Kobe Bryant

The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great at whatever they want to do. Well, Kobe Bryant is a legend of basketball, and the great man has left the world in tears. Kobe Bryant dies in a plane crash along with his daughter Gianna a helicopter crash on Sunday.

Kobe Bryant daughter
Bryant and Gianna

Kobe Bryant dies in a helicopter crash, and the news will be circulating officially at 8 p.m. Pacific in a conference, according to LA County Sheriff. Other than the basketball star, nine other people suffered the crash.

The Know-How of the Crash

Kobe Bryant, who is a retired Lakers star, lost his life with his daughter on Sunday in Calabasas, Calif. It was a tragic event where the pilot was also the dead ones. This news circulated through the LA sheriff Alex Villanueva.

Kobe bryant dies
The place of the Crash Source: The New York Times

It was pretty tricky to access the site immediately as a search team had to hike through the area. The LA County fire chief Daryl Osby added that there is no exact reason for the death, or rather it might be due to overloading.

Who are the Other Deads

Well, it was a piece of the heartbreaking news that hit the sports fan on Sunday. To this point, the authorities confirm the death of 9 people. Kobe and her daughter Gianna, John Altobelli, who is a baseball coach, Keri, the wife of John, Alyssa, their daughter. Pilot and others.

Condolence from the American Presidents

It was a tragic event that the death of such a big player left the world in mourn.

Donald Trump took the onus on himself and stated that Bryant was just getting started in his life, and he loved his family a lot. The loss of his beautiful daughter Gianna makes this moment even more devastating.

One of the avid basketball fans Barack Obama was profoundly affected by this sad event. The great man tweeted, ” a legend on the court and just getting started in what would have been only as meaningful a second act.


Added to that, the man adds, “is even more heartbreaking to us as parents.”

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To round up the president tweets though Bill Clinton said: ” brought excitement and joy to basketball fans not just in LA, but all over the US and around the world.” Clinton adds, ” lived an extensive life in a concise time.”

Fans Mourn Big

According to sources, Kobe was going for a training session, but the sad news stroke the fan. To show their remorse, there were lots of condolences flowing around.


Kobe bRyant fans
Fans Mourn after the death of Bryant Source: LA Times.

After the crash, 200 people created huddles at the foot of the hill closest to the crash and showed their remorse to the legend. It was a heartbreaking gesture. Added to that, lots of people confirmed their grief.

What Makes Kobe The Best

Well, one of the legends of basketball Kobe Bryant lost his life along with his daughter, and this left the world in shock. To round up his skill set and fame, some of the highlights of his career can be listed below

  • Two-Time Olympic Gold Medalist
  • The debut in 1996 as the younger NBA player in the history
  • 18-Time All-Star
  • The Fourth Leading Scorer in NBA history
  • 20 Seasons of NBA all with his second home Lakers.

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