The ratio of getting famous from the relationship people be in is increasing each passing day. Lior Bitton is hitting the media with sudden fame. It is mainly due to his relationship with Jenna Jameson.

For all the readers who might not be sure about Lior, they will somewhat know well about Jenna. She is an adult star who is famous for her work. But here we will talk about her partner.

Lior Bitton height
Lior Bitton

First of all, some quick facts will help the digging in

Lior Bitton: Quick Facts

Born Name Lior Bitton
Birth Place Israel
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Children 1
Nationality Israeli
Ethnicity Mixed
Profession Businessman
Net Worth $1 Million
Height 6 ft
Spouse Jenna Jameson
Net Worth $3 million


Lior Bitton rose to fame after marrying Jenna, and most of his information is not known to the general media. We can say that Lior was born in Israel, but the accurate birth date and other data are not available. The name of his parents is also not known to the general media. Hardly anything is shared about the siblings too.

Bitton was born in Israel, so he holds Israeli nationality and also belongs to mixed ethnicity.

Age and Body Measurements

Lior was born in Israel, but the date of the birth is not precisely known. By the overall outlook, we think that he is somewhere around the late ’30s and doing well with his age. The height of Bitton might be somewhere around 6fts, and his weight similar to his height, but nothing accurate is known. The vital body statistics are also kept in the dark.

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As we came close to knowing nothing about Lior’s measurements, we feel that it is due to his sudden fame, nothing is being displayed at this point. But his shining brown eyes and decent brown hair makes him look a pretty decent individual.

Early Life and Education

Bitton was born in Herzliya and spent most of the childhood there. Even though there is no information on his personal life, but we can say that he had a decent childhood. Lior is a pretty good businessman, so we feel he took up the family business.

For Lior’s educational background, there is hardly anything to mention. It is because he has done a great job to keep it under the rug. The institute for schooling or also the graduation is almost to unknown from any media.

Lior Bitton Career

Lior Bitton rose to fame overnight when the news flew that he was marrying Jenna, but there is more to himself rather than his reputation that’s due to his wife. This entrepreneur’s career, however, moves a considerable distance from place of highs to low.

Before entering into the business world, the man himself served in the military, which is a compulsion according to Israeli law. After serving in the military for at least two years and doing well, he returned.

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After returning from the Israel Defence Force, the talented businessman entered the US and started his own business off jewelry, precisely in California. It was named Pacific Diamonds and Gems Store, and it has been pretty successful with some bumps in the way.

Once on the insurance fraud case, Bitton was held in custody and also paid the bail of $100,000 and got freed. This was one of the shameful incidents of his career to date.

Lior Bitton Wife

Loir might be one of the best businessmen in the state, but a massive cause of his fame is his wife. Jenna Jameson is the lucky girl who has held the hand of the diamond man. Both of them met way back in 2015 and immediately started dating.

Lior Bitton girlfriend
Lior Bitton and Jenna Jameson

There is hardly any instance that they don’t share their image on social media handles. Some of the sources suggest that both the lovebirds got engaged in 2015 and shared a daughter Batel Lu.

Jenna and Bitton are already married earlier and share children from their past relationships. Their children include Jesse Jameson Ortiz, Journey Jette Ortiz, Tito Ortiz, etc.

As of now, there is no news of their marriage, and they are happy with where their relationship stands. Some of the reliable sources suggest the fact that they are planning to appear in a show and get married in the same show.

Net Worth

Lior is himself one of the wealthier businessmen who has made a living out of selling diamonds. His hard work has helped him to garner the right amount and also a pretty good life. His net worth as of 2019 accounts to $3 million.

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All of this is the result of the contribution and success of the jewelry business. But we hardly have anything about the annual income and assets owned. But as soon as something of truth comes up, we will let our readers know.

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