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“Is Lauren Boebert Jewish Or Christian?” Many are curious about Lauren Boebert Religion and want to learn about her ethnicity and family. 

Lauren Boebert is an American politician, gun rights activist, and businesswoman. 

She is currently serving as the US representative for Colorado’s 3rd congressional district.

Boebert is co-chair of the Congressional Second Amendment Caucus and acts on the Oversight and Natural Resources Committees.

She is a Republican and is well-recognized for her support of gun rights.

Despite her denial of the label, she is frequently referred to as a far-right supporter of former President Donald Trump.

Lauren is opposed to non-heterosexual marriage, sex education, COVID-19 mask and vaccine mandates, abortion, and sex-reassignment surgery for minors.

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Lauren Boebert Religion: Does She Follow Christian Or Jewish Faith?

Lauren Boebert is a follower of the Christian faith. In fact, in 2009, she became a born-again Christian.

The expression “born again” alludes to a “spiritual rebirth” or a regeneration of the human spirit, especially in evangelicalism.

Congresswoman is actively involved in her church.

She has also claimed that she became a believer while visiting a church in Glenwood Springs.

Boebert has volunteered for years to help at-risk women in the local jail reintegrate into society and contribute to their communities.

Lauren Speaking In A Mass
Lauren Speaking In A Mass (Source: PBS)

She advocates for Christian nationalism’s values. She stated before a church gathering in June 2022 that the church should guide the government.

Lauren added that she is also sick of this nonsense about the separation of church and state, which goes against the Constitution.

According to Lauren’s office, she was not endorsing a Christian theocracy.

However, experts have raised concerns that her comment violates the Constitution’s Establishment Clause.

Furthermore, she supports a nationalist foreign policy but favors deeper connections with Israel due to her religious convictions.

Lauren Boebert’s Family, Ethnicity, And Origin Explored

On December 19, 1986, Boebert Lauren was born in Altamonte Springs, Florida.

Her mother’s name is Shawn Bentz, but the details about her father are unknown. 

She is of white ethnicity, and when Lauren was 12 years old, her family relocated to Denver’s Montbello area.

They then made their way to Aurora, Colorado, and then traveled to Rifle, Colorado, in 2003.

Boebert says her family depended on welfare when she was a child.

In 2004, she had a kid during her senior year of high school, and she dropped out.

A month before her first primary election, Lauren received her GED. Boebert grew up in a liberal neighborhood in a Democratic family. 

Lauren With Her Family
Lauren With Her Family (Source: Lauren Boebert)

At the age of 19, Boebert registered to vote as a Democrat in 2006; in 2008, she switched to being a Republican. 

Boebert accepted a position as an assistant manager at a McDonald’s after graduating high school.

In 2007, she married Jayson Boebert, a natural gas drilling foreman. 

She began working as a filing clerk for a natural gas drilling business after getting married.

Later, she joined a team that constructs and maintains pipes and pumping stations as a pipeliner.

The couple has four children; all of them are sons. They live together in Silt, Colorado.

What Is Lauren Boebert Net Worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Rep. Lauren Boebert has an estimated net worth of $400K.

She receives a yearly salary of $174,000 as a representative in the US House of Representatives.

Her husband recently made nearly $500,000 a year as a consultant, bringing their combined net worth to that amount.

The couple has less than $15,000 in a primary checking account and almost the same amount in retirement and investment accounts.

Other reported assets include capital gains from an investment known as Crypto Money Movement COIN, which is only worth around $15,000.

Furthermore, the former restaurant owned by her is valued at less than $15,000.

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