Kentucky Ballistics Accident

People are eager to know more about Kentucky Ballistics Accident: What Happened To YouTuber?

Scott DeShields Jr., also known as Kentucky Ballistics, a YouTuber and gun enthusiast with a large following, encountered a significant mishap while conducting a standard testing exercise for a Serbu RN-50 rifle.

The firearm experienced a technical issue and detonated while being recorded, causing severe harm to Scott DeShields Jr. Kentucky experienced a punctured lung, an opening in their neck, fractured bones, and additional bodily harm.

Nonetheless, his existence was preserved due to prompt intervention by his Father, Scott DeShields Sr., who expeditiously transported him to the emergency department. This article will present the latest information on Scott DeShields Jr.’s well-being and recuperation while underscoring the significance of gun safety.

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Kentucky Ballistics Accident: What Happened To The YouTuber?

Kentucky Ballistics, a well-known channel on YouTube recognized for its gun and ammunition testing, underwent an unfortunate incident involving Scott DeShields Jr., a fellow YouTuber.

During a standard assessment exercise for a Serbu RN-50 firearm on April 9, a weapon experienced a malfunction, resulting in an explosion that inflicted significant harm upon Scott DeShields Jr.

The event severely harmed his well-being, involving a fragment of debris measuring one inch that penetrated his cervical region, causing damage to his jugular vein and piercing his right lung. Kentucky experienced fractures in their orbital bone, nose, and ribs, in addition to a snapped index finger.

Kentucky Ballistics Accident
Kentucky Ballistics’ YouTuber Scott DeShields Jr. survived a gun explosion, recovering from injuries with gratitude and a renewed focus on firearm safety. (Source: Ballisticmag)

Following the incident, Scott DeShields Jr. required immediate medical attention and was promptly transported to an emergency medical facility. Scott DeShields Sr. applied pressure to a wound on DeShields Jr.’s neck, a critical factor in his survival.

Scott DeShields Jr. has received medical treatment and has been sharing updates with his supporters regarding his recovery. Despite the event’s gravity, Scott DeShields Jr. is anticipated to recuperate fully, and he conveyed appreciation for surviving the occurrence.

Kentucky anticipates resuming its routine with a refreshed outlook. The occurrence acts as a prompt of the plausible hazards of firearms and the significance of appropriate gun safety measures consistently.

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How is Kentucky Ballistics Health Now? Injury Details

Per the most recent update, Scott DeShields Jr., also known as Kentucky Ballistics, recuperates following an incident involving a firearm malfunction. While conducting a standard test for a Serbu RN-50 rifle, the firearm experienced an explosion that was captured on camera.

This incident resulted in severe harm to Scott DeShields Jr. The event caused a small metal fragment to penetrate his neck, injuring his jugular vein, lung, and orbital bone, while also leading to blindness in his right eye. Furthermore, his digitus secundus was broken, and his costume was cracked.

Kentucky Ballistics Accident
Kentucky Ballistics’ Scott DeShields Jr., recovering well from firearm malfunction incident, emphasizes firearm safety in updates. (Source: Instagram)

Thankfully, the individual who recorded the footage, Scott DeShields Sr., promptly responded by transporting his child to the hospital. Medical attention was provided, and the bleeding was halted by applying pressure to the wound on the neck.

In a subsequent update video, Scott DeShields Jr. reported rapid healing progress, and he anticipates a complete recuperation. Structural damage to the eye is absent, the lung is operating optimally, and the jugular vein has been successfully mended without any issues.

Ballistics conveyed enthusiasm towards resuming life as “Scott 2.0,” implying a favorable perspective on their well-being and forthcoming.

In light of the occurrence, Scott DeShields Jr. maintains a positive outlook and expresses appreciation for the backing received from his supporters and the firearms industry.

Kentucky Ballistics consistently provides health and recuperation progress via its YouTube and social media platforms while underscoring the significance of firearm safety and responsible gun possession in its material.

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