The adrenaline rush that a thrilling activity provides is something to get indulged in and enjoy. One of those things happens to be a car race. Interestingly, a TV show called Street Outlaws provides the same feeling for people who cannot enjoy it live. Amidst all the stars, one name Kye Kelley is a famous face.

Most of the audience admire his charm and ease with how he does his job.

In addition to it, the spectators are also well into his professional’s life, but this article allows a detailed study of it behind the camera life. So stay tuned to get more information on him right this minute.

kye kelley wiki-bio
TV Actor Kye Kelley

Before getting directly into who Kye Kelly is, let take a sneak peek at some facts.

Kye Kelley: Quick Facts

Name Kyle Kelly
Date of birth May 18, 1985
Age 34 years
Birthplace Mississippi, America
Ethnicity White
Height Not Specified
Weight Not Specified
Profession Car Racer
Married Divorced( Alisa Mote)
Nationality American
Father’s name Kyle Kelly I
Mother’s name Tammy Kelly
Birth sign Not Specified
Measurement Not Disclosed
Net Worth $150,000
Children Kenadeigh Alexa Kelley and Haleigh

Kye Kelley Wiki And Bio

Kyle Kelley III, known by his stage name Kye Kelly was born on May 18, 1985, in Magnolia, Mississippi, America, to Kyle Kelley I and mother Tammy Kelley. The race freak is 34 years old as of now.

Also, the self-made TV star, Kelley, belongs to American nationality.

Kye Kelley Early Life And Education

The passionate car racer grew up in the countryside with his family. Like most of the countryside kids, Kelley had considerable freedom to go to farms and hunt. The man is a confident engineer in cars.

Likewise, the man began schooling at South Pike Senior High School in Magnolia. When not in school, the racer worked odd jobs to earn money and dreamt of becoming a racer. In 2003 the star graduated from Pike School and got a scholarship afterward.

Conversely, due to a lack of money for fees, he left the study and started working in an oil refinery. Kelley’s father went away rather than taking in the responsibilities, making him fend for himself at an early age.

Following the incident, the racer was raised by his mother alone, and without a doubt, Kelley is a momma boy.

When in school, the little Kye did jobs like cow milking and groceries, whatever helped his hardworking mother.

Kye Kelley Career And Fame

The man’s success is termed by how hard works are performed and how dedicated the person is. The best habit of Kye was that he used to commit full concentration to what tasks were assigned to him.

The boy started as a fire watcher and became superintendent having 250 members below him. In 2015 the man left the job after 12 years to start something of his own.

Kye kelley biography
Kye Kelley with his new race car

Not to forget his partner Greg Champagne with whom he started a performance shop down south performance in McComb, Mississippi.

If something great happens in life, then it finds it’s own way. The same thing happened for Kye. The man started racing at the age of 14 without a license.

The first car he ran was Chevy II Nova. The name of the guy came ahead when the young man beat every big name in New Orleans in the street race of Da Pad.

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As a result of growing success, Kye won the race against big names like Big chief, Doc, and Bobby Treadwell.

After beating the big chief shearer, the man caught big bucks and big eyes as well. The man got to feature in ‘Street Outlaws’ that featured on June 10, 2013, that changed his life.

Kye Kelley Racing: Pride of Street Outlaws

Kye Kelley made it big in the entertainment industry, even though he never intended to be one. However, it was his passion for riding cars that led him to such unexpected ventures.

Just like many, Kye caught the passion for striving for something greater and, in his case, something faster. To him being like everybody else, not an option and thing he disliked to the core.

Kelley emphasized,

“My biggest fear is being average- I don’t want to be like somebody else, I want to be better.”

To this, he continued how he did not want to be the 50-year-old fire watcher. In fact, Kye wanted to be the superintendent and to be on top, unlike others.

On the plus side, Kye is the pride of the show ‘Street Outlaws,’ as we all know. Since his appearance in the first season, Kye’s fame has reached the found height.

The presentation and Kelley, who had the zeal and passion for riding, were a perfect match for each other.

Despite the difficulty in transportation and the problem faced due to lack of financial support, the racer has continued doing his best.

Family And Siblings

The big race guy was born in Mississippi and had a sibling named Lacey Howel, and he loves to have a good time with the family. The man is seen posting photos of grandmother asking his fans to pray well.

Kye Kelley First Wife And Divorce

By now, we know that Kye Kelley is a famous racer by profession. The man met his ex-wife when he went on to purchase “The Schoker.” Talking about his ex-wife Alisa Mote, she is a nurse by profession.

kelley ex-wife
Kye Kelley ex-wife Alisa Mote

After being in a relationship for some time, the couple got engaged on May 21, 2014, and got married in August 2015. Following that, the couple gave birth to Kenadeigh Alexa Kelley on March 25, 2016.

Sadly, their relationship could not stay strong as time passed by. As the years grew, the two also started growing apart. As a result, the two got divorced in 2017 after being together for two whole years.

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Earlier in this marriage, the guy had a daughter named Haleigh from a woman named Sarah. The birth of the child was on August 9, 2010.

Correspondingly the exact relationship with Sarah is not known apart from the daughter they had together.

What is Kye Kelly Doing After Divorce? Is He Dating Anyone?

Well, like most people tend to move forward after divorce, the now-single Kye also did the same. Recently the guy is in a relationship with Lizzy Musi.

Similarly, the two have been dating since the year 2017. Identically the girl is also a drag car racer and going on relationship track with Kye.

Kye kelley bio
Lizzy Mussi with Kye Kelley 

Conversely, Alisa is not in any relationship and loves to live low. The lady has been far from the media and taking care of her kids. Hence, her recent activity is entirely dull and nowhere to be found.

What is Kye Kelly Net Worth?- Shop

Kye Kelley is a Street Outlaws star. In light of racing, the man has made good money from the show and his racing DNA.

According to online sources, the guy’s net worth is estimated at around $500,000. The annual salary is termed approximately $150,000. 

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The man’s net worth is estimated to increase due to the popularity and work ethics the man owns in his armory. Not to mention, Kelley is also a proud owner of a new performance shop in his hometown of McComb, Mississippi.

From working in an oilfield to owning his performance shop, Kye had come a long way, to be honest.

Kye Kelly Social Media Presence

The racer is quite into social media. Additionally, his racing, family situation, and love affairs are mostly on social media.

Instagram 115k Followers

Facebook 264k Followers

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