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If you are a celebrity kid, then getting the limelight is common. But what’s more unusual is if you are the only child of the celebrity. Lola Lovell is the daughter of The Clueless movie artist Stacey Dash.

Not only an actress, but Stacey is also a talk show host. So we can say with ease that media touch up to Lola is a common thing. But there is more to her than just being the celebrity kid. Stay with us till the very end to know a lot in detail.


Lola Lovell net worth
Lola Lovell

Before directly running in, let’s have some quick facts that help the search

Lola Lovell: Quick Facts

Full Name Lola Lovell
Date of Birth 2003/05 /10
Nickname Lola
Marital Status Single
Birthplace USA
Ethnicity White
Age 16
Profession Celebrity kid
Nationality American
Parents Stacey Dash and Brian Lovell
Eye color Blue
Hair color Brown
Build Slim
Net Worth N/A


On May 10, 2003, a child named Lola Lovell was born in the USA. The name of her parents is Stacey Dash and Brian Lovell. She is the only child in the family, which suggests the fact that she is highly pampered.

Being born in the states, she holds the American nationality along with the white ethnicity. Her zodiac sign falls under Taurus.

Age and Body Measurements

Lola was born in 2003, which makes her 16 years old as of now. She stands at a proper height and has a pretty fair complexion skin, which suggests the fact that there is a mother’s DNA in her beautiful looks. For the height she stands at, the weight is also absolutely perfect. Being born a healthy child, most of her physical appearance looks good. But sadly, there is no information on Lola’s vital body statistics.

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Lola is born into a celebrity family, so her basic urgencies are fulfilled with great ease. Her cute smile, along with the shining pair of eyes, its distinctive features. To complete the physical outlook, bright blue eyes, along with brown hair, plays the lead role.

Early Life and Education

Lola was born in the states and spent most of her early childhood there with the family. Being born in a celebrity family, all of her needs were fulfilled with ease. At this point, she is into her teens, but when growing older, there will be the presence of freedom to choose a career for Lola.

In the case of educational background, though, nothing at all is revealed. Looking at her age, we feel this cutie pie is still in her schooling days. Stacey has done great work to keep all the educational information away from the media.

Lola Lovell Career

Lola is just 16 years old, which suggests the fact that she hardly has a career at this point. Her primal focus at this point surely studies thoroughly and have good grades. When she grows up surely, she will have a career of choice.

In the case of her mother’s career, though, she is a well-known artist. Her debut came in 1987 with Enemy Territory. After the debut work started to flow for her, some of the great works till this point remain Personals, The Painting, All Falls, Ride or Die, and the all famous Clueless.

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Lola is born into a pretty talented family that has done decent work in the industry. Although her fame is more known through her mother, the day is not far when she will have a name for herself.

Lola Lovell Boyfriend

Lola is pretty small to be in any relationship. Readers might say that there are kids in their 16’s who are already heartbroken. But Dash has done pretty well to keep her daughter out of all this. Lola is more enjoying her life currently rather than worrying about being in a relationship.

Lola Lovell mother
Lola Lovell with her mother, Stacey Dash

Her parents, however, started dating in 1999 January. After dating for some months, they walked down the aisle on 16th July 1999. Everything was going fine between the two, but with time, they separated in 2006.

After separating from Brian, Stacey married more than thrice with other men only to be single at this point. From all of her, she only owns two children, a son Christopher and a daughter Lola. At this point, she is living a happy life with her kids.

Lola Lovell Net Worth

Lola is in full flow to pursue her high school studies and not focusing on anything. This suggests the fact that’s she hardly owns any net worth. With age, surely, this cute teen will make significant strides in the economic dimension.

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On the other hand, her mother is a pretty well-known celebrity who makes good bucks. As of now, she owns the worth of $100k. Whatever might be the case, Lola is undoubtedly living a lavish lifestyle with her mother and half brother.

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