Journalism can be robust for many, but some tend to enjoy it and also excel with time. Kelsey Wingert is an uprising reporter who has been associated with Fox Sports South.

She has been part of the journalism world for an extended period and has enormous admiration. But there is more. To her, that is not known and hidden under the radar. Be with us as we open all the hidden bars.

Kelsey Wingert net worth
Kelsey Wingert

Lets first with some quick facts that help the search

Kelsey Wingert: Quick Facts

Full Name Kelsey Wingert
Date of Birth 1992/06 /20
Nickname Kelsey
Marital Status Engaged
Birthplace Texas, USA
Ethnicity White
Age 28
Profession Journalist
Nationality American
Height 5’4″
Eye color Brown
Hair color Blonde
Build Slim
Net Worth $500k
Online Presence Instagram, Twitter

Who Is Kelsey Wingert?

Kelsey Wingert is an American journalist who is associated with Fox sports and highly covers the NBA. She is engaged at this point and focused on her career.

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Age and Parents

Kelsey was born on 20th June 1992 in Texas. The name of her parents is Greg Wingert and Betsy Wingert. But interestingly, the name of the sibling is far from the eyes of the media.

Wingert is 28 years old as of now. She holds the American nationality along with the white ethnicity. As per the June born, the zodiac sign falls under Gemini, suggesting that she is talkative and understandable at the same time. Looking at the career held surely, the traits match the reporter.

Body Measurements: Height and Weight

Kelsey is just into her late 20’s so the beauty and grace are absolutely on the rise. Wingert stands at 5’4,” but the weight is not known to anyone. Looking at the reporting images of the diva, we feel her weight is around the ’60s.

Having a fair complexion skin has undoubtedly helped her glow in front of the camera. Interestingly the vital body statistics are kept away from the media. What makes her look stunning is the robust personality and also openness to learning.

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There is a lot of concealed measurement information that is concealed, what’s available states that Wingert has flawless blonde hair and shining brown eyes.

Early Life and Education

Kelsey was born in Texas and spent her childhood there with the family and siblings. She is pretty close and tightly attached to the family members.

She is pretty close to her mother and says the reason for the success of all her mother. From a very early age, though, Wingert was highly interested in being in the field of reporting. With time the family supported the decision, and there was no looking back.

In the case of educational background, though, Wingert attended Louisana State University and graduated with a BA in journalism. One of the main reasons to be part of LSU was the presence of a TV broadcast department.


Kelsey was keen in the field of reporting from a very young age. Immediately after graduation, she started working with Tiger TV. It was in the year 2011.

This association didn’t provide her with much of the exposure, but surely it was a massive boost for the experience. Wingert was part of the network for two years.

Following the departure, Kelsey worked as an intern for KPRC-TV. Other than that, she was part of various networks like ESPN, SEC, etc. With all of the growth going around, the most significant break came in the year 2015.

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Wingert was part of Fox Sports Southwest, where the diva got growth, experience, and exploration since she has been covering or the Atlanta Braves.

Kelsey Wingert career
Kelsey Wingert during reporting

In March 2018, Kelsey signed in a two-year contract with Fox Sports Network, which was one of the most significant parts of her career. With high authority comes great responsibilities.

In 2018 while she was reporting, Kelsey was hit by a foul ball that broke her eye socket. Surprisingly, Wingert was part of the reporting field on some days, which was quite an achievement.

Even though Kelsey was reporting beautifully for four years, the talented reporter was replaced by Kelly Crull for Braves coverage. One after another, her achievements are increasing. If any new changes pop up, readers will be made aware.

Kelsey Wingert Boyfriend

Being a reporter, you tend to have the camera behind the celebrity’s minds, but when it comes to you, it’s hard to keep the question away. Readers are willing to know about the boyfriend in her life.

One thing, however, is sure she is not single. The name of the lucky man is Jordan Phillips. To the readers who are unaware, he is an insurance expert. It looks like she has the future secured.

Kelsey Wingert family
Kelsey Wingert with her family

In 2017, Kelsey had an image on the social media platform stating that she was engaged. Hard to deny the fact as she is so pretty and successful. There is no official confirmation on the engagement, but we feel the good news has already spread.

Even though the American reporter might be engaged, one thing is sure that she is not married. Other than Jordan in her life, there is no man available. We feel she is a one-person woman. If the marriage news comes up, readers will be made aware.

Kelsey Wingert Net Worth: Income and Salary

Kelsey has been part of the journalism industry for ample time now. If you have the skills to connect and be famous well, the net worth flows in.

Similar is the case of Wingert, who has a net worth of $500k. All of this is purely from a journalism career. Not only in front of the camera, but Kelsey is also pretty good behind it too.

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She tends to advocate about the organ donation importance and recommends Organ Donor and Donates A Life for the good deeds. The blonde hair diva loves to travel, and the ocean is her getaway.

Most of the time, Kelsey is seen with her family having a great time around the globe. It seems like she has a lavish life. If anything on the annual income and assets owns comes up, readers will be made aware.

Internet Fame

Kelsi might be a reporter, but her social media is colorful and also glorifying. There is a commendable amount of followers, and readers can be part of it too.

Instagram50.8k followers

Twitter83k followers

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