance or reflect her aesthetic preference.

While Molly is known for her appearances on Love Island, the addition of body art adds another dimension to her public persona.

In the world of fame and reality TV, where personalities are closely scrutinized, Molly Smith’s choice of a single, visible tattoo speaks volumes about her style.

Molly Smith Before And After Photos

Comparing Molly Smith’s photos from before and after reveals notable transformations in her physique beyond the presence of a tattoo.

The blonde bombshell has changed her look several times, from having darker hair and thinner eyebrows in her old pictures to sporting fuller lips and lighter locks in her recent snaps.

Molly has also revealed that she has had cosmetic surgery, including a boob job and veneers, to boost her confidence and enhance her appearance.

Molly has never been shy about discussing her cosmetic procedures and has said she is happy with the results.

She has also clarified that she has not had any Botox or injections in her face, as she is too scared of needles.

The reality star has also shared her beauty secrets and tips, such as her skincare routine and makeup products, with her fans on social media.

Molly Smith Tattoo
Molly Smith’s before and after photo.

Molly’s transformation has not gone unnoticed by the public, who have praised her for being honest and open about her journey.

She has also received compliments from fellow Love Island stars, such as her boyfriend Callum Jones, who has gushed over her stunning looks.

Molly has also impressed the viewers with her personality and style as she returned to the villa for the All-Stars edition of the show.

Moreover, the influencer has proven that she is a beautiful face and a fun-loving and loyal friend.

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