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Dear Lord, Thank You For Racing”Kye Kelley. Kye is one of the bigger names in street racing in the USA. He has loved racing from a very early period in his life. For a man like Kye, he likes the thrill of going fast more than any other thing. He himself has said that there are three types of speed. They are fast, very fast, and oh! Shit.

His talent has been shown on the Discovery Channel’s reality show “Street Outlaws.” When it comes to racing, he is a force to be reckoned with. In this article, we will be exploring his career, personal life, and net worth. So, keep on reading the article until the end.

Kye kelley is 32 years old
Kye Kelley

Kye Kelley Wiki-Bio

Born on May 19, 1987, in Mississippi, Key Kelley is one of the big street racing names. He was born in a tiny town. He completed high school with a partial scholarship. However, he dropped out of college.

Kye Kelley: Personal Life

Many people might not know about his married life as it didn’t last very long. He married Alisa Mote in 2015 and had a child soon. Her name is Kenadeigh Alexa Kelley. Due to some conflicts, they soon got separated and later divorced in 2017.

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After her divorce, Alisa left all memories of her ex-husband with her. She didn’t come in front of the media at all and did not get much involved in social media too. She likes to keep her private left secret. So, we cannot confirm if she is in a relationship or not. However, she seems to be doing alright. She doesn’t feel alone as her daughter gives her company.

Who is Key Kelley dating now?

Alisa Mote is happy with her daughter. Although there is no information regarding whether she is dating someone or not, the same cannot be said for his ex-husband Kye Kelley. He has already started dating someone. His new girlfriend is Lizzy Musi.

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The rumor of their relationship together was confirmed by her on her Facebook. It happened soon, which left many fans of Kye in a confused state.  Lizzy also likes to race and never misses the opportunity to race. It looks like Kye has found someone involved in a similar field as his. Lizzy is the daughter of famous engine builder Pat Musi.

Key Kelley girlfriend
Key Kelley and his girlfriend, Lizzy Musi

There was a rumor that the split between Kye and Alisa happened due to Kye’s affair with Lizzy. But, it has not been confirmed. Neither of them has said anything about it. When everything seemed going perfectly, Kye and Lizzy also started experiencing problems in their relationships. They couldn’t solve it and got separated in April 2017.

Key Kelley: Career

From a very young age, he got interested in street racing and cars. He felt that was his destiny at the age of fourteen. So, he dropped out of college and started working in the oil fields. He began his racing career with dirt bikes. Every time he raced, he liked it more and more.

Kye Kelley was interested in racing from an early age of 14. He started getting faster every time he raced. As of 2019, he is 32 years old.

So, he started going faster and faster. He switched from bikes to cars. When you possess talent, it doesn’t take much time to gain popularity. He gained popularity after his first race in Street Out in 2014. Although he lost the race, everyone was impressed by his brilliant performance.

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The OKC guys again invited him to another race against Daddy Dave. Previously, he had lost to him, but this time he won the race. This was just a beginning. After that, he started winning every race he participated in in places like Texas, New Orleans, Oklahoma, etc.
One of the most impressive feats was when he faced 14-time world champion racer Mike Murillo, in 2015 and won the race with a massive advantage. This event caused a huge controversy all over the Internet. However, it was proved that he had started the race a little early. Later, he also admitted his mistake.

Net Worth and Income

Kye Kelley’s estimated net worth is $500 thousand. Much of that is influenced by his career in Street Outlaws. His salary on the show is estimated to be $150 thousand. It is not confirmed. In 2015, he earned a $16 thousand cash prize in a car race.

Racing for most of his career and appearing on “Street Outlaws”, he has a net worth of $500 thousands.

Furthermore, he has won many other car races winning $16,000 in some and $6000 in others. Due to these, he has an impressive amount of net worth. He certainly gives big names like “Big Chief” a challenge. For driving, he drives a Chevrolet Camaro worth around $27 thousand. Besides that, he is the owner of a performance shop in Mississippi.

Social Media Presence

Kye loves posting pictures of his car and him on Instagram. He is active on Twitter as well as Facebook. If you want to follow him, you can click the links provided below.

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