Kitty Duterte

“Kitty Duterte tattoo” is a trending topic among netizens. Her recent portrayal showcasing her fabulous tattooed body has left many in awe. 

Veronica Kitty Duterte is the daughter of the former President of the Phillippines, Rodrigo Duterte.

She became famous as the President’s daughter and has since leveraged fame into her career as a model and influencer. 

Internet users have been shocked by her new looks. She has stunned the nation with her change since she gained media attention.

This article discusses her new looks, tattoos, and surgery rumor. 

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Kitty Duterte Chest Tattoo Meaning And Design: Surgery And Transformation Update

Kitty Duterte’s physical makeover, which has drawn praise and a range of responses from online users, has made her a trending name.

She attended “The Mindanao Basket” on Monday, January 30, 2023, and astonished everyone with her new looks.

Kitty’s gorgeous body and feminine appearance made her practically impossible to recognize.

Since she grew in the eyes of the media, her transformation has shocked the world.

She has a huge tattoo of a rose right on the center of her chest. In addition, she also has a tattoo on her collarbone. 

Kitty With A Big Rose Tattoo On Her Chest
Kitty With A Big Rose Tattoo On Her Chest (Source: Facebook)

As to the tattoo’s meaning, she has yet to reveal any information related to the interpretation. 

Her family seems to have a tradition of getting tattoos. Her father and other members of the family also are tatted. 

Kitty was previously spotted wearing braces, but they have since been removed, which has complimented her looks.

Even with all the changes, she does not appear to have undergone any plastic surgery.

It is her natural beauty that has been highlighted recently.

Maybe she has utilized cosmetics on her face, which is common among girls of her age. But, other than that, there seem to be no traces of surgery.

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Kitty Duterte Personal Life

Kitty Duterte was born in the Commonwealth of the Philippines on April 10, 2004.

She is the only child of Duterte and Honeylet Avancea, but she has three step-siblings, Sara Duterte, Paolo Duterte, and Sebastian Z. Duterte.

Her mother is a businesswoman, and her parents have been married since 1996.

Duterte was initially introduced to the world when she was 12 years old, during the 2016 inauguration of her father. 

Hence, she was shot into the spotlight at a young age. 

On April 10, 2022, she reached the age of 18 and had a huge birthday celebration party.

The Dusit Thani Hotel in Davao City hosted a lavish and colorful party.

Kitty And Her Parents In Her 18th Birthday
Kitty And Her Parents On Her 18th Birthday (Source:

Mak Tumang, a Filipino fashion designer, tailored Veronica’s dress specifically for her.

The dress is similar to Catriona Gray’s famous “Lava Gown,” which she wore to be named Miss Universe 2018 in Thailand.

Kitty dancing with the former President was one of the party’s highlights.

To the tune of Steven Curtis Chapman’s “I’ll Take Care Of You,” the father and daughter duo shared the special moment.

The viral lady is famous on Instagram and TitTok; she posts pictures and videos of her lifestyle and close ones. 

She has already made a significant impact on the internet despite being only 18 years old. Fame will only increase as she grows older.

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