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There are lots of well-known cases where one famous individual tends to get connected to another one. Kebe Dunn is a well-known actress who is associated with Michael Rapaport. Kebe is an American actress who has done great work in Love For Rent.

Dunn has been together with Michael for an extended period now. The fans have always loved their pairing. Kebe has been active in the industry for over a decade, and the contribution has been in vast bulk. There is more to Kebe than just acting, and we will let readers know about it.

kebe Dunn net worth
Kebe Dunn

But first, some quick facts surely helps the cause

Kebe Dunn: Quick Facts

Full Name Kebe Dunn
Date of Birth 1970-1980
Nickname Kebe
Marital Status Married
Birthplace  USA
Ethnicity Afro-American
Age 40’s
Profession Actress, Celebrity
Nationality American
Height 5’7″
Eye color Brown
Hair color Black
Build Slim
Spouse Michael Rapaport
Net Worth Under Review


Kebe Dunn was born in 1970-1980. The exact date of birth is out of an idea to the general people. Being an American actress, this secrecy is hard to understand at times from her. The name of her parents, along with the siblings’ name, is also out of the prying eyes of anyone.

She holds the American nationality and the Afro-American ethnicity—the zodiac sign is also far from everyone due to no information on the exact date of birth.

Age and Body Measurements

Kebe is estimated to be into the late 40′ s and looks dashing in front of the media. She stands at the height of 5’7,” but the weight is not known to any individual. Kebe might be older but surely does everything possible to look good. If anything on the vital body statistics is available, readers will be updated.

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Dunn looks slim in front of the audience, which might be due to the regular workout schedules. To complete the physical outlook, brown eyes, along with curly black hair, plays the lead role.

Early Life and Education

Kebe was born in the states, spending most of her childhood there with the family and siblings. Her early life was pretty decent, with most of the needs being fulfilled with ease. Although the exact name of the parents is not known, we feel there was utter freedom to choose a career in the field of acting.

Dunn is a highly educated lady. She attended her schooling and college education from the USA. If something on the exact name of the institute is available, readers will know for sure.


It is a well-known phenom that association with a celebrity can increase your fame. Similar is the case of Kebe Dunn, whose association with Michael has brought her loads of popularity.

Kebe’s fame has come from two of her works. The debut in 2005 Love and Rent and 2012 Session with Jonathan Pessin are only commendable works. Other than this, association with showbiz is not mostly available from Kebe.

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On the other hand, Dunn’s husband is a pretty big name in the field of acting. Rapaport’s career started with the aid of his step-father, and there was no looking back for him.

Some of Michael’s great works are The Scout, Kiss of Death, Beautiful Girls, The Naked Man, Men of Honor, and many more.

In the case of series to Night Visions, Mr.Life, Prison Break, The Line, Dice, Animals, and much more to look into. As per the work of Kebe, surely there is more to come, and readers will be updated.

Husband| Who Is Kebe Dunn Husband?

One of the main reasons to know Kebe Dunn is due to her husband. She is married to Michael Rapaport. Both of them met in 2007 and started dating immediately. It was a great bonding by both of them, and they didn’t look back.

After dating an extended period, both of them walked down the aisle in 2016. It was due to the same profession both of them met in an event. It’s been almost four years, but they are blessed with no kids till this point.

Kebe Dunn husband
Kebe Dunn and Michael Rapaport

Readers who might want to know about the past relationship of Kebe well, nothing is known about it. On the other hand, her husband is previously married to Nichole Beattie, who is a writer. Their relationship ended in 2007, and Kebe came to the fore to date and got married.

Net Worth| How Much Does Kebe Dunn Earns?

Kebe might be part of a couple of movies only, but surely she is making good bucks and living a good life. Due to no information on careers, nothing on the net worth is available. Not only the net worth but nothing on annual income and assets are open to anyone.

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On the other hand, Dunn’s husband is an outstanding actor who has a considerable net worth. As of 2020, his net worth stands at $12 million. Whatever might be the case, both the lovebirds are living a lavish lifestyle.

Social Media Reach

Other than the marriage with the well-known name, there is hardly anything on Kebe. This has made the lady silent about most of the things. As a result, no social media profile of Kebe Dunn is available for the fans to see.

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