Kristine Cornelie M. Hartgen

Movie Narvik has been hyped up so much that people search for its cast like Kristine Cornelie M. Hartgen. 

In the two tumultuous months of spring 1940, when more than 25,000 Norwegians and Allied soldiers battled alongside one another against the Germans, the feature film “Narvik” seeks to depict both the military and the civilian side.

Storyline and Filmmaking at Nordisk Neither are the production’s key financiers.

Aage Aaberge, one of Norway’s most accomplished feature film producers, is best known for the blockbusters Kon-Tiki and Den 12.

The film’s director, Erik Skjoldbjaerg, is recognized for his work on Insomnia, NOKAS, Pyromanen, and the TV show Occupied.

According to producer Aage Aaberge, a little-known wartime chapter from the north of Norway will finally receive the format it merits and, one can only hope, a position in the general public’s mind.

The movie has a 63.2 million NOK budget, and the Norwegian Film Institute has contributed 15 million to its success.

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Who Is Kristine Cornelie M. Hartgen? Age Explored 

Kristine Cornelie M. Hartgen, famously known as Kristine Hartgen, is a Norwegian actress. She was born on 30 October 1989 in Tromso, which makes her 34 years old. 

From Teaterhgskolen KhiO, Kristine Hartgen received her diploma in 2017.

She appeared in both the award-winning group Antiteateret’s production of Snork and the feature film Den 12 mann directed by Harald Zwart in the same year. 

Kristine Cornelie M. Hartgen
Kristine Cornelie M. Hartgen With The Cast Of Narvik (Source: Instagram)

She has a connection to the Hlogaland theater as of 2018. She has acted in The Invisibles, Cycling in a Snowstorm, and The Boy Who Became an Insect in this location. 

As a vocalist for the electronic musician Burning God Little, Kristine Cornelie M. Hartgen is also interested in music. Kristine will play a vital role in the significant project Peer Gynt in the fall of 2019.

Information about her friends and family is kept in confidence. She adopted a dog that she likes, as was mentioned.

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Kristine Cornelie M. Hartgen Husband: Is She Married? 

Kristine Cornelie M. Hartgen has yet to be married. However, she is in a romantic relationship with her partner Feliks Ulvåen Isaksen.

She shares his pictures often as they are deeply in love. 

Looking into their social media, Feliks shared Kristine’s picture on his Instagram on 28 March 2021, where he captions, “🧡 Norway’s most beautiful woman in Norway’s prettiest city.” 

Kristine Cornelie M. Hartgen
Kristine Cornelie M. Hartgen Boyfriend Showing His Love At The Premier Of Her Movie (Source: Instagram)

Feliks Ilvaen Isaksen is an architect, according to his Instagram post. He must be very fond of photography, as various photographs can be found on his Instagram profile. 

Kristine Cornelie M. Hartgen is skilled in singing, dancing, driving, biking, swimming, and gymnastics, in addition to acting and modeling. Apart from singing, she enjoys writing.

She is also skilled in basketball, martial arts, freestyle dancing, and basketball. She enjoys hanging out and bopping with her family and friends during her free time.

Kristine Cornelie M. Hartgen Net Worth Explored 

There needs to be an official net worth revealed about Kristine Cornelie M. Hartgen. However, online portals claim Hartgen’s net worth to be around $2 million. 

Kristine is a well-known and successful Norwegian actress. She is a model who has worked for businesses and has been highlighted in magazines.

Hartgen played a character in the 2017 film The Twelfth Man and appeared in season two of the HBO series Beforeigners (2021).

She played the female lead in the World War II movie Narvik: Hitler’s First Defeat (2022).

Kristine’s most recent appearance was as Ingrid Tofte in the 2023 film “Narvik: Hitler’s First Defeat” (original title: The Battle of Narvik – Hitler’s First Defeat).

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